Unnamed Youngling
Player Sally
Race Human
Occupation Padawan
Status Deceased (Presumed)
First Appearance Episode 257: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Last Appearance Episode 258: A Dingo Ate My Marbles

Unnamed Youngling (referred to as Youngling I) was a PC played by Sally. He was training at the Jedi Temple

Silence of the Clones Edit

While Obi-Wan was investigating a poisoned dart that had been used to kill Padme Amidala's attacker, Zam Wessel, Yoda sent for Obi-Wan and showed him some Jedi Younglings, trying to remind him of the child Zam Wessel mentioned. When Obi-Wan reported about learning the dart came from Kamino but hadn't been able to locate the planet yet, one of the Younglings reminded them of the dogs that ate the library books. Obi-Wan wondered who could've unleashed the dogs in the library, and the Youngling declared it was "the evil old librarian!" Obi-Wan asked to look for some maps to find the planet, but Yoda reminded him that all the books on planets were eaten by dogs, so there were no maps. Obi-Wan then revealed that he was able to retrieve a "memory marble" that should help. Yoda pointed out there were teeth marks on the marble, and it didn't show Kamino, just a blank space. The Youngling declared that the blank space must be where Kamino was. Yoda disagreed, but Obi-Wan decided to check it out. He tried to compliment the Youngling by saying what a wonderful mind the "child" had, and offered to take the Youngling with him. But the Youngling took offense at being called a child and refused.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

If Youngling I was still alive 3 years later and still living in the Jedi Temple, then he was most likely slaughtered along with all the other Younglings by Anakin. If he had matured enough to be a Jedi, there's a chance he may have survived, but it's more likely he was killed by Clone Troopers in the Galaxy wide massacre of the Jedi.

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