The Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member was an NPC, an Imperial soldier onboard the Peace Moon.

A New Generation Edit

When the Millenium Falcon landed on the Peace Moon's hangar, everyone onboard the Peace Moon thought the people onboard were tourists, and prepared a welcoming party. Later, after the squadron had searched the Falcon and thought it was empty, Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member and his partner approached the Clone Commander, proclaiming they brought champagne, leis, and space-pineapple juice for the non-drinkers. The Clone Commander suggested they take it onboard the Falcon. The Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member declared this would be a blast. The Clone Commander wished him good luck, but pointed out that they didn't find any crew. The Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member confidently declared they'd get the crew out and dancing in no time. As the Welcoming Crew boarded the Falcon, the Clone Commander and most of his squadron left the Falcon, leaving behind only two Clone Troopers to guard it.

No sooner did they come onboard, then the 2 member Welcoming Crew were promptly dispatched by Han and Luke. Han called out to the two Troopers to come onboard and enjoy the champagne. They came onboard and were also dispatched.

The fate of the Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member, his partner, and the two Clone Troopers who were dispatched along with them, is uncertain. It was later clarified that they were only knocked out by Han and Luke, but Han wasn't sure if they were ever taken off the Falcon. If they were, then they would've been killed along with everyone else onboard the Peace Moon when Luke blew it up. If they weren't, their most likely fate is that they survived as P.O.W.s for the Rebellion. (The Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope radio adaptation clarified that they were only knocked out and taken off the Falcon, which means they would've eventually been killed along with everyone else onboard the Death Star when Luke blew it up. Since the Darths&Droids webcomic has left that uncertain, it can't be just assumed the Da&Dr versions met the same fate.)

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