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Aeliren September 24, 2015 User blog:Aeliren

Right now, when we write a page for a character on the wiki the page title is the name used in the transcript (Unless they've used several, in which case it's the most recent/real name). However, I've noticed that several "unnamed characters" have actual names that are referred to in the cast of the PCs and notable NPCs in X campaign, for example Red Ten, who's real name according to the cast guide for A New Generation is Theron Nett.

My idea is that for the introduction paragraph and infobox we use the real name of the character and use their more commonly known alias from the transcript everywhere else. So the page name would still be "Red Ten" and the entirety of the page will refer to him as such except the infobox and introduction paragraph. For examples of what I mean, see Red Ten and General Dodonna, which I admit haing edited before thinking about asking about this idea and which I apologize for.

I'll be putting the "name" project on hold for now. If you object to this idea, please post and tell me why, and I'll remove the previous two edits I've done.

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