Unidentified Imperial Officer is an NPC, an Imperial Officer onboard Captain Needa's Star Destroyer, the Avenger.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

As the Avenger was pursuing the Millennium Falcon, the Falcon abruptly changed course and flew towards the Avenger. Captain Needa warned the Falcon that they'd better not damage the Avenger's paintjob, and made several rude taunts and insults at the Falcon, even a rude gesture. The Unidentified Imperial Officer pointed out to Needa that the people onboard the Falcon wouldn't be able to see Needa's gesture. When the Avenger lost the Falcon, a fed up Needa left the Unidentified Imperial Officer in charge of the Avenger as Needa left to go to Darth Vader's Star Destroyer and give Vader a piece of his mind.

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