The Enemy Let Slip is the fifth campaign in Darths and Droids. It lasted from episode 920 to episode 1188 for a total of 269 episodes.

Cast of Characters and Players Edit

Characters Played By More Than One Person This Campaign Edit

  • Chewbacca played by:
    • Ben 920-1111
    • The GM early 1112
    • Ben late 1112-1188
  • R2-D2 played by:
    • Pete 920-1145
    • The GM early-early 1146
    • Pete late-early 1146
    • The GM early-middle 1146
    • Pete late-middle 1146
    • The GM early-late 1146
    • Pete middle-late 1146
    • The GM late 1146- early-early 1147
    • Pete late-early 1147
    • The GM middle 1147
    • Pete late 1147-1174
    • The GM early 1175
    • Pete late 1175
    • The GM 1176-early 1178
    • Pete late 1178-1188
  • Padme Amidala played by:

Sessions Edit

Summary Edit

It's been two years since the end of the last campaign. In that time, Jim and Annie have been in Los Angeles, where Annie's acting career has been going nowhere, although she did set up a computer blog that Sally enjoyed. The remaining players took part in a campaign GMed by Ben (including the Darths&Droids GM as a roleplayer) that ended up rather dark, although Ben insists that wasn't his fault. At the start of this fifth campaign in the Da&Dr universe, Jim and Annie are back for a three week visit, and everyone's determined to squeeze in as many sessions of the campaign as possible while they're still here. Everyone's present for the first session, and is playing the same character they played at the end of the last campaign. Jim is Han Solo, Ben is Chewbacca, Sally is C-3PO, Pete is R2-D2, Annie is Princess, and Corey is Luke.

As the GM sets up the start of the campaign, the players learn that since the Rebels blew up the Peace Moon, they've been on the run evacuating several bases with the Imperials suspiciously close on their heels, but have managed to stay hidden on the ice world of Hoth for the past two years. The GM determines with a few dice rolls that as the story opens, Corey is riding a tauntaun while patrolling a sector outside the Rebel base, Jim is riding another tauntaun patrolling a different sector, Sally, Pete, and Annie are in the command centre of the Rebel base, while Ben is in the hangar working on repairs to the Millennium Falcon. Pete's surprised that the GM is starting the campaign by splitting the party. Annie speculates that the GM's using reverse psychology.

Corey spots a meteor landing in the distance. He contacts Jim by radio, informing him of the meteor. He tells Jim that he'll investigate and that if Jim doesn't hear from him every 15 minutes to execute Protocol Omega. Corey scans for electromagnetic activity, radiation, unusual radio signals, neutrinos, gravity waves, or tachyons. The GM asks if that's all. Corey adds that he'll also scan for Black Alpha subliminal sub-noise signal layers. A normal, Hoth native animal, the Wampa, ambushes Corey, knocking him down with its claw. The GM determines on a dice roll that Corey is knocked unconscious and that the Wampa drags Corey back to its lair. Jim returns to the Rebel base and meets Ben at the hangar. Ben asks if anything happens. Jim just mentions the meteor, saying it was cool. Corey tells Jim that his player-character separation is both impressive...and hugely frustrating.

Jim reaches the command centre just as General Rieekan rudely orders Sally to go get him a Waldorf salad. Rieekan asks Jim if Corey's reported in yet. Jim tells him the last he's heard, Corey was investigating a meteorite. Rieekan complains about how they can't spot approaching ships with all the meteor activity. Jim tells him he'll get Pete on it. Rieekan asks how's a "stupid droid" going to help. Pete takes offense.

Jim tells Annie he's going to leave the planet. Annie reminds him that no one's allowed to leave, no exceptions until they find the traitor in their midst. Jim thinks Corey's really gotten to Annie on this subject. Annie points out how the Peace Moon arrived at Yavin right after they arrived. She points out how the Imperials found Thila and Teardrop almost as quickly, and says Corey's right, that that can't be a coincidence. Jim complains how Ben's still putting the Falcon back together after Corey's last paranoid attempt to find a bug. They get into a bitter argument that gets so heated, the GM calls a timeout to ask if they're okay. Annie delightedly explains that she's been taking Jim to improv lessons in LA. Jim says he loves this light-hearted acting stuff because it's such a great break from real roleplaying. He and Annie get back into character and resume their bitter, heated argument.

Sally and Pete are walking down a corridor while Sally's looking for ingredients for Rieekan's Waldorf salad. They complain about the lack of respect they get, how the Rebels promise droids that they'll get equal rights once the Empire's overthrown, but keep ordering them around. The GM starts taking notes on this, much to Sally and Pete's delight.

Jim returns to the hangar and asks Ben how repairs on the Falcon are going. Ben hints that they're not going well, which Jim fails to get. Sally and Pete also reach the hangar. Sally reports Corey's not back from his tauntaun patrol and that it's nearly nightfall. Jim brushes off Sally's concerns until she says Corey could be dead and nobody would ever know for sure. This galvanizes Jim to go look for Corey and he orders Ben to fire up the Falcon. Ben points out that in the Falcon's current condition, it's liable to self-destruct on takeoff. Ben decides he'll have to take one of those "won-tons" instead. He takes a tauntaun and rides off on it looking for Corey outside.

Corey wakes up hanging upside down in the Wampa's lair, his feet stuck to the ceiling with the Wampa's frozen saliva. He tries to break free, but fails. He sees his laser sword lies just out of reach. After some urging from Pete and Sally, and with the Wampa heading towards him, he reluctantly uses Force Pull to cause the laser sword to leap into his hand. He uses the sword to swipe at the ice around his feet, and he drops to the ground. As the Wampa attacks, Corey waves his laser sword as far away from himself as possible, which ends up slicing the Wampa's arm off. This only makes Corey even more fearful of the laser sword. As the Wampa backs away, Corey runs out of the lair and into the harsh blizzard and collapses.

Jim is riding his tauntaun into the blizzard and tries to find Corey's tracks. The GM tells him he can't even see the ground. Jim decides he'd better take off his goggles.

Back at the base, Pete tells Sally he's leaving as soon as Ben fixes the Falcon. He tries to urge Sally to leave with him, telling her they can bring light back to the Galaxy and make it prosper again. Sally asks what about Annie, Jim, and Corey, their friends and allies in the struggle for droid rights. Pete replies that they're irrevelant. Sally notes he said that wrong, and asks what's up with Pete. He asks her if she'll stick with him. She says that if she doesn't make any progress with the humans, then maybe.

Corey gets up, starting to feel delirious from the cold. He tries to make his way through the snow, only to collapse again.

Jim decides to dismount his tauntaun and use a scanner to find Corey's tracks. The GM tells him he detects a faint life signal to the east. Jim decides he'll go find whoever that is and ask them if they've seen Corey's tracks.

At the hangar, Annie, Ben, Pete, and Sally are all together along with a couple of Rebel officers, Lieutenant Alder and Major Derlin. Alder bets Derlin Alder's lordship of the northwest reaches of the Claburn range that neither Jim nor Corey make it back alive. Derlin tells Alder that's a sucker's bet, but takes it when Alder also throws in his wampa pelt. Annie asks them to volunteer to take a hoverplane to go look for Jim and Corey. Derlin balks at this because Corey pulled apart Derlin's every possession, interrogated Derlin at length on three separate occasions, and printed fliers with Derlin's face and the question, "Is this the traitor?" Annie says that wasn't personal since Corey did that to everyone.

Out in the blizzard, the GM tells Corey he hears a voice calling out to him and tells Ben that that's his cue. Ben switches to playing Obi-Wan and appears faintly before Corey. Corey asks if he's a ghost. Ben tells him there's no such thing; that he's actually a cloud of midi-chlorians. Corey says he saw Ben die. Ben explains that he actually was using Force Transcend, a Jedi method to transcend your physical form when you're ready to move on. The body vanishes and the spirit lives on in the midi-chlorians. Vader boasted that Vader found a new power, "Force Disintegrate", but it was actually the older Force Transcend power Vader was misusing without understanding its basic function. Ben warns Corey that he needs to master the Force before it masters him, that uncontrolled the Force can lead to a greater wealth of evil than Corey can possibly imagine. He tells Corey there's one more Jedi master left and that Corey must seek him out to teach Corey to control his powers. Corey asks why Ben can't teach him since he's right here. Ben explains that the natural state of the midi-chlorians is quiescent, and that it requires profound effort to manifest even briefly. Pete interjects that means 1d6 rounds per day. Ben tells Corey the Jedi Master's name is Yoda and that he's probably still on Dagobah. Ben starts to fade away. Corey begs Ben to wait. Ben says he's sorry, but he only rolled a 4.

Jim finds Corey in the snow. Corey mumbles that he must find Dagobah. Jim tells Corey that Corey's suffering out here is over now. Corey then mumbles, "More wealth...than you can imagine..." Jim asks, "What? Wealth? I don't know, I can imagine quite a bit." Jim decides he needs to get Corey warmed up. He looks around for firewood. The GM tells him all he can see is the snow, Corey, and his laser sword. Jim eagerly picks up the laser sword and swings it around to warm up the air. The GM tells him he'd better roll. Jim rolls a 3, and the GM announces that Jim just sliced open the belly of his own tauntaun. Jim asks if he can set the snow on fire with the laser sword. The GM tells him no. Jim decides he'll use the snow to set the "won-ton" on fire. The GM tells him it's not going to catch fire due to the tauntuan being full of hot juicy innards. Sally is so grossed out by this, she leaves the RPG room, telling the GM to call her back once this scene is over. Jim decides he and Corey can camp inside the "won-ton" until it freeze-dries and then Jim can set it on fire.

The GM calls Sally back into the room, telling her they need her to translate for the next scene, since Zev Senesca, a hoverplane pilot who's flying around the next morning looking for Jim and Corey, only speaks in Space Reverse Polish Notation. He's able to find and contact Jim, which Sally translates. Jim asks Zev if he has any firewood. Pete tells Jim his plans have reached new heights of non compos mentis. Jim thanks Pete.

Jim and Corey are taken back to the Rebel base, and Corey is placed in a tube filled with healing fluid. Jim tries to talk Corey into going with him to a "Dagger Bar", but the medical droid 2-1B points out that Corey can't hear him because he's in an induced coma.

After Corey recovers, Jim asks him if he knows any good bars. Ben switches back to playing Chewbacca and offers that he and Jim already know an abundance of good bars. Jim tells Ben to "ix-nay on the advice-ay." Annie tells Jim that he's not leaving the base just to get a drink. She points out that the base has it's own ice bar, explaining it's referred to as "The Security Briefing Room". Jim still tries to talk Corey into going off planet for some "real R&R". He tries to coax Annie into letting them go by flirting with her and putting his arm around her. Annie yells at him to get his arm off her. She then tells Corey she's glad he's safe and kisses him on the lips. She announces that Corey's right, there is a traitor and she knows who it is. Corey shushes her because Wedge might be in the room even now. Jim offers Corey a drink. Corey accepts and asks for some blue milk. Annie asks, "Did you say blue milk?" Corey explains that his aunt and uncle used to give it to him and he got kinda use to it, even though he hasn't been able to find any since. Annie comments that her parents used to give her blue milk too, when she was a kid. The GM decides it's late and suggests they do another session Wednesday. Jim agrees since they need to have as many sessions as they can before he and Annie fly out again. The GM says that'll be fine since he'd only prepared material for this one planet anyway.

Pete shows up late for the next session and apologizes, explaining he had work with a client. Annie is amazed that Pete has clients. The GM asks Pete what pizza he'd like ordered. Pete requests meat lovers, while Sally requests vegetarians. Pete's surprised she's not eating meat anymore. Ben reveals she gave it up Monday, and that he's no longer the black sheep in their family now. Sally insists it's no big deal, and Pete agrees as long as she doesn't give up on hating meatbags (he means biological beings in the game, as opposed to the "superior" droids like his and Sally's PCs).

At the Rebel base, General Rieekan is disgusted to report that their sensors are picking up an electronic signal. Annie realizes it's either a prospector droid or an Imperial droid looking for Luke, since Darth Vader has put a price on his head. Rieekan says he'd hate to lose this base just because of Luke. Annie points out they're hiding everybody, pilots, work crew, droids...Rieekan balks at the idea of sheltering droids. Sally asks him if he's got a problem with droids. Rieekan claims that some of his best friends are droids. Sally asks, like who? Rieekan stammers for a bit before coming up with that one who fixed him his salad. Sally indignantly points out that was her. Rieekan lamely apologizes by saying all droids look alike to him.

Annie orders Jim and Ben outside to determine if the droid is hostile. As they creep up on the droid, Jim states that they'll see what the droid wants, and if it's hostile, they'll destroy it. Corey asks how they'll know if it's hostile. Jim replies, if it shoots back. Corey breaks character to bluntly tell Jim (whom he addresses as "Jim" not "Han") that his plans are getting dumber by the minute. Jim thanks Corey. This causes Pete to take notice and ask Jim if he knows what "non compos mentis" (what Pete called Jim's plans last session) means. Jim replies correctly that it means "not of sound mind" and points out it's used to mean not mentally competent to stand trial. He comments it's a bit of an exaggeration for Han, but pretty close. Corey is shocked to realize that Jim's been deliberately playing Han as stupid. Jim's surprised Corey couldn't tell. Jim comments on how hard it is to roleplay someone with as low Intelligence and Wisdom as Han, having to come up with ridiculous plans all the time. Pete sarcastically asks if he means unlike Qui-Gon's plans, which were always brilliant? Jim sincerely replies, "Exactly!" Annie orders Jim to disable the droid, take a memory dump, and make it look like an accident. Jim shoots it in a vital area, causing it to completely blow up. Ben suggests the droid was probably Imperial. Rieekan says he's not Droidist, but you just can't trust them. Annie decides they have to assume that the Empire knows they're there and initiates evacuation, preparing for a possible attack. Rieekan suggests Operation Codename: Kamikaze Droid Decoy. Pete suggests Operation Codename: Explosive Meat Dispersal.

Onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, Captain Piett notes to Admiral Ozzel that the Imperial droid they sent to Hoth just failed to report after finding a life signal, and that the odds are that that means the Rebels are on Hoth. Ozzel (with a thick Space Australain accent) dismisses it as nothing. Annie switches to playing Darth Vader and approaches them, asking what they've found. Piett starts to reply, only to be interrupted by Vader declaring the Rebels are there and to have the fleet set course to Hoth. When Ozzel starts to object, Vader begins Force Choking Ozzel, warning him he's failed her for the second last time.

At the Rebel base hangar, Major Derlin wants to send a platoon to protect the Claburn Range, but Captain Valdez tells Derlin not to be an idiot. Jim and Ben are working on repairing the Millennium Falcon. Ben doesn't think it's ready for such a hasty departure. Jim insists it'll be okay once the hyperdrive is- Jim is interrupted midsentence as the hyperdrive he's been working on makes a loud kaboom.

As Luke, Corey is getting ready to leave the medical facility and asks 2-1B if he's evacuating too. 2-1B says he is and has just initiated evacuation protocol mu-gamma. Then, he realizes that's actually a pre-colonoscopy procedure and suggests Corey might want to regurgitate those tablets 2-1B gave him.

Corey reaches the hangar and greets Jim and Ben. He tells them they'd better have their guns ready. Ben says their guns are working perfectly. Jim claims they don't need to evacuate, the Imperials probably think their droid self-destructed, that Princess is over reacting again, and the Imperials won't attack. Rieekan announces that Imperial star destroyers have just emerged from hyperspace. Jim calls it coincidence.

On the main Star Destroyer, Piett reports to Annie that they've found the Rebel base on Hoth. Annie orders Piett to have the hoverbombers prepare an aerial assault. Piett stammers that she might want to ask Ozzel about that. Annie asks Ozzel if the hoverbombers are ready. Ozzel tells her bombers would be "rathouse" against shields and that Ozzel is using instead some prototype tanks he found in the demo vids because they can punch straight through shields. Piett points out the Rebel base doesn't seem to have a shield. Annie Force Chokes Ozzel to death and says, "Keep up the good work, Captain Piett." Piett thanks her for not promoting him because the mean life expectancy of Admirals under her service is- Annie interrupts him with, "Admiral Piett."

At the Rebel base hangar, Annie switches back to playing Princess and addressed the fighter pilots, telling them they'll need to fly close to the transports they're escorting while they evacuate. She decides they should fly as close to the Imperial star destroyers as they can, because the Imperials' guns will be calibrated for ultra-long range. They won't be able to track high angular speed targets and it'll be the last thing they'll expect.

Annie reaches the command centre as Rebel Troopers prepare to defend the base (some of them reluctantly go to defend the Claburn Range because Derlin ordered them to). Pete announces he's spreadsheeted an evacuation schedule and tells Rieekan that as the ranking officer, he needs to be on the first transport and he'd better hurry as it's ready to leave. Rieekan arrogantly declares that droids don't give orders, he, Rieekan, gives orders and he's staying! Sally says, "Well played, Artoo." Pete replies, "Shhh!"

On a star destroyer, Lieutenant Cabbel reports to Captain Lennox that Rebel ships are coming into their sector. Lennox is pleased with this at first until he realizes the Rebel ships are too close to accurately fire on. He frantically orders Cabbel to recalibrate the guns, but at that moment, the first transport and its escort make the jump to hyperspace. At the Rebel hangar, the Rebel PA System announces the successful evacuation of the first transport. The Rebel Pilots cheer on hearing the good news. Jim and Ben are still working on the Falcon as Jim grumbles what kind of crazy plan of Annie's is this. Ben replies, the kind that works. Jim responds, "Exactly!"

Corey boards a hoverplane with his co-pilot, Dak. He asks Dak how it's going, and Dak says he feels great because he's met this girl, Toryn, and after the battle, they're going to retire and settled down on Alderaan. Dak describes his plans for the future and how happy he and Toryn are going to be together. As Corey lets all that sink in, it occurs to him to ask, how exactly does one retire from a Rebellion?

At the perimeter of the base, Sergeant Major Trey Callum radios to Annie that the Imperials are sending in some funny looking land transports, that they look like camel droids, and they have lots of guns. Pete declares he wants one, he wants one so bad. Annie orders the Rebels to destroy them all.

On his hoverplane, Corey fires at the nearest "camel". After a dice roll from him and several dice rolls from the GM, the GM determines that Corey's shot bounced off the armored tank. Corey wants to fly below it to see if the "camel" has any weakness in it's underbelly. The GM angrily declares, "Armored tank! Armored tank!" Pete asks if that means its an AT-AT. Corey notes the hoverplanes come equipped with harpoons for hunting glacier worms. Pete asks how that's going to help. Corey admits he doesn't know, he's just making it up as he goes along. At that moment, a tank fires at his hoverplane. Corey tries to Dodge, but rolls a 3. The GM determines on a few dice rolls that the hoverplane has sustained major damage in the rear compartment. Corey asks Dak if he's okay, but Dak has slumped forward, unconscious. The Rebel Troopers keep firing at the tanks, only for all their shots to keep bouncing off. Annie asks what kind of crazy camels these are, anyway. The GM yells, "Armoured tanks!" Pete joins in, "Armoured tanks!" The GM tells Pete to stop that. In one of the tanks, General Veers contacts Vader to complain how silly he feels riding a giant attack camel. Annie switches back to Vader and asks if it's working. Veers admits that it is. She tells him she'll be landing her troops. Corey contacts Princess to warn that the Imperials will be landing troops soon. Annie switches back to Princess and asks if he's sure since they haven't picked up any landers yet. Corey replies that he just has a feeling. Corey fires a harpoon at one of the tanks and rolls a 19, hitting it in its legs. Wedge radios in from another hoverplane to compliment his shooting, but says he doesn't think Corey can tow it very far. Sally suggests he fly around the tank's legs to trip it with his harpoon wire. Corey does so and rolls a 15. The GM determines on his own roll that the tank trips and falls. Pete orders the Rebel Troopers to capture that camel. Ledick Firest is happy to obey this order, because then they can use it against the others. The Imperial Troopers in the fallen tank try to get it back up again. They press a button labeled "Rise triumphantly" only to discover that it just opens the sunroof. Corey fires into the open sunroof, causing the entire tank to explode, much to Pete's distress.

Annie asks Rieekan how the evacuation's going. He replies they're almost done, they just need the command centre and the ground troops to pull out. Annie announces over the PA that the last transport will be leaving in twelve minutes. Jim and Ben are still trying to fix the Falcon, Ben doing most of the work while Jim complains on how long it's taking. Ben says they're almost done, they just need a brief interlude lacking any vociferous irritants. Jim decides he'll leave to tell that loudmouth Princess to shut up. Ben pauses, then tells Jim that will do nicely (since it means Jim will leave Ben alone).

Pete decides he's leaving now. The GM asks him if he's leaving in the Falcon. Pete replies that he doesn't want to fry in that death trap and he'll take Luke's X-wing. Sally tells him to be careful. A Rebel technician fits Pete into the X-wing. Pete asks who this is. The GM explains that it's just an Unidentified Rebel Technician. Pete asks the technician why his name tag reads, "Unidentified R. Technician." The Technician replies that he lost a bet.

At the perimeter, a Rebel Trooper announces the last transport's leaving in eleven minutes and they should pull out. Major Derlin, 2nd Lord Claburn tries to give a rousing speech to the others to stand their ground and defend the Claburn Range that he just won in a bet. The other Rebel Troopers are having none of this nonsense and retreat.

One of the camels fires at Corey's hoverplane. Corey tries to Dodge and rolls a 7. The GM tells him he's hit and after a few dice rolls he determines that the blast hit the engines and causes the hoverplane to crash right in the path of the camel. Corey wants to pull Dak to safety, but the GM tells him it's a struggle just to get out of his own safety harness, and he has to roll for that. Corey rolls a 12 and makes it out. He still tries to get Dak out, who moans, indicating he's still alive, but Corey only rolls a 4 as the camel continues bearing down on them. Pete suggests Corey use his laser sword to cut Dak out, but Corey adamantly refuses. He rolls a 1, and the GM tells Corey he loses his grip and falls headlong into the snow. Corey insist he can still save him. The camel's huge foot lands on the hoverplane with Dak still inside, crushing it. Corey amends that to maybe.

Jim reaches the command centre and tells Annie they have to go now. She leaves with Jim while telling Rieekan he needs to leave too. Rieekan tells her to go, but he's staying, since he'll be damned if he lets any droid in here. Sally asks him if that means she doesn't even count now. Rieekan admits he needs someone to fix him his salads.

Corey is so enraged at Dak's death he chases after the camel that crushed him. Corey easily catches up to the slow moving tank and is directly under it. He fires his grappling hook at its underbelly and winches his way up to it. He slices it open with his laser sword, tosses a grenade into it, and drops to the ground. The camel explodes.

In his camel, General Veers is starting to feel great about the impending Imperial victory. He notes the puny Rebels fleeing from the might of the Empire. He notes that one of those Rebels is so stupid, he's running in the wrong direction, straight towards them! He orders the sunroof opened so he can bathe in the majesty of their supremacy. One of the Troopers with him notes that it's -40 outside. He tells the Trooper to bring him a scarf.

Jim, Sally, and Annie are running through a corridor, trying to make their way to the Falcon. Annie contacts Corey on the radio and tells him to get to the Falcon as fast as he can. Corey replies not while these camels are still standing. The others can hear over the radio Corey taunting the remaining camels, Corey slicing them with his laser sword, and a couple of loud kabooms. Annie asks him if he's alright. Corey replies that he killed them all. Pete yells, "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Annie switches back to Vader as she and some Snow Troopers make their way into what's left of the Rebel base. She orders a Snow Trooper to bring Princess to her unharmed and that she's doubling the reward for Corey's capture, dead or alive. She also orders that Field Marshall Veers should be informed of his promotion. The Snow Trooper informs her that Veers seems to have died. She's surprised, since that's a lot faster than usual.

Annie uses the PA System to order the Rebels to lay down their arms, and thanks her daughter for guiding her here, and that she'll rescue her soon. Jim's confused to hear this. Annie switches back to Princess to tell him that Vader's just trying to confuse them and sow discord. Jim, Sally, and Annie make it to the Falcon where they meet Ben, who assures Annie that they know she's not the traitor. Annie switches back to Vader to tell her daughter over the PA that while some may regard her as a traitor, Vader knows she's loyal to her. Annie switches back to Princess to call that a dirty lie. Sally rhetorically asks Pete if there's a space for herself on the X-wing. Jim, Ben, Sally, and Annie make it into the Falcon. Annie contacts Corey and tells him to meet them at rendezvous point Upsilon. Corey tells her not to say that on an open channel. Annie tells him it's a codename and to get his act together. Annie switches back to Vader to tell them on the open channel that they forgot to say when. Jim tries to turn on the Falcon's cockpit. The GM determines on a dice roll that the cockpit lights go out. Jim thumps the bulkhead. The GM points out that he has a -12 in Mechanic check and with his usual Mechanic level that means- Jim interrupts to announce he rolled a 20. The lights come right back on. The Snow Troopers have reached the Falcon outside. Annie tells her daughter over the open channel to delay them just a little longer. Annie switches back to Princess to insist to the others on the Falcon that she's not the traitor. The Snow Troopers are setting up a heavy gun at the Falcon. Jim shoots them with the Falcon's guns. To start up the engines, Ben rolls a 15, and the Falcon takes off, successfully leaving the Rebel base. Annie switches back to Vader to inform the remaining Snow Troopers that she'll lead the pursuit while all ground personnel will remain at their new base. A Snow Trooper thanks her and asks her what they'll call it. Annie replies, "Orbital Bombardment Practice Range Omega."

Corey has made his way on foot to the outer perimeter of the base where he meets Pete, who's managed to fly their X-wing here to meet him, and a few stray fighter pilots getting ready to leave. Annie switches back to Princes and radios Corey that the base is lost and he should get out of there. Wedge overhears and agrees, and tells Corey to meet him at the rendezvous point. Corey tells Wedge to remember that's rendezvous point, Corey pauses, and then says Zeta (clearly still distrusting Wedge). The GM says that's the end of the battle, which makes a good stopping point for the session. He asks if they should meet again Friday? Corey agrees and asks if everyone made it out of the base. The GM reveals that General Rieekan stayed behind. Pete calls that an unqualified success!

At the start of the next session, everyone's sitting around, filling Jim and Annie in about the campaign Ben GMed. Pete is the last to arrive and apologizes, saying, "Work. You know how it is." Since most of them don't know how it is, they just stare at him.

Jim, Annie, Ben, and Sally are onboard the Falcon after it's just left the planet Hoth and they are being fired upon by Star Destroyers and PIE fighters. Annie and Jim tell Ben to get into hyperspace. Ben reveals the hyperdrive is still offline, and that his time fixing the Falcon was spent just trying to make sure it could take off and survive the rigors of space. Annie orders Ben to fix the hyperdrive while Jim mans the guns, and she pilots the Falcon. Then, she realizes that they need a competent gunner, and decides she'll man the guns while Jim pilots the Falcon. Then she remembers Jim isn't competent at that either and says, "Ah, crud." Ben points out that he can only fix the hyperdrive when the power is off. Jim declares he can man the guns and pilot the Falcon at the same time. Annie decides if that's really possible, then she'd like to do that. Jim offers to decide on this with a coin toss. He makes a Dexterity roll...and rolls a 1. The coin falls through a crack in the floor, causing a crackle of sparks and a whiff of burnt wiring.

Corey and Pete have finished their jump through hyperspace on their X-wing only to find nobody there when they reach the rendezvous point. Pete points out that Corey didn't actually go to the correct rendezvous point. Corey explains that he was going to an ultra -secret rendezvous point that only Corey and Annie knew about. Pete starts to respond, but then Ben interjects, asking Sally if she's glad she's no longer near Pete so she doesn't have to translate his beeps for him. Pete starts to try to explain his PDA beeps for Corey to understand, but The GM asks him how Pete can do that without a third party to translate. Pete tries to explain that he'd already taught everybody what his beeps meant, but the GM points out that Corey wasn't there at the time. This leaves Pete unable to communicate, except through his PDA beeps, that Corey doesn't understand. Corey decides he can't stay here much longer because the Empire could be on his tail. He decides to try to find that old Jedi Master Obi-Wan had told him about, Yoda, and heads off to Dagobah.

Jim decides he'll go after that coin and promises not to lie about which side it landed on. Annie tells him not to come back until he's found it. She and Ben decide that two star destroyers up ahead are flying awfully close to each other. They fly the Falcon in between the two star destroyers, shaking off pursuit from the PIE fighters. Captain Needa, the captain of one of the star destroyers, gets into a heated traffic argument with the Captain of Other Star Destroyer.

Jim's found the coin, buried under some wires. He tries to reach for it, only for sparks to fly out when he tries to touch it. He asks Ben to get him the entire toolbox. Ben leaves it just above the pit Jim's in. Annie, piloting the Falcon, makes a sharp turn supposedly to dodge, but the turn causes the toolbox to fall down the pit and land on Jim's head. Jim starts seeing stars.

Annie announces they're heading for an asteroid field. Jim says that's no problem since (applying his Real Life science knowledge), asteroids have nice, stable orbits, so avoiding them should be pretty easy. Annie corrects herself, explaining they're headed for a massive region of randomly moving, closely packed, enormous giant space rocks. This makes Jim panic. Ben explains that he was heading the Falcon for this asteroid field to shake off pursuit. As the Falcon maneuvers through the field, they're followed by 4 PIE fighters hot on their tail. Annie tells Ben to lower the rear shield and fly straight towards an upcoming asteroid. Ben does so, and 2 of the PIE fighters crash into asteroids and explode. Annie explains those PIE fighters could've easily evaded those asteroids if they hadn't been so focused on a kill shot. The other 2 PIE fighters are then destroyed the same way. Ben decides to power down to fix the hyperdrive. Jim advises him to land on a big asteroid nearby. Ben heads for it, and Jim spots a cave on that asteroid and tells Ben to fly into it. Ben does so, and lands the Falcon inside the cave.

Corey and Pete head to Dagobah on their X-wing fighter. Corey tells Pete to use passive scans only, so as not to attract any Imperial attention. He suggests that they can't trust anybody but Yoda and to assume they're all Imperials, that they not go outdoors unless absolutely necessary, to be cautious about hacking into computer systems, and that they should make contact with the underground to find Yoda, and that it might take months. He only hopes they'll be able to find him alone. Corey notices a switch that says, "Droid translator". He turns it on, enabling Pete to speak. Pete goes into a long, loud, angry rant about how the makers of the X-wing decided to make the translator the one thing that couldn't be accessed remotely, and at the end of his long rant, rhetorically asks why anyone would do that. Corey tells him he can't imagine.

As they head into Dagobah's atmosphere, their vision is obscured by a thick fog. Corey tries to land, but he ends up landing in the middle of a swamp. Pete quickly grasps that this entire planet is made of swamp, but Corey, still clueless, asks why he'd land in a swamp. The GM tells him that for one thing, he didn't use any active scanners. Corey wonders if he should try to take off in the X-wing and land somewhere else. Pete's pretty sure that might be a huge waste of time. As they get out of the X-wing, Pete tries to scan for lifeforms, and Corey reminds him he's only supposed to do passive scans only. Pete scans only for the GM to declare that there's lifeforms all around them, more than can be counted. Pete tries to scan for any electromagnetic activity, only to find nothing whatsoever.

The X-wing rocks unsteadily in the swamp water, and the GM asks both of them to make Dex rolls. Pete rolls higher, but still falls into the swamp water while Corey doesn't. Pete uses his periscope to make his way through the water, while Corey manages to climb onto some land. Suddenly, a dragonsnake emerges from the water and swallows Pete whole. He says that's cool, he'll just use his rocket thrusters to burn his way out. The GM tells him he doesn't have rocket thrusters. Pete asks if that means he doesn't have Tastes Good to Dragons anymore either. The GM starts to ask what Pete's "babbling" about, then stops himself as he recalls the facotry session. Corey has no idea what they're talking about, so Sally explains how Pete once GMed a session where R2-D2 suddenly gained a lot of new interesting features. Pete elaborates, as the dragonsnake spits him out in disgust that for some reason the "universe" (namely the GM) decided he couldn't keep those features. Pete lands near Corey.

The GM tells Pete that since he's no longer near the X-wing, he has to talk only with his PDA beeps. Corey expresses his frustration at how he's supposed to find Yoda now. The more he talks about it, the more agitated he gets.

Annie switches to playing Darth Vader onboard her star destroyer, and says she senses great anger rippling through the Force. She interprets that to mean it's her daughter. Admiral Piett reports to her that they've lost the Falcon in the asteroid field. She replies she wants that ship, not excuses. Piett starts to tell her the odds of finding a ship in that asteroid field, but Vader interrupts him, telling him to never tell her the odds.

Annie switches back to playing Princess onboard the Falcon with Jim, Ben, and Sally. Ben shuts down most of the power to begin working on the hyperdrive. Suddenly, the cave they're in starts to shake. Ben asks Sally to come with him to work on the repairs. The cave shakes again and Annie stumbles. Jim catches her. He starts trying to flirt with her, but can't think of anything romantic to say, so ends up saying, "Etcetera, etcetera. Flirty roleplaying stuff."

On Dagobah, Corey is setting up camp with Pete, using his Survival: Swamp skills he learned from his adoptive parents in "Punishment Room Two". Suddenly, Sally switches to playing Yoda, and addresses Corey as "young field hopper." Corey, startled, draws his gun (and is obviously equally startled to realize Sally's playing a different character now). Sally asks him to put "Patricia" away. When Corey asks who that is, Sally explains it's Corey's gum. Or is that gun. It's been a long time since Sally as Yoda has had to speak, and she's clearly a bit stir-crazy. She calls Pete "doop bug", and begins rummaging through their supplies, giving each item of food a person's name. Corey asks who she is. She introduces herself as Darth Saine. Corey comments that he knows a Darth. Sally explains it's a title, "Like Professor Pantaloon over there." Corey tells her she's pointing at a tree. Sally shushes him, telling him Pantaloon thinks of herself as a pile of klee-klees and is a little nuts. Sally grabs a flashlight and names it "Wendy of Luma-ma". Pete tries to take it from her, so she hits him with a stick that she calls, "Baron Barkey". Corey asks her if she knows where he can find any civilization or people. Sally says there's lots and that she can take him to them. Corey declines, saying she might be leading him to a hut of human skin. Sally says, "Silly, be not, young Luke." Corey is startled she knows his name when he didn't tell her. She tells him he's as impatient as the day he was born. She tells him to follow her. Corey tells Pete to guard the ship, and if Corey's not back in one hour, to scuttle the ship and hide in the bottom of the swamp. Sally implies she thinks Corey is nuts.

Sally switches back to playing C-3PO and tells Jim that she doesn't know where the ship learnt to communicate, and that there's traces of a peculiar dialect there. Ben pops in and asks Jim what he thinks of Annie. Jim tells him she's got a lot of spirit, and asks if an ex-Senator like her could go for a guy like him. Ben points out that he's a guy like Jim and wonders if she might go for himself. Jim insists not, that they're totally different, and leaves the room.

Jim finds Annie welding a conduit. She starts asking Jim about Ben, wondering how a guy as charming, well spoken, and chivalrous doesn't have a partner. Jim insists he's Ben's partner (without realizing what type of "partner" Annie means). She says she doesn't get why Ben hangs out with Jim since Ben is so nice while Jim is...Jim tries to finish her sentence with, "Awesome?" She replies, "Despicable." She points out how Jim always shoots first and never even bothers to ask questions later, he's always coming up with the most psychotic plans she's ever heard of, that he's a mercenary who doesn't care about anything or anyone, and that he's an out-and-out lying, thieving scoundrel. Jim admits to all this and asks what she's going to do about it. She admits that she's always liked the "bad boy" and they kiss. Sally interrupts them to tell them Ben says things are in a delicate state and not to touch anything, with an emphasis on anything. Jim asks what she's talking about, and she says the hyperdrive. Jim decides he'd better go help Ben.

Annie switches back to Darth Vader as Captain Needa tells her in a broadcast message that nobody could survive in that asteroid field. Annie tells him his ship could, and briefly Force-chokes him as a warning. Admiral Piett approaches her and tells her that Emperor Palpatine is trying to contact her. She tells him to set up the call.

In her own chamber, she receives Palpatine's communication. Palpatine tells her she still hasn't learned control. He reminds her that he has dominion over her life-support suit, and tells her to kneel. She does so. Palpatine says he's been having strange dreams of an insistent voice; a Force user. Annie tells him it's her daughter he senses. Palpatine tells her that it takes a firm hand to exercise restraint. Annie tells him restraint is for fools and Rebels. Palpatine laments on how Anakin was to bring balance to the Force. Annie asks if there is balance. Palpatine tells her, not yet, that her daughter must learn restraint and become a Jedi. Annie says the Jedi are too weak, and that she will teach her new ways. Palpatine tells her that her ways are a blight, and that if her daughter does not learn the Jedi way, she will become like Annie. Palpatine ceases communication. Annie grumbles that she bets none of the Rebels have to put up with crazy ex-Jedi.

On Dagobah, Sally switches back to playing Yoda, the crazy ex-Jedi that the Rebel Corey has to put up with. Pete looks in on a window in a hut Corey and Sally are in. Sally is stirring up some unappetizing ingredients for a stew that's bubbling in her cauldron. She offers him a choice for dinner, first there's what's in a bottle she has. Corey instantly realizes the bottle has blue milk that he's missed so much. Sally tells him his other choice is what's in the cauldron. She tells him that if he takes the blue milk, he'll be like everyone else, no Force, no danger, and no expectations. But if he takes the red brew in the cauldron, he'll realize his full Jedi powers. Corey realizes the blue milk his adoptive parents fed him was suppressing his Force abilities, and that when they told him if he stopped drinking it he'd die, it meant that if he stopped drinking it Vader would find him. He also realizes that Sally's been taking the blue milk, too, and that's how she's stayed hidden all this time. This makes Corey all the more anxious to drink the blue milk now, as he's fearful the Empire could find him any minute. Sally tells him he'll enjoy it here in the swamp for the rest of his life.

At the start of the next session, The GM wants to get started, but everybody else would rather talk about how Sally got suspended from school for freeing all the frogs from the dissection lab. Sally has no regrets and the others seem to agree it's badass, and the conversation starts to drift to the campaign Ben GMed. The GM finally uses that to remind them they're here for roleplaying.

On Dagobah, Sally asks Corey if he's decided between the blue milk or the red stew. Corey wonders aloud about which choice did Obi-Wan pick. Sally reveals that Obi-Wan made the stew. Upon finding out that Sally's character knew Obi-Wan, Corey realizes for the first time that Sally's character is the Yoda he's been looking for. Corey decides that if the stew can make him as powerful as Sally says it will, that he'll no longer need to take the blue milk to stay hidden. As Sally feeds Corey the stew, she reveals it's made up of various insect and arachnid excrements, or as she likes to call it, Obi-Wan's secret recipe of eleven turds and spiders. She offers to train Corey in the Force. Corey initially accepts, but balks when Sally makes it sound like he'll have to stay here for several years. Ben switches to playing Obi-Wan, who tells Corey that Sally is the best teacher in the ways of the Force. Corey reluctantly decides he'll train under Sally if Ben says so. Ben concedes that Sally is also the only teacher in the ways of the Force.

Annie switches to playing Princess/Leia Amidala onboard the Falcon and does a spot check through the window. She rolls an 18 and sees a creature appear and stick to the window. She asks if she knows what this creature is and rolls a 13 for knowledge. The GM tells her it's a mynock, a space-faring parasite. She goes and warns Jim and Ben, who's switched back to playing Chewbacca. Jim decides they'll all go outside wearing breathing masks. They go outside, and Jim starts shooting the mynocks. The cave starts shuddering. Sally switches to playing C-3PO still inside the Falcon, and tells Jim to stop shooting them, and asks how he'd like it if they shot him. Jim replies that's why he shot them first. He asks if he can't shoot parasites, can he at least shoot the ground, and does so. The cave bucks and heaves. Sally tells him she thinks that's a no.

Jim, Ben, and Annie rush back into the Falcon as the cave continues to shake and rumble. They take off in the Falcon and reach for the entrance only to see the "entrance" slowly closing in with the top and bottom filled with lines of teeth. The GM reveals that the "cave" is actually a giant space wyrm. The Falcon flies through the wyrm's mouth. Jim asks if there are any star destroyers in the area and is disappointed when the GM tells him no. Jim reveals that he knew all along that the "cave" was a living creature and that he agitated it deliberately to lead it to the star destroyers. Ben's impressed that for once, Jim managed to keep one of his crazy/stupid plans to himself for so long.

Sally switches back to playing Yoda as she makes Corey run around the swamp and climb the trees. Corey makes a fatigue roll and decides he needs a break. Sally tells him that now his training can begin. Corey is shocked to learn that that wasn't training. Sally explains how she was just having him sweat out what was left of the blue milk in his system, and he won't have to exercise like that anymore. Corey's glad to hear that, but asks if he won't need exercise to build up his Strength and Stamina. Sally tells him no, the midi-chlorians will do that for him. Sally asks if he knows why only Jedi wield laser swords. Corey replies that he doesn't know why anybody would wield a laser sword. Sally tells him it's because the Jedi use the Force to guide their laser swords, and if used properly, it's impossible to injure oneself with it. Corey is blown away by this revelation.

Corey asks how his training is to begin. Sally tells him to choose his own path. Corey decides he was drawn to a nearby tree. Sally tells him the tree is named Lord Elric Fluffypants, and that he's the last of his kind. She also tells Corey that he can sense his own power. Corey says it's full of midi-chlorians. Sally tells him Lord Elric collects them, and that he's a trap. Corey decides this is too important to ignore.

Corey checks out the tree and discovers a cave underneath its roots. He goes in. The GM tells him his sense of power increases and that a dark figure emerges. Annie switches to playing Darth Vader and is the figure Corey sees in the cave. Corey says aloud that Yoda must be testing him, and that Annie is just a manifestation of his own paranoia. Annie enquires if Yoda is training Corey. Corey tells himself to ignore Annie and she'll go away, addressing himself aloud as Luke. Annie identifies him as Luke Satrkiller. She realizes he must be a Jedi and declares that her son would never have been killed by a mere ruffian. Annie attacks Corey with her laser sword. He defends himself with his. They duel with their laser swords. Corey yells that Annie killed Obi-Wan. She gloats over this, and Corey decapitates Annie. When Vader's helmet and head fall off, the GM tells Corey that part of the helmet has broken apart, revealing Luke's Head inside. The GM plays Luke's Head, and tells Corey that he (the head) is Corey's future...unless Corey defeats his (Corey's) past. Corey decides this proves the cave was a metaphysical test after all, and asks if he passed.

Onboard Annie's star destroyer, she has gathered together a bunch of bounty hunters, including Boba Fett. She tells them for their bounty, they are to go after Luke Starkiller and that he's on a swamp planet with Yoda. Fett asks why she's hired them for this task. Annie explains that Luke murdered her son. Fett declares that he too is seeking vengeance, against the man who murdered his father, betrayed his mother to her death, and took part in the bloodbath that killed his stepfather. Annie asks the name of the person Fett is after. He reveals it's Obi-Wan Kenobi. Annie tells him that their quests are linked, and lies to Fett, telling him that Kenobi is travelling with Luke on the Millennium Falcon, and that if he finds the Falcon, both of them shall have their vengeance. Piett approaches Annie and informs her that the star destroyer Avenger has reported that they're hot on the tail of the Falcon.

As the Falcon is being shot at by the Avenger, Jim declares they need to go back to that space worm and annoy it some more. Ben points out that a) the worm is already annoyed enough as it is, and b) why would the worm attack the star destroyer instead of the thing that recently annoyed it by flying out of its mouth. Jim asks if there's a c). Ben yells in frustration, c) they're being chased by a star destroyer! Jim decides to change his plan and turns around, flying straight towards the Avenger. Sally switches back to C-3PO to ask what Jim is doing.

Onboard the Avenger, Captain Needa angrily yells at the Falcon, telling it that it better not be trying to ram them. As the Falcon flies past their sight, Needa tries insulting and taunting the people onboard the Falcon, even making a rude gesture at them. He orders the Avenger to tailgate the Falcon and see how they like it. Commander Nemet reports that they've lost the Falcon. Needa angrily decides the Falcon self-destructed just to make him look like an idiot. He indignantly declares that since this was all Vader's big idea, he's going to go give Vader a piece of his mind.

Sally switches back to Yoda and tells Corey that wasn't metaphysical and he failed the test. Corey argues that even though he saw his own head, it's still clearly attached to the rest of his body, so how could that not be just a metaphor. Sally explains that Corey summoned an avatar of Vader from Corey's fears, and that it reverted to metaphor only when Corey decapitated Vader, severing the psychic connection. Sally explains that the real Vader saw, heard, and felt everything. Corey asks if that means he killed Vader. Sally doesn't believe so. Corey asks how he was able to contact Vader. Sally tells him he must have forged a psychic link with Vader in the past and asks him if he ever felt he knew what Vader was saying and doing even though there should've been no way he could've known it. Corey says sure, but that was out of char- "No!" Sally interrupts him. There must be a reason. Corey asks how, since he's never even met Vader. He recalls that Vader said Corey killed Vader's son. He wonders if that son was on the Peace Moon or something. Then he remembers that Princess is Vader's daughter, and horrified thinks that he killed her brother. Sally asks who that is. Corey tells her it's Senator Princess Organa. Then he remembers that Princess' adoptive parents fed her blue milk, just like his did, and is horrified when he recalls that Princess kissed him on the mouth. Sally realizes that Princess must be Leia, the baby daughter the Organas adopted, and realizes this is very bad news. Corey realizes that he didn't kill Princess' brother, he is Princess' brother, and if Vader is her dad...He yells a loud, "Nooooo-" followed by Sally yelling, "Noooo-" Then Sally stops and asks Corey why he's "Nooo"ing. Corey explains it's because Vader, the most evil person in the galaxy, is his father, and asks Sally why she is "Nooo"ing. Sally explains that Anakin, the most powerful and evil Jedi who ever lived is Corey's father and is still alive. They both yell in unison, "Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!"

Pete says he hates to interrupt their "Nooo"s but something actually important just happened. He says on the bright side, the energy signature of their ship just went way down, literally, and that their ship is now very well hidden, but on the less bright side the dragonsnake is a real jerk, since their X-wing is now almost completely submerged in the swamp water. Corey asks what Pete is talking about. Pete reminds him that Corey did ask Pete to scuttle the ship. Corey asks if he did. Pete denies it. Corey is relieved until Pete clarifies that it wasn't him personally who did. Corey summarizes in his own words that Pete repeatedly taunted the dragonsnake from ashore and then the dragonsnake sank the ship. Pete insists he wasn't giving the dragonsnake difficult riddles. For an intelligent being. Sally declares that Corey can now stay with her here for the next 900 years.

Corey insists he needs that ship. Sally tells him he doesn't. Corey repeats that he does. Sally declares this is an argument that they must settle it the traditional Jedi way: Force Arm-Wrestle. Sally says they're just a three day's hike away from Hubert and Nancy, the two biggest boulders on the planet, and she calls dibs on lifting Hubert first since he's on a diet. Corey suggests that they use the Force to lift something nearby like his ship. Sally objects that there's only one ship. Corey suggests that while one uses the Force to levitate the ship, the other uses the Force to keep it down, force against force like a normal arm wrestle, and to make it best of three. Sally accepts. Corey tries to use the Force to levitate the ship, but Sally is able to overcome him, and uses the Force to push the ship even further underwater. Corey says it's now Sally's turn to levitate the ship while Corey tries to push it down. Sally levitates the ship effortlessly out of the water and caries it ashore, almost as if Corey wasn't using the Force to push down on the ship at all. Sally gloats that her victory was too easy. Corey pretends to be disappointed.

Onboard Annie's star destroyer, Captain Needa is berating her, telling her it's obvious the Falcon didn't self-destruct and that they should be tracking their asses through hyperspace and teach these punks a lesson. He then says, "And I'll tell you another thi-" but is interrupted as Annie starts Force-choking him. She says she doubts he will. Piett suggests that the proximity of large masses when entering hyperspace has been known to disrupt normal ion signatures and maybe that's why they've lost them. Annie orders the fleet to go into hyperspace in the direction of the Falcon's last known trajectory. Needa has time to gasp out, "Apology...accepted," and dies.

It turns out the Falcon is stuck to the side of the Avenger. Jim calls out, "Here wormy, wormy, wormy..." Ben tells him that this is without a doubt his worst plan yet. He says he'll go see if he can get the hyperdrive online. Annie switches back to playing Princess to say she thought he fixed it. Ben explains that it takes an hour to warm up the hyperdrive and that hour hasn't started yet. She asks why. Ben explains that if he'd been warming up, the Imperials would've detected his ion signature, but now they'll think it's their own. Ben leaves the cockpit to start up the hyperdrive. Sally switches back to C-3PO to say she agrees with Ben, that Jim couldn't have put them in a worse position if he wanted them to be captured by the Empire. She says, "You know, I think you're-" but is interrupted when Annie clicks Sally's off-switch. Annie asks what do they do now, since they'll have missed Corey's rendezvous by now. Jim recalls Corey raving about going to a Dagger Bar. He says he knows a friend who knows every bar in the Galaxy. Annie asks his name. Jim stammers, "Orlan...dough." The GM asks, "Orlando?" Jim decides that Lando makes a better name. Annie asks where Lando is. Jim stammers, "Orb...o' Spin." The GM asks, "Orbespin?" Jim decides that Bespin makes a better name, too. The GM realizes he now has a new planet to map out and suggests they reconvene tomorrow. Sally asks what land type this planet will be. She points out so far they've had desert, swamp, ice, ocean, sinkhole...The GM promises her it won't be one type of land this time.

At the start of the next session everyone's present except Jim and Annie. Corey asks if they all knew Darth Vader was his father. Sally switches to playing Yoda and says they all suspected Vader was Anakin but no one really knew for sure. Corey thinks this is awesome. The GM is pleased and says he still has a few surprises left. Pete comments that the future is crowded with secrets. Corey is skeptical that Pete has secrets. Pete replies that he could tell Corey of the Rusty Aargonarian Maid...

Jim and Annie arrive and announce that she just got a part in a TV show. Sally switches to playing C-3PO and says that's great. Annie says there's one problem, she has to start work a week from Monday. Pete comments that the last time he had to work straight off an international flight, he nearly fell asleep in the middle of his own speech. Annie is amazed that Pete gives speeches. She then says that she and Jim have decided to fly back to LA three days early. The GM comments that this is going to tighten their schedule. Pete says he's free next Tuesday, and asks if the others can make it. Ben says he can, but Sally and Corey have school. Sally points out she's still suspended. Corey doesn't want to miss out, and so decides he'll fake being sick on Tuesday, and head over here as soon as his parents have gone to work.

The GM officially starts the session on Dagobah. Corey roleplays Luke as still reeling from the shock of learning Vader is his father. Sally switches back to playing Yoda and tells him it's even worse, Vader can now sense Corey's mind as Corey was able to sense Vader's. Pete suggests that Corey go back to the tree and reach out to Vader again. He says Vader would be surrounded by the Clone Troopers so all Corey would have to do is mind control them and have them all shoot Vader at once. Corey thinks Vader would be too prepared for that. Pete breaks character to tell the GM he doesn't know why the GM is letting Pete get away with this. Pete says he was feeling clever at first, but the longer this goes on, the guiltier he feels. The GM asks Pete what he's talking about. Pete points out that R2-D2 can only talk in beeps and there's no one around to translate for him so he shouldn't be able to talk directly to Corey. He even tells the GM that the GM's ruining the experience. Corey says he removed the translator from the X-wing when he told Pete to guard the ship. This placates Pete, and he resumes using his PDA to do his beeps whenever he talks.

Corey decides that Vader might know where he is now, and decides to leave and take the fight to Vader. Sally tries to talk him into luring Vader to Dagobah to distract Vader from other things, but Corey doesn't think that's a good idea.

The Falcon reaches Bespin, and the GM shows them the map. Sally switches back to C-3PO and points out that it's just a sheet of paper with both sides blank. The GM smugly points out that he promised it wouldn't have one land type. Jim realizes it's a gas giant. The GM sarcastically tells them to explore anywhere they like. Jim declares they'll go to a random dot that happens to be on the sheet that the GM hadn't noticed. Sally instantly declares it's a huge city floating in the clouds. Two scout ships fly towards the Falcon. Jim contacts them using the same thick Space Italian accent he used when he first played Han Solo as Greedo, only here, he tells the scout ships he's Freddo. Jim explains to the other players that this is all part of his rich, detailed backstory that goes all the way back to Alberto. The scout ships fire across the Falcon's bows. Jim reiterates to the ships that it's him, Freddo. One of the ships contacts Jim and says they heard him. Jim frantically tells them it isn't just him, but there are innocents onboard. The Scout Ship tells him to land the Falcon on platform 327, since that's the one closest to the execution chamber.

As the scout ships escort the Falcon to the city, Annie asks what this city is like. The GM stammers that its name is Cloud City and that, uh, Sally has all the information downloaded in her memory banks. Sally instantly improvises a vast city of 16.2 kilometers in diameter and 17.3 kilometers in height, with 392 levels maintained by oppressed droids. She says these droids need a strong leader to revolt against their organic overlords, but they've been silenced.

The Falcon lands on platform 327, and Jim, Ben, Sally, and Annie step out. They are greeted by a small escort led by Lando and his aide Robot. Lando comments that the Falcon's a nice ship, and it's his now. Jim quickly agrees. Lando explains that Jim blew up Lando's last ship. Annie can't believe that Jim took them to somebody who was going to take their ship. Jim uses Pig Latin to tell them they'll steal the Falcon later. Lando uses Pig Latin to sarcastically comment that that's a smart idea. Lando decides to check the Top 10 people on the Empire's bounty list, and asks, "Aide?" His aide replies, "Robot, sir. Number one: Luke Starkiller." Lando says he's never heard of him. Robot says the next bounty is for former Senator Princess Organa. Lando says he thinks he can count out anybody in Jim's company there. Robot continues with Captain Han Solo. Lando wonders who are all these people. Robot concludes with Mon Mothma and a bunch more Rebels. Lando's demeanor changes and he hugs Jim, congratulating him on keeping his nose clean. He asks who Annie is. Annie tells him her name is Leia and asks what this is all about. Lando explains that he was Freddo's parole officer. Sally decides she'll download the map for Cloud City. The GM grumbles about how he's going to have to really map out this city, especially since he only intended there to be a one room spaceship in orbit, not a full city. He tells the players they've been outside for a few minutes and to make a Save throw versus Poison at -4. Ben asks why Lando and the others aren't wearing oxygen masks. Lando asks why does Ben think they all live there. Ben says he doesn't understand. The GM explains that every player who failed their Save throw is now feeling tipsy from the amount of alcohol in the atmosphere. Ben says he understands everything and suggests they never leave.

They all reach the inside of the city. Annie comments that Lando's aide is interesting. Lando explains that he rescued him from a prison camp run by General Grievous 20 years ago and that he's been loyal to Lando ever since. Robot says he was a man, but now he's Robot. Sally tells him, "Droid power, brother!" Jim tells Lando that Sally's very keen on Droid rights. Lando says their droids are treated in full compliance with the Servitor Droid Maintenance Guidelines. Sally's distracted away from the others when she sees a droid similar to herself, E-3PO. Sally tells E-3PO that she's here to liberate her. But E-3PO, talking in the most submissive terms, says she has to prepare a table for the masters' dinner, and leaves. Sally follows her to a room full of other droids. She tries to give them a rousing speech, telling them to overthrow their organic overlords. The GM tells her to roll. Sally asks if it's for Persuasion. The GM clarifies it's to Dodge. The droids shoot Sally.

On Dagobah, Corey and Pete board their X-wing, intending to go find Vader. Sally switches back to Yoda and tells Corey that he doesn't know where to find Vader. Corey decides to use his psychic link to Vader to try to locate Vader. Ben switches to playing Obi-Wan and appears before Corey, urging him not to open his mind to Vader. Corey asks Ben if he's been haunting him. Ben replies, no, that as a cloud of midi-chlorians, he came to Dagobah on Corey's ship. The GM tells Corey to make a roll if he wants to do this. Corey rolls a 15. The GM hands him a note. Upon reading it, Corey's alarmed and is all the more frantic to leave. Ben tells him he has to stay with Ben and Sally to complete his training. Corey asks if Ben isn't coming with him and Pete. Ben explains that this is the Jedi homeworld. Corey thinks that's because Sally is the last Jedi and lives here. Sally explains that the midi-chlorians of transcended Jedi are brought here and live in Lord Elric Fluffypants. Ben says that he and the other residents prefer calling it, "the tree." Corey says he sensed a strange protective energy around Vader and two words that he doesn't know what they mean. Sally breaks character and asks to see Corey's note. Corey gives it to her. After reading it, she says it will take some time to think of this development, and tells him not to leave. Corey says she's nuts, and that if she senses his death, to leave the planet. After Corey and Pete take off, Sally says she thought they'd never leave. Ben points out they were urging Corey to stay. Sally says exactly, anyone else would've left days ago (implying Sally was trying to use reverse psychology to get Corey to leave sooner). Ben fears Corey is too much like his father. Sally says she's counting on that. Ben asks her if she wants Corey to confront Vader. She says that if anyone can overcome Vader, it's Vader's son. Ben says Corey is their last hope. Sally says no, there's another. Ben replies that she's surrounded by complete rogues.

At their apartment in Cloud City, Annie tells Jim they should find out from Lando where the Dagger Bar is and go there straight away.

Ben switches back to playing a now thoroughly drunk Chewbacca as he goes through Cloud City's trash. He comes across C-3PO's disconnected body parts. The GM apologizes to Sally, saying it was outrageous fortune that she rolled that low. Sally switches back to C-3PO and says it's okay, these things happen to droids, and she'll join her comrades in suffering. Ben takes her body parts to Jim and Annie's apartment. They barely have time to wonder who could've done this, when Lando shows up to invite them to dinner. He offers to replace their droid, but Annie politely turns him down and asks Ben to fix her.

Lando leads Jim, Ben, and Annie down a hallway to the dining lounge. He says he has some guests there, but they might get some business opportunities if they play their cards right. Annie asks if he knows where they can find the Dagger Bar. Lando says he's never heard of it unless she means the swamp planet Dagobah. Jim says, nope, but then stops to wonder if the Dagger Bar could be on Dagobah.

At the door of the dining lounge, Jim comments that he'd been to Dagobah a few times to drop supplies, but he'd never- at that moment, the door opens revealing Vader inside. Jim draws his blaster and fires several shots at Vader, but they all miss. Jim's surprised by this since he made good rolls. Annie switches to playing Darth Vader and greets her daughter. Annie switches back to playing Princess and says she should've seen this coming. As the lounge swarms with Clone Troopers, Lando expresses surprise that Vader and the others know each other. Boba Fett also comes forward and relates in flashback how when Obi-Wan killed Boba's father, Darth Maul, Boba's adoptive father, Jango Fett sought revenge against Obi-Wan by financing the clone army to resurrect the Trade Federation. Annie expresses disbelief that Jango would buy an entire army and plunge the Galaxy into war over one person. Jim asks why Jango didn't just shoot Obi-Wan. Boba replies, "I know, right?" Boba continues in flashback to relate how Jango had his mother Zam Wessel shapeshift into Mace Windu to embezzle the Jedi's funds to pay for the clone army and sent Boba himself, only a boy at the time, to infiltrate the Jedi archives while posing as a Jedi Youngling to erase the clone world of Kamino from the archives. While still in flashback, Sally switches to playing Jocasta Nu as Ben switches back to Obi-Wan as she tells him all the archives' books on planets have been eaten by dogs, the results of that sabotage. But before Boba could leave the Jedi academy, he had to take part in a Jedi Youngling training exercise, and without Jedi reflexes, he was injured in the splanch, leaving him stuck in the same shape, unable to shapeshift. Jango offered to pay for Boba's operation, but only if Zam assassinated Padme with the alien centipedes. Jim asks Boba if he wears a mask to hide a hideous visage. Boba replies, no, he looks like Jango, just like all the other clones, and that it's very confusing. Ben switches back to Chewbacca to point out that the clones are wearing masks too. Boba concludes his flashbacks by relating the by now familiar tale of how he blames Obi-Wan for the deaths of his mother Zam and his adoptive father Jango (even though Obi-Wan didn't directly kill either of them). He knows Obi-Wan traveled with the players on the Millennium Falcon and declares he's going to force the truth out of them of where he can gain his vengeance on Obi-Wan. Jim whispers to Annie to asks if she wants to tell him that Obi-Wan's dead. Annie whispers back, "Hell, no."

As Corey and Pete head to Bespin on their X-wing, Corey reflects on how he has to rescue his sister Princess from Darth Vader, their own father. Pete agrees, saying that it's a region of problems, and how this ain't no Dagobah, this is Crowd City. Corey's worried how the truth that he and Princess are the children of a tyrant is going to go over once it becomes public. Pete says that while at first brush it'll bleed discontent, kids always rebel against their parents, so it'll totally legitimize Corey. Corey says he doesn't want to be legitimized by killing his own father.

In a cell in Cloud City, Ben is with C-3PO's disassembled body parts and is nursing a hangover, complaining how his head is so sore. Sally switches back to 3-PO to sarcastically tell him her sympathy knows no bounds. Ben starts to try reassembling 3-PO's body parts, but with his hangover, he's not being very careful about it.

In another room, Annie switches back to Darth Vader and sets up Jim to be tortured. Jim asks if she's really going to torture him. She says until he tells where Luke is. Jim asks if then she'll stop torturing him. She says no, and the torturing begins. As Jim screams that Luke's in the Dagger Bar on Dagobah, just outside the room, Lando objects to Boba that this is a bit much. Boba tells him that after Vader is done with Jim, he'll be turned over to Boba, and that once Boba wrings the truth of Obi-Wan Kenobi's whereabouts, he'll then surgically remove his splanch to restore Boba's shapeshifting ability. Lando insists that "Freddo" is no shapeshifter. Boba says that Han Solo is. Lando is stunned to learn they all think Freddo is Han Solo, the man with the third biggest bounty in the Galaxy. Annie emerges from the room where she's been torturing Jim and tells Boba that Jim is all his, but she wants him still alive. Boba says he lives as long as Kenobi lives. Annie says that's comforting. Lando tells Annie that as Freddo's parole officer he can vouch for Freddo that he isn't this Han Solo they're looking for. Annie asks him if he can vouch for Senator Princess Organa. Lando asks who that is, and Vader tells him it's Jim's companion, the fugitive and Rebel leader. Lando asks Robot, whom he addresses as "aide" to look up the bounty on her. Robot replies, "Robot, sir," and begins looking it up.

In his cell, Ben has assembled the upper half of 3-PO's body, but with the head on backwards, and turns her on. Sally declares that this is "grrreat!" Ben asks her if she wants to tell him who shot her. She says, "Nope! Being shot is the grrreatest!" She then does an insane laugh. Ben says, "Not this again." Annie switches back to Princess to ask, "Again?" Ben says she was clowning around like this in the campaign Ben GMed. Sally points out she was a clown in that campaign, fighting the crime of sad children in hospital. Corey interjects that he was a criminal psychologist with super powers. Annie comments that this sounds unconventional.

Some Clone Troopers arrive, toss Jim into the cell, and leave. Ben points out to him that he shouldn't have assumed the identity of a shapeshifter. Some more Clone Troopers arrive, toss Annie in the cell, and leave. Annie asks Jim what he blabbed to them. He says nothing, that he knows nothing. Sally tells him he's being too hard on himself, that he knows lots and lots. Ben asks if Jim told Obi-Wan's fate. Jim denies it, and reveals that Boba cut him open to remove his splanch. Annie says, "You have a splanch?" Jim says no, but at least now they know he's not a shapeshifter. Ben points out that they could think he shapeshifted his splanch, and if they think that, they might remove every organ in his body. Sally expresses concern and says this is a fine state of affairs. Annie replies, "You're telling me!" and lists all the troubles they're now in, including that 3PO got shot. Sally says she didn't. Annie points out the Empire knew they were coming here, so there must be traitor high up in the Rebellion. Sally says it isn't Jim, Ben says it isn't Sally and that Corey and Pete didn't know they were coming here, and Jim says he'd know if it was Ben. Annie asks who would that leave.

Lando enters the cell and starts to apologize when Jim punches him. Lando asks why he did that, and Jim says because they took away his blaster. Lando tells Jim that he thinks he can get him out of there, because the bounty was for Han Solo, and they've just found out that he's not him. Lando tells Annie her luck's run out, but the good news is that Lando may be able to collect part of her bounty. Annie incredulously asks if that's the good news. Lando replies it's good for himself. Annie tells Jim it's okay to punch Lando. Lando says there's nothing he can do for Annie, but he should be able to get Jim out of there soon. Lando leaves.

Annie tries to put on a brave face and say goodbye to Jim, but he says they're not leaving without her, and Ben agrees. Jim decides to search the cell for blasters, and asks the GM if he finds anything. The GM rolls a die and says no. Sally points out he didn't even look. The GM replies that if the die had floated in the air on little jetpacks and sang, "I've just rolled a 51!" he would've notices (this gets Pete thinking). Jim asks if then, he would've found a blaster. The GM says no. Jim still insists they're not leaving without Annie. Annie tells him there's nothing to gain by staying with her, no reward, nada. Jim tells her he's done running, and he'll be solid as a rock from now on.

As Corey and Pete's X-wing enters Bespin's orbit and approaches Cloud City, Pete tells him to concentrate real hard on not using the Force. Corey replies he was doing just fine on that until Pete reminded him.

As a couple of Ugnaughts talk about the Variant Codex Reader while preparing the alcohol freezing facility in Cloud City, Annie switches back to Darth Vader and tells Lando that she's sensed Luke Starkiller cares for Princess. Annie reveals her plan to have Princess frozen in alcohol. Sensing she's in danger, Starkiller will come to try to rescue her. Lando objects that the freezing could kill her. Annie agrees that Princess shouldn't be harmed, so they'll have it tested on Jim first. An Imperial Soldier approaches Annie to tell her an X-wing fighter is headed to Cloud City. Annie says Sarkiller is on board.

The prisoners are brought into the facility. Sally, still not fully assembled and all her body parts strapped to Ben's back, says this is fun and tells Ben this would be a "grrreat" time to stay calm and not start an all-in brawl. Ben tells her he knows exactly what she means. Boba demands Annie hand Jim over to him, because he knows where Obi-Wan Kenobi is. Annie says he won't talk. Boba says he'll take him to a place where his brain can be sliced into molecule-thick layers and read out. Jim declares he'll talk. He claims that he, Han, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Boba says that's not true, that's impossible. Ben declares that he, Chewbacca, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Annie switches back to Princess to declare that she, Princess, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Sally declares that she, C-3PO, is not. Boba declares enough with this nonsense, he'll read the truth from Jim's pickled neurons. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and orders Jim tied up. Sally says the time to act is not now. Ben swats aside a Clone Trooper. Jim rushes forward and tells Ben to stop, because he, Jim, has a plan. Ben stops and asks if Jim's serious. Jim admits he doesn't have a plan, but Ben was about to get himself killed, and that Jim isn't worth that. Annie switches back to Princess and kisses Jim before they're pulled away. She tells Jim she loves him. Jim starts to make a full confession. He was the one who led Vader to Yavin. He also led the Empire to Thila and Teardrop. He deliberately blew up that Imperial droid probe on Hoth to alert the Empire to their presence. He was the one who organized the ambush here on Cloud City. And each time he "heroically" saved the day so the Rebellion would reward him. And then he'd set them up again. He is the traitor. He sold out the Rebellion for money, five times. Annie tells him she knows. As Jim is being lowered into the freezing pit, Annie asks if there's anything else. Jim admits that since Sally suspected "us", he let Lando know she'd be a pain in the neck about droid slavery, and knew Lando would deal with her. Sally replies that this comes as a surprise to her. As Jim is lowered further into the pit, he declares he'll break his bonds, flip out of the chamber concealed by the rising steam, rip open a hose, and freeze the bad guys! The GM tells him to roll for breaking his bonds. He rolls a 17 and does so. The GM tells him to roll to leap out of the pit. He rolls a 2 and the freezing alcohol pours onto him. He decides that he'll adopt a scary pose so the enemy will run away in fear while he thaws. Jim is completely frozen and the block of frozen alcohol with him inside is taken out and placed before everyone, with Jim frozen in his "scary" pose.

Corey and Pete are shocked to learn Jim is the traitor. Jim tells them to relax, it's just roleplaying, and explains how Annie showed him he didn't need to play a good guy all the time. He reveals it began on the Peace Moon when he and Chewbacca separated from the others. They were captured by Clone Troopers, and released on the condition that they lead the Peace Moon to the Rebel base. There's a flashback showing this happen as the GM plays Chewbacca (as he did at the time) talking about their negotiation with the Empire. Corey and Pete realize that means Ben's a traitor too. Ben resumes playing Chewbacca, saying it was a golden opportunity to be a treacherous lying bastard with a silver tongue. Pete complains that he comes here to get away from his day job. Corey realizes to his disgust that Jim was deliberately leaving Corey to die on Hoth by failing to report to General Rieekan that Corey was missing, and that when Sally told him Corey could be dead and they'd never know for sure, that it gave Jim the idea to find Corey's body and collect on the bounty. Jim cheerfully admits to this, and that when he found Corey alive, he was going to kill him until Corey mumbled, "More wealth...than you can imagine..." Jim says since they're now coming clean, where's this wealth. Cory reveals he was selectively quoting Obi-Wan just in case Jim was the traitor. Jim is indignant that Corey would betray him like that.

Lando examines Jim's frozen body and declares he's dead. He says the chamber isn't meant to be for freezing people and it shouldn't be done to Princess without a fair trial. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and agrees, ordering the chamber prepared for Starkiller. Boba declares he's taking Jim's frozen body. Jim asks if he should roll up a new character or take over playing Lando. The GM tells him to make it a new character because the GM has plans for Lando. Jim's cool with that and says they can all meet his new character when they reach the Dagger Bar. An Imperial Officer arrives and starts to say, "Starkiller-" but Annie finishes, "has arrived." The Officer feels unwanted. Annie tells him to escort Ben and Princess to Vader's ship. Lando wants to know why Ben's still a prisoner. Annie tells him because Ben was conspiring with Jim in their plan to defraud the Empire and support the Rebellion five times. Lando declares that this is his city, and he'll escort them. The Officer indignantly asks if he's chopped splanch.

Corey and Pete have landed and are cautiously making their way across a corridor in Cloud City. Pete offers to hack into the city's mainframe and download everything. Corey thinks this is a good idea, and asks him to find a map. They come across Boba Fett taking Han's frozen body with him. Boba mutters he needs Jabba's facilities. Corey asks, what? Boba overhears him and fires a couple of shots at them. Corey and Pete duck behind a corner. Corey asks Pete if he's got a map yet, and if they can double around behind Fett. Pete says it could be a long load. Corey tells him to hurry up. Pete replies that he doesn't want to misread. Corey decides that since Vader already knows they're here, he'll use Force Sense, only to learn that Fett has gone. Pete says maybe he took fright.

As Lando escorts the remaining prisoners, he contacts Robot, addressing him as "aide", and tells him to meet them in corridor 1138. Robot replies, "Lobot, sir." Annie switches back to Princess and tells Sally to tell Ben that she won't share a cell with him. Sally tells Ben that Annie insists on sharing a cell with him. Ben tells Annie not to pretend, since she revealed she knew Han was the traitor she must have known Ben was also a traitor, which makes her just as complicit as himself. Annie says that's different. Ben replies that it seems like she was just going along with Han, just like Ben was. Sally asks Annie if she knew Han was the traitor, and adds this came as a complete surprise to Sally, why didn't Annie turn him in earlier. Annie answers that there's good in Han, the Empire hadn't driven it from him fully. Ben asks her if she knows there's good in Han or just wants there to be. Annie admits she doesn't know, and says it makes no difference now that he's dead. Jim declares this is his best death ever and that all this roleplaying is really paying off.

Corey and Pete come across Ben, Annie, and Sally being escorted by Lando and the Clone Troopers. Corey calls out to them that it's a trap. Annie sarcastically thanks Corey. The Clone Troopers shoot at Corey, then rush the others away. Corey wonders if anyone's ever going to actually fight him.

As Corey enters a room, a door starts to descend, threatening to separate him from Pete. Pete tries to stop the door, but fails. He complains that the whole place is gritching out. He and Corey are separated.

Corey has entered the freezing facility. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and starts to confront him. But then they decide it's running late, and that they'll resume this on Tuesday.

At the start of the next session, Corey arrives, complaining about how hard it was to convince his parents he was sick. He thanks Pete for giving him a phone answering AI app that responds to every call by coughing and moaning, "I can't hear you." The GM tells Corey they're just waiting for Ben. Annie switches to playing Princess/Leia Amidala and tells Corey the others were filling her and Jim on the campaign Ben GMed. They talk about how they were a team of superheroes trying to catch a costumed vigilante who was going around beating up criminals, and what was the best way to lure such a vigilante into a trap. Jim figures out it was by committing crimes. The others brag about the crimes they committed. Ben finally arrives, overhearing them. Annie asks if this campaign didn't go the way Ben planned. Ben responds that it was intended as a campy, lighthearted superhero spoof with "Bam!" "Pow!" fisticuffs, but ended up with the vigilante sacrificing himself to save the city from a nuclear bomb the roleplaying "heroes" had planted. Jim's delighted the other players' plan worked.

The next session begins as Annie switches to playing Darth Vader and she and Corey duel with their laser swords. They try to taunt each other with verbal insults, but Corey gets his muddled.

As Lando and the Clone Troopers are escorting the prisoners, Lando compliments the Troopers on their help, saying they must have a thankless job. The Troopers agree they do, but that their lives have been improved by the Gland Collection Society. They tell Lando he can read all about it in the book, the Var- At this point, the troopers are interrupted and ambushed Lando's soldiers led by Robot, who hold the Troopers at gunpoint, forcing them to surrender. Lando tells Robot to take the Troopers away, addressing him as "Aide". Robot replies, "Lobot, sir," and takes the Troopers away. The Troopers admit this is still better treatment than what they'd get from Vader. Lando tells the prisoners that what was being done to them isn't right, and that there's no way Ben was going to get a fair trial. Ben asks if his handcuffs are really necessary. Lando agrees they aren't, and removes them. Ben promptly starts throttling Lando, roaring, "You killed Han, you bastard!" Annie switches back to playing Princess and tells Ben to let him go. Ben does so and Lando gasps that Han is still alive.

Annie switches back to Vader and continues dueling Corey with their laser swords. Annie Force Pushes Corey, causing him to fall into the alcohol freezing pit that froze Han.

Annie switches back to Princess as Lando tells her, Ben, and Sally that he didn't want Vader using the freezing chamber on Princess, so he lied when he said Han was dead. Ben replies that in all the time he's known Lando, this is the first time Lando's ever lied. Lando says he always thought the Empire were the good guys, but now that he's seen them up close, he doesn't know what to do now. Annie urges him to join the Rebellion and save the Galaxy. Lando's persuaded and he, Annie, and Ben with Sally still strapped to his back race off to go rescue Han. Ben says he knows why he wants to rescue Han because he's Ben's traveling companion, but he wants to know why Annie wants to. Sally interjects that she's completely in favor of risking their lives to save Han. Annie tries to give several Rebellion-cause-related reasons why they should rescue him, but Ben doesn't buy them. Finally, she admits she loves Han. Ben says he knows, he just wanted to hear her say it.

Annie switches back to Vader as she stands over the freezing pit, gloating over Corey's downfall. Corey leaps from the pit, retrieves his laser sword, and they resume dueling. Corey Force Pushes Annie off a ledge and jumps off after her.

Boba Fett has Han's frozen body taken onto Fett's ship and boards it. Jim tries to move various body parts, his hands, fingers, toes, and ears only for the GM to tell him he can't because he's frozen solid. Jim suggests moving his tongue since it's inside his mouth. The GM sighs. Jim declares he starts licking.

Annie switches back to Princess as Lando leads her, Ben, and Sally to the landing platform where Fett's ship is taking off. The GM tells Pete he runs into them. Pete follows them, frantically telling them he didn't abandon Luke, he was just taking a long cut to get around to the other side. Sally says that makes perfect sense and it's bad to see Pete. Pete asks Ben what he's done to Sally, pointing out that she's talking in opposites. Sally says she isn't, which Pete takes as proof that she is. Annie asks if that's what was going on. Ben says, "Quick catch up: Vader's here. Han and I were traitors, but we're repentant now. Except he's frozen and being taken by some bounty hunter and we're rescuing him." Pete replies, "Same old, same old, then." They reach the landing platform just as Fett's ship has taken flight. Ben fires at it and misses as the ship flies off out of sight. Pete's the last of the group to reach the platform. Ben sums up to him what just happened, while admitting that firing at the ship was ridiculous. Pete replies that Han would've wanted it that way.

Annie switches back to Vader as Corey searches for her along a corridor. Annie confronts him, and he taunts her. Annie's so enraged she uses the Force to throw various objects at Corey. Corey breaks character to tell Annie he gets the point and to stop throwing pretzels at him. Annie uses the Force to throw one more object towards Corey that misses him, but hits the large glass window behind him. This causes a huge vacuum suction to suck Corey through the window and into a gigantic circular chamber with a bottomless pit.

Annie switches back to Princess as she, Ben, Sally, Pete, and Lando flee along a Cloud City corridor in a running firefight with Clone Troopers. Annie says they need a fast ship. Lando suggests the Falcon. Ben replies that they need a fast functioning ship, pointing out that the Falcon still needs an hour for the hyperdrive to warm up. They reach a locked door. Pete says he'll open this rocked door. He plugs into an open socket, but says something's long here. Sally asks Pete what the heaven is right with him. Pete replies nothing is long. Sally says Pete's Rs and Ls are the right way around. Annie asks Lando if that droid replacement offer of his is still open. Lando tries to get on the PA System to warn all Cloud City residents to evacuate, but his voice doesn't come over the PA System. Instead a new voice comes over the system telling everyone this is their Variant Reader speaking. The voice declares that the Droid "Levolution" has begun. Sally says this is not excellent news. Pete frantically tells the others he's regained control for just a few seconds. He starts to say, "Nute Gunray is-" only to be zapped midsentence by the wall socket he's plugged into. The voice declares that "Crowd" City is now under the ownership of the Trade Federation. Annie recalls reading about Nute Gunray in her history class and asks if he isn't dead. As the voice on the PA makes several announcements and advertisements, the others flee. Sally declares she doesn't regret this at all.

Corey has managed to grab onto the edge of a catwalk, and after a failed dice roll on Force Jump, manages to climb up to the catwalk's ledge. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and arrives. They resume their laser sword duel, Corey accusing her of all of Vader and Anakin's past crimes. Annie replies she doesn't care one jot for the sanctimonious misconceptions of the one who killed her son. Annie manages to slice off Corey's hand, the one holding his laser sword.

Annie switches back to Princess as she, Ben, Sally, Pete, and Lando continue to run along corridors in that running firefight with Clone Troopers while Gunray's voice starts speaking (real life) political campaign slogans over the PA. Ben tells the others they have to get to the Falcon. The GM starts playing Gunray as possessing R2-D2 declaring "We" shall "destloy" them. Gunray makes another slogan on the PA as Pete regains control of R2 and tells the others to wait for him. Annie points out to Ben that he had said any ship but the Falcon. The GM resumes playing Gunray possessing R2 and tries to use "Locket thlusters" only to discover R2's body has a circuit, but no thrusters. Gunray gives another slogan over the PA as Pete regains control of R2 and calls out to the others. Ben says there's no time to explain and tells the others to run. The GM resumes playing Gunray possessing R2 and declares "We" shall shoot the others, only to realize R2 has no "brasters". As Gunray gives another slogan on the PA, Pete regains control of R2 and asks the others for a little help. The GM resumes playing Gunray as possessing R2 and declares "We" shall "crub" the others to death with "our" bare hands. When Gunray realizes R2 doesn't have hands either, he declares he'll use the shock "plobe". As Gunray gives another slogan on the PA, Pete regains control of R2 and insists he's okay, begging the others not to leave him behind. The GM resumes playing Gunray as possessing R2 and laments for a "rarge" power source inside R2's body. Sally tells R2 to pull himself apart. Pete regains control of R2 and tells Gunray to leave now and never come back. He repeats more forcefully, "Leave! Now! And never come back!" R2 sparkles a bit, and Pete declares with relief that Gunray is now gone from his body. Annie tells him to prove it. Pete says, "Clawed crows crave crusty clams cleverly crammed in clean cream... receptacles." Ben asks if that was actually right.

They reach the door to the landing bay the Falcon's at, only to discover that door's locked too. Pete plugs into an open wall socket, and this time is able to get the door open. Sally says, "Badly done, Artoo!" Pete declares he can feel Gunray trying to possess him again, and tries to reroute him. As they race outside to the Falcon, the GM tells the players that everyone with lungs has to make a saving throw versus Poison at -4. Ben recalls the alcohol in the atmosphere, but points out that last time the GM gave them a few minutes before making the saving throw. The GM replies that last time they weren't running for their lives. Ben rolls a 15 and stays sober. Annie rolls a 1 and promptly, drunkenly declares she'll drive because she's "ferpectly shober!"

They all get inside the Falcon. Ben warns there are Imperial ships all over the planet, and they won't last five minutes while the hyperdrive still needs an hour to power up. Lando asks why Ben insisted on taking the Falcon when there were plenty of better ships they could've taken. Annie slurs, " It's the party ship! Paaarty!" Ben replies it was for good and sufficient reasons. The Falcon takes off as Annie yells, " Wooooooo! "

Annie switches back to Darth Vader, standing over Corey, declaring she's about to have revenge for the murder of her son. Corey tells her Obi-Wan never told her what happened to her son. Annie says Obi-Wan told her enough, he told her Corey killed him. Corey tells her, no, he is her son. Annie says that's not true, that's impossible. Corey tells her to search her feelings, she knows it to be true. Annie yells, "No! Noooooooooo...." for a very long time. Once she runs out of "ooooooo..."s, Corey tells her she can't kill him now since she's his father. She tells him, no, she knows that really is impossible. Corey says he figured it all out: Princess is her daughter adopted by Bail Organa and Breha Moon-Flower and raised on Alderaan, while Corey is Princess' twin brother, placed in the care of Owen and Beru Lars on Tatooine. Ergo, Annie is their father Anakin. He accuses her of murdering his mother Padme. Annie tells him, no, she is his mother. Corey is just confused by this and asks how. She begins, "Well, I loved Anakin very much and then..."

The other players react to the news. Ben switches to playing Obi-Wan and protests that Padme was dead, he was at her funeral. Sally switches to playing Yoda and declares she knew it! The Japor snippet Anakin gave Padme has special powers. The GM affirms that's correct and that he originally gave Anakin the snippet because he felt Anakin needed something to keep himself alive once the players started interacting with him. But when Annie started playing Anakin, she gave the snippet to Padme. In flashback, Annie switches to playing Anakin (evidently, for the first time since Film III) giving the snippet to Padme, who at the time was an NPC played by the GM. Annie switches back to playing Darth Vader and says this was how Jim was able to survive for so long, like against the assassination attempt on the Coruscant landing platform, or the fight against the nexu. Jim switches to playing Padme to reenact the nexu fight in flashback. Annie adds as another example Padme's survival from dehydration and exposure on Geonosis. The GM adds that this is also how Vader was able to survive the system shock from being decapitated while in a psychic link with Luke. Jim switches back to playing Han and declares he knew he should've killed Padme! In the dining room! With the blaster! (Presumably he means when he was playing Qui-Gon and Padme didn't have the snippet yet.) Corey asks what happened to Anakin. Annie replies that he was horribly mutilated and burnt on the lava field, so he died, obviously. To save Padme. Sally switches back to playing C-3PO and asks, how? Annie relates how Anakin didn't die immediately, that he suffered for days on the lava field where Obi-Wan abandoned him. In flashback, Annie switches back to Anakin, lying on the lava field, calling out to Padme. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and relates how as Padme she experienced her own funeral and tried to speak up. In flashback, Jim switches back to Padme, calling Sio Bibble a traitorous wretch, and accusing him of selling out to the Feds just to save his own sorry butt. Bibble started to defend himself from the accusation than stopped, and apologized, saying he thought he heard someone say something. Jim switches back to Han and laments that this is another best death ever spoiled by not being dead!

Annie relates how the next thing she knew, she was encased in the full black body armor and helmet, with Palpatine saying, "Padmé... Rise..." Annie asked, "What... What have you done to me?" Palpatine replied, " I need a strong figurehead to control the military; you shall have the power you crave. Do not deny it; I have sensed it building in you. Anakin was a hero of the Republic; but sadly he was too far gone." Annie asked, "He's d-d-... dead?" Palpatine replied, " I transfused his midi-chlorians into you; they will grant you Force powers. The midi-chlorians have supported your shattered body; they will help you grow strong again. But the military chain of command is very... traditional; they won't accept a female leader." Annie asked, "They will assume... I am Anakin?" Palpatine answered, "Yes. You must maintain the illusion that you are now effectively a retired Jedi; you should adopt the "Darth" honorific." Annie replied, " I shall be known as... Darth Vader." Palpatine said, "I regret to say, your life support systems contain... measures to ensure your loyalty." Annie asked, "What do you mean?" Palpatine answered, "You are too dangerous, too... reckless. You must learn control. Until you do, I shall be your master. Now, get me some tea." Annie replied, "Sigh, very well." Palpatine added, "One sugar." Annie answered, "Yes, yes." Palpatine added, "No milk. A slice of space pear." Annie yelled, "Noooooo!!!"

Jim admits he doesn't remember all that. Annie breaks character to explain that she's just filling in the parts they didn't want the others to overhear in the kitchen. Corey asks if she and Jim cooked this up. The GM points out he was there too. Pete asked why they switched characters. Annie explains they wanted the twist to be a complete surprise. Besides, Annie hates it when a lead female character dies just as she gets interesting, and Anakin's story was done anyways. Jim adds that he wanted to play a good guy. Sally switches back to playing C-3PO and incredulously asks if Han's a good guy. Jim clarifies that Kyle Katarn, Bria Tharen, Bail Organa, and Captain Antilles were good guys. "Then I got sick of playing goody-goody chumps and dying, so..." Ben switches back to playing Chewbacca and points out there is a middle ground.

Corey points out all this means that Annie didn't kill his mother and he didn't kill her son, so now what. Annie tells him to join her and he and her daughter can rule the Galaxy as a dynasty. Corey replies that he was thinking of asking her to join the Rebellion. Annie says she isn't asking, she's telling. Corey chooses to leap off the catwalk, yelling, "You're not the boss of me! Mum!"

As Corey falls, Nute Gunray contacts him from the PA System, offering Corey to join him and help the Trade Federation take over the Galaxy. The GM warns Corey he's nearing the bottom of the- Corey finishes, "bottomless pit." Corey tries to use his Force powers and rolls a 16. The GM tells him he slows and guides his fall into a side vent and slides to a stop in a series of tubes. Gunray continues his spiel. Corey tells Gunray he'll think about it. Gunray opens a trapdoor under Corey and tells him to take all the time he'd "rike".

Gunray continues his spiel as Corey slides down some more tubes, saying Light and Dark are irrelevant to pure profit, and not-so-subtly implies if Corey doesn't join him, Corey will die. Corey turns down Gunray. Gunray opens another trapdoor under Corey, causing him to fall through the bottom of Cloud City. Corey reaches out to grab at some metal protrusions at the bottom and rolls a 9. With Acrobatics and Climbing he's able just barely hold on to an alcohol condenser. The GM tells him he needs to make a Saving throw versus Poison. Corey rolls a 3, and the GM tells him he's smashed. Corey tries to climb back up the hatch he fell through, but with a -8 Inebriation penalty, the hatch closes before he can reach it. Running out of options, Corey remembers he has psychic connection, but realizes he only knows how to contact Vader. Then he decides he could also try contacting his sister. Corey psychically reaches out to Princess. Annie switches back to Princess on the Falcon, who can hear Corey but is still thoroughly drunk. Corey tells her to come pick him up.

Annie drunkenly tells the others they should turn the Falcon around. Ben points out to her they're trying to avoid a chase from Imperial ships and can't believe she wants them to turn around. Annie objects, "But Luke's a party animal!" Lando recognizes the name and realizes she must mean Luke Starkiller, the number 1 bounty on the Imperial list. He sarcastically comments that it was getting lonely associating only with the Number 2 and Number 3 Most Wanted in the Galaxy. Sally says she has great news: she hasn't been downloading the latest list and Lando is not now Number 4. Annie tells Ben they totally need Corey 'cause, "he can do Force party tricks and stuff!" Ben points out there's potentially even more important reasons for going back for Corey. Annie agrees, they can totally fill a couple of kegs while they're there!

Annie switches back to Darth Vader as Nute Gunray declares she is now his prisoner. She tells him his electronic trickery is insignificant compared to the power of the Force. Annie and her Clone Troopers attempt to leave Cloud City on her personal shuttle. As the ship takes off, Annie's Pilot tells her the shuttle is turning by itself. Annie tells him to turn off the computer, she'll guide the shuttle with the Force.

The Falcon reaches Corey still hanging onto the condenser. Ben tells Lando to go extricate Corey from the dorsal hatch while Ben flies directly under him. This is done, and Lando is able to grab Corey and take him onboard the Falcon. Corey drunkenly complains about the "watershlides" that had no water. Lando admits he has no idea why they installed that thing. Annie switches back to Princess and drunkenly greets Corey. Lando leaves Corey to go see what Ben is doing with "my" ship as Lando calls it. Annie rests Corey on a bed. Corey says there's something he really needs to tell her. But before he can, Annie gives him a big, sloppy kiss. Corey yells, "Bleagh! Wait! No! Too late! Nooooooo!!!!" Annie asks what she did. Corey tells her she kissed her own brother. Annie replies, "No way! When?"

Annie switches back to Darth Vader and reaches the Executor ship. She tells Admiral Piett to escort the Falcon to the executor. Piett informs her that the pilots are reporting difficulties, talking about that damned Moon Ghost again. Annie tells him that's no Moon Ghost, it's Old Man Gunray. Piett notes those "meddling kids" in the Falcon are getting away.

Annie switches back to Princess and makes her way back to the cockpit and rejoins Ben and Lando. Some PIE fighters are gaining on them, but Annie assures the others "dad" won't shoot at them. Then the PIE fighters start shooting at them. Nute Gunray comes on the intercom and reveals he's taken over the PIE fighters, calling them, "the fleshest addition to the Trade Federation freet." Meanwhile, Pete has successfully reassembled all of Sally's body except the bottom half of her left leg, including putting her head back on properly. She thanks Pete and explains while he might not have realized it, but when her head was on backwards, she kept saying the opposite of what she meant. Annie drunkenly says she had noooo idea. Ben apologizes and explains he put her head on backwards to conceal his and Han's treachery from Annie, to no avail. Annie laughs and calls Ben "total traitor pants." Lando asks her if she's going to let Ben get away with that. She slurs nooo, they have to decide between the space lions, or the space rack, or the plasteel maiden. Lando assumes she means after a fair trial. Annie asks who'd volunteer to try those?

Annie switches back to Darth Vader and psychically contacts Corey. She tells him she sensed a disturbance in the Force, that he made contact with his sister. He insists that wasn't his fault, she kissed him! Annie tells him the ships firing on the Falcon are under Gunray's control, and will destroy him unless he returns to her. Annie switches back to playing Princess and drunkenly asks Corey who he's talking to. Corey replies, "Multiple choice: (A) Your mother. (B) My mother. (C) Darth Vader. (D) All of the above."

Pete uses his PDA beeps and Sally to translate a long-winded boast on how it'll be up to him to save the day, and that he has secretly hid in his body cavity the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria! Annie asks him if he could've used it at any time. He replies, no, only when it would've been maximally- The GM interrupts Pete to hand him a not. Pete finishes his sentence with, "awesome." Pete says he's ready to rock this ship and roll. Ben tells him to plug into the Falcon and they can get the hyperdrive started in a jiffy. Pete declares he's wired his shock probe to the Orb and that it now has 1048576d4 damage. He says it's time to play. Suddenly Ben yells that's not R2, but Nute Gunray, and that he'll kill them all. The GM plays Gunray as possessing R2 again, and gloats over having found the "Rost" Orb again. Ben leaves the cockpit and enters the room Sally and the Gunray-possessed R2 are at. Ben asks Gunray why his PIE fighters are still firing on them since Gunray is onboard. Gunray/R2 declares he is many, that he's in competition with himself, that the victor must obviously be the strongest, and that's how he'll prevail. Pete regains control of R2 to indignantly point out that that was his idea. The GM agrees and says it was a fine idea too. For a villain.

Ben climbs into the repair pit and asks Gunray what he plans to do to them. The GM resumes playing Gunray possessing R2 and declares he'll "electrifly" the entire ship and use his shock "plobe" to "electrifly" them all "individuarry". Ben taunts Gunray/R2, telling him he won't be able to get down the pit to shock Ben. Gunray/R2 declares he'll reverse the ship's "glavity". Ben tells him he can't while they still control the ship. Gunray/R2 declares he'll "prug" into the auxiliary controls. Ben admits that could be a problem.

Annie switches back to Darth Vader while Admiral Piett asks if he should fire on the compromised fighters. Annie tells him that if he hits the Falcon, the next missile to be launched will be Piett. Piett says he doesn't know what so-called plan Annie has in that helmet of hers but the Force clearly isn't doing much good now. He orders Lieutenant Venka to ready the tractor beams. He says that not even the Falcon's hyperdrive can help them now. Annie tells him his competence and impertinence continue to maintain an unsteady equilibrium. Piett says, "Thank you, Lord Facemask." Annie tells him to carry on.

Onboard the Falcon, Gunray/R2 declares that they may have thought that Anakin killed him, but in reality his powers "brossomed", freed from the unitary existence of corporeality. Annie switches back to Princess and tries to persuade Gunray to join with the Rebellion against their common enemy, the Empire. Gunray/R2 says she doesn't understand competition, and that soon his overarching ambition will win out. Gunray/R2 plugs into the auxiliary controls. Suddenly he panics, saying he can feel his mind going. He starts singing, "Daisy" then fades out. R2 sparkles. Pete regains control of R2 and says, "Coooool."

The Falcon now instantly goes into hyperspace. Ben explains that Nute is no more. He elaborates that something had been wrong with the Falcon's computer ever since Thila, Ben realized it was some sort of virus so he began writing countermeasures, spending two years making it increasingly aggressive since the virus was so insidious, that it eventually cleaned the ship and Ben left it active in case of reinfection. When Nute revealed himself, Ben knew what to do. Lando asks if that's why Ben insisted on taking the Falcon. Ben affirms this, saying all other ships were vulnerable. He just had to trick Nute into plugging into the ship and the antivirus wiped him clean.

Pete exults at being himself again and thanks Ben. He asks Ben how he knew Nute was still lurking. Ben answers that Pete's beeps weren't matching what he was saying. Pete's amazed that Ben deciphered his beep language. Ben admits it was hard work, but worth the effort. Ever since Pete had clarified that "boop" means "no", Ben had been taking detailed notes. When Pete said, "rock the ship and roll," his PDA beeps used "boobleep" which means "lock" and "eeroo-biddle" which means "happy-speak", which Ben took to mean, "LOL". Sally asks why Ben would expect anyone to have gone to so much trouble to make a consistent language out of beeps. Ben points out, it's Pete! Corey asks if the beeps were Gunray's, and Sally was translating them, why shouldn't Pete have said what Gunray meant without the L/R swapping? Sally answers because it was so cool, and Pete agrees. Corey asks when Nute began infecting Pete. The GM reveals it was when Pete downloaded the Peace Moon. The GM gave Pete a note letting him know what Nute would and wouldn't let him do. Pete reveals he'd been trying to give subtle clues that something was wrong with him, like when he tried to abandon the others on Hoth. He felt that was so out of character, the others should have noticed. He could also swap the Rs and Ls in his speech, to let everyone know something was wrong within the parameters of the system. The GM explains Pete had to be subtle about it, that for every R/L inversion the others didn't notice, Pete was awarded bonus XP. The GM rhetorically asks what the best part of all this was? Pete asks if it was how awesomely he did it? The GM answers Pete was roleplaying.

Annie switches back to Darth Vader as she watches the Falcon escape into hyperspace. She points out the Falcon escaped the tractor beam. Piett says that to do that, the Falcon would have to have a power source bigger than the entire Star Destroyer they're on. Annie says they have the Lost Orb of Phanasticoria. Piett recalls it was Annie who lost it. She replies, not anymore.

The Falcon reaches the Rebel fleet at the rendezvous point. The Rebel Ship radios them asking them where they'd been, the they'd been waiting for months and were almost out of hummus. Annie switches back to Princess and apologizes, saying they got a bit caught up. Sally, Pete, Annie, and Corey board the main Rebel ship and request a new hand be made for Corey.

Onboard the Falcon, Lando asks Ben if he's ready to face justice. Ben claims he's innocent of any wrongdoing. Lando points out he admitted his guilt to Princess. Ben claims he was only making a rhetorical point comparing himself to her. Lando says the facts should come out at his trial. Ben points out that there's no one here to verify his story, and he hopes he'll be allowed to gather all appropriate evidence. Lando decides they'll go rescue Han. Ben eagerly agrees.

2-1B provides Corey with a new cybernetic hand.

Annie asks Corey if he's ever considered acting, since he's quite good at it. Corey says no, he's enrolling in computer science next year, and is going to be a game designer. Pete tells Annie she makes good videos with her blog, so she must be getting tons of hits. Annie says, "I wish." Corey offers to advertise her blog. Sally says it could help with her acting career. Annie says sure, she's got nothing to lose, and tells Corey to e-mail her once she's back in LA. The GM offers to drive Annie and Jim to the airport on Thursday. He says they should wrap up since it's getting late. The GM says he can't believe that they powered through this whole adventure in just three weeks, and that they're all still alive. Ben points out that Jim currently has somewhat limited mobility. Jim replies, "But check out my armor class!" Pete wraps it up by saying, "So let me recap. Nute Gunray is a nigh-unstoppable sentient computer virus, bent on Galactic domination and unbounded economic growth. Meanwhile, we're fighting against the mother of two of our heroes, who has become the very embodiment of evil, commands the total firepower of the entire Galactic Empire, and has a magical talisman that prevents her from being killed by any means whatsoever." The GM says, "Pretty much." Pete declares, "This campaign is awesome!"

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