Snow Troopers are NPCs, Imperial Troopers trained and armored to fight in the snowy wasteland of Hoth.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

Vader and some Snow Troopers made their way into what was left of the Rebel base. Vader ordered a Snow Trooper to bring Princess to Vader unharmed and that Vader was doubling the reward for Luke's capture, dead or alive. Vader also ordered that Field Marshall Veers should be informed of his promotion. The Snow Trooper informed Vader that Veers seemed to have died. Vader was surprised, since that was a lot faster than usual.

Vader used the PA System to order the Rebels to lay down their arms, and thanked Vader's daughter for guiding Vader here, and that Vader would rescue her soon. Han was confused to hear this. Princess told him that Vader was just trying to confuse them and sow discord. Han, 3PO, and Princess made it to the Falcon where they met Chewbacca, who assured Princess that they knew she was not the traitor. Vader told Vader's daughter over the PA that while some may regard her as a traitor, Vader knew she was loyal to Vader. Princess called that a dirty lie. 3PO rhetorically asked R2 if there was a space for herself on the X-wing. Han, Chewbacca, 3PO, and Princess made it into the Falcon. Princess contacted Luke and told him to meet them at rendezvous point Upsilon. Luke told her not to say that on an open channel. Princess told him it was a codename and to get his act together. Vader told them on the open channel that they forgot to say when. Han tried to turn on the Falcon's cockpit. The cockpit lights went out. Han thumped the bulkhead. The lights came right back on. The Snow Troopers had reached the Falcon outside. Vader told Vader's daughter over the open channel to delay them just a little longer. Princess insisted to the others on the Falcon that she was not the traitor. The Snow Troopers were setting up a heavy gun at the Falcon. Han shot them with the Falcon's guns. Chewbacca started up the engines, and the Falcon took off, successfully leaving the Rebel base. Vader informed the remaining Snow Troopers that Vader would lead the pursuit while all ground personnel would remain at their new base. A Snow Trooper thanks Vader and asked Vader what they'd call it. Vader replied, "Orbital Bombardment Practice Range Omega."

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