Senators were NPCs, members of the Republic Senate on Coruscant. They gasped aloud when they heard about the Trade Federation/Separatist plot to overthrow the Republic and later about the Jedi's attempt to arrest and/or kill Palpatine.

Silence of the Clones Edit

On Coruscant, in the Senate chamber, Mace Windu asked Yoda if they were in time for Jar Jar's big speech. Yoda admitted that they Were. Jar Jar addressed the Senate. He revealed that the Separatists had made a big droid army. With this meaning war, Jar Jar proposed that they give emergancy powers to Palpatine, much to Palpatine's surprise. The Senate heartily approved. With full Senate approval, Jar Jar now revealed they had a clone army that Palpatine could use.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

Chancellor Palpatine addressed the Senate, with Padme among those in attendance. Palpatine related in flashback how Mace Windu and the Jedi he was with tried to arrest Palpatine, and how Palpatine was forced to resist with his laser sword.

Palpatine related how he killed the Jedi with Windu, but Windu gained the upper hand on him, when Anakin came to the rescue. Palpatine declared to the Senate that the Trade Federation organized a deep conspiracy within the Jedi Council to take over the Galaxy, and the Rebellion was just a smokescreen. (Senator Jar Jar Binks responded to this by saying, "Oh, muy-muy...") Palpatine revealed that he contacted Nute Gunray, demanding his surrender, but Gunray was smugly defiant, revealing how he was using Naboo to create his own Peace Moon. Palpatine pledged to the Senate that they would defeat the Trade Federation and retake Naboo, restoring peace to the Galaxy. Padme heartily approved.

A New Generation Edit

If any of the Senators who approved Jar Jar's proposal and listened to Palpatines's speech on the evil of the Jedi were still alive and active in the Senate 19 years later, they would've been corrupted with power when they boarded the completed Peace Moon. They would've ordered the destruction of Naboo. They would've been killed along with everyone else on the Peace Moon when Luke destroyed it.

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