Secret Orders
Secret Orders Droidikar
Mana Cost 2B
Type Enchantment - Aura

Secret Orders is based on a panel in Episode 587: Survival of the Fittest and is one of two Cards with a special role for the Droidikar pages.
Unlike other cards, you unlock it automatically with your first card. Furthermore it is not placed in alphabetical order but at the very end of the list.
On the page of Secret Orders all achievements that have been unlocked up to that point can be found.


Enchant creature

You can use activated abilities of enchanted creature.

Other players can't use activated abilities of enchanted creature.


  • The ability of Secret Orders and its illustration allude to the fact, that Mace Windu was, unbeknownst to himself, a sleeper agent for the Trade Federation.
  • The other card with a special function is The Lost Orb of Phanastacoria

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