Sand Person was an NPC, a member of a tribe of Sand People living on Tatooine who had kidnapped Shmi. To date, he's the only Sand Person who has had any dialogue.

Silence of the Clones Edit

On Tatooine, Anakin located a camp of Sand People. He used Force Senstivity and was able to detect Shmi in one of the tents. Anakin sneaked into the tent and met his mother. Anakin was there to rescue Shmi, but Shmi insisted that the Sand People were going to offer her up to Cliegg for ransom, and that there was no need to resort to violence. Anakin demanded to know from Shmi why she had lied to him about there still being a bounty on him. Shmi admitted that she never wanted Anakin to come back, especially when she found out what Anakin had done to Cliegg. It turned out Anakin had blackmailed Cliegg into buying and freeing Shmi, and that when Cliegg had initially refused, Anakin had ordered Cliegg's leg chopped off. Anakin told Shmi that he loved her, and demanded that Shmi love him back. Instead, Shmi gasped, choked, and died. Anakin went into a blind rage, slaughtering all the Sand People, including one Sand Person who cried out in pain saying, "Ow! My splanch!" as he died.

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