Revelation of the Sith is the third campaign of Darths and Droids. It lasts from episode 413 to episode 656, for a total of 244 episodes

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It's been two years since the end of the previous campaign. In that time, Jim and Annie have been dating, but their relationship has recently hit a rough patch, so rough that they're currently not speaking to each other, and Jim won't even be at this session because Annie's here. Also in that time, Annie GMed a campaign with the others that didn't go over very well, and is in fact one of the reasons she and Jim aren't speaking. Sally is also not present for this session, being at a friend's slumber party. That leaves only 3 players in this starting session with The GM. All three of them are playing the same characters they did at the end of the last campaign: Ben is Obi-Wan, Pete is R2-D2, and Annie is Anakin.

At the start of the campaign, Separatist forces, apparently led by General Grievous, have raided the planet Coruscant and captured Chancellor Palpatine. The Seperatist forces are orbiting the planet, getting ready to leave with their captive, when Ben and Annie lead a small rescue force to attack them. Ben and Annie are each piloting their own fighter ship, Pete is co-piloting Annie's ship as her astromech droid (which every Republic fighter ship has). Since the GM had planned the upcoming battle for five PCs, they are accompanied by two other fighter ships, and since Jim and Sally aren't present, these ships are both piloted by Clone Troopers.

Annie uses the Force to detect Palpatine and is able to locate which dreadnought ship he's on. The 4 Republic fighter ships head towards that ship, fighting thousands of Separatist ships. Pete orders the clones to flank the fighters piloted by the players, but since there are only 2 clones, they both quickly get dispatched by the enemy.

An enemy ship launches 4 smart Missiles at the players. These missiles are so smart they can not only continue to pursue their intended targets after the players initially dodge them, but they can even talk. Ben tries to use Force Suggestion on the missiles, but the Force has no effect on them. He then tries to persuade them to go after an enemy dreadnought, but the missiles refuse. Annie tries to talk them out of hitting the players by pointing out that it will end the missiles' own existence, but the missiles believe in the motto: "Live fast and die young." The missiles like the players enough that one of them offers the players the chance to decide which part of their ship the missile will hit. Annie asks the missile to target her left engine, and it agrees. She then asks another missile to target her right engine, and it agrees. She then goes into a tight spin. The missiles targeting her engines are each so focused on the engine they agreed to target, that they spiral into each other, destroying each other while leaving Annie and Pete's ship unharmed. The two remaining smart missiles claim they won't make that mistake as they target Ben's ship. Ben finds some space flotsam from the battle and flies through it. The missiles hit the flosam and explode.

Ben's ship is unscathed, but is now beset by several Buzz Droids who start washing his ship's windows against his wishes. One of the droids demands money, and when he refuses to give it any, the droids destroy his astromech droid. Annie (who hates real life window washers) fires at all the buzz droids on one of Ben's wings. She destroys the droids, but also the wing. She flies her ship against Ben's other wing to take out the droids on that wing. She then rams her ship into Ben's canopy to crush the remaining droids. One droid survives and hops onto Annie's ship. Pete zaps it with his shock probe.

The players fly their ships into the hangar of the dreadnought holding Palpatine, and leave their ships. They're attacked by combat droids, but Ben and Annie make short work of them with their laser swords. The GM tells them the dreadnought trembles from incoming fire. Ben wonders how this is possible since they're all inside. The GM reveals that the Separatist ships have been fighting each other since the start of the session. Ben realizes they're missing some important information.

Annie tries to locate Palpatine with the Force, but her dice roll isn't high enough. Pete is able to display a reading of the dreadnought that shows only one other area with people in it. Ben and Annie decide to go to that area while leaving Pete behind to look after the ships. Ben and Annie reach a nearby lift when they're attacked by droidekas. One Droideka identifies them as Jedi and orders the others to fire hull piercing rounds and to turn on their laser sword dampers. The lift doors open behind Ben and Annie and they quickly back into the lift, with the doors shutting out the droidekas.

Ben and Annie discover the lift they're on is full of Droids. After a short, awkward conversation where the droids reveal that other lifts have been damaged in the battle, Annie destroys them all with her laser sword.

At the hangar, two combat droids of a type the GM tells Pete his character has never seen before, have entered. Pete hides. Meanwhile, the lift Ben and Annie are on stops, and the GM reveals it's because the lift can only be operated by droids. Annie cuts a hole through the lift ceiling with her laser sword. Ben contacts Pete and asks him to take control of the lift. Pete attempts to hack into the lift systems wireslessly, but fails due to low dice rolls. Annie gets impatient and jumps through the hole she made. Pete finds a terminal and is finally able to get a good dice roll that allows him to hack into the lift's systems. He sends the lift down before Ben can tell him he wants the lift to go up. Annie grabs and holds onto a ledge. The GM points out that since Annie lost one of her hands in her laser sword duel with Count Dooku, she asked to have an artificial hand that was weaker than a normal hand. Annie points out that this was in exchange for giving her new hand greater dexterity, and the GM agrees that would allow her to hold onto the ledge (Pete congratulates her on her min-maxing). While she hangs on, the shaft doors directly above her open and some droids peer in, wanting to know what's happened to the lift.

Pete reverses direction for the lift, but is found by the two strange combat droids and grabbed by them. Annie tricks the droids in the shaft doorway above her to peer further down the shaft, and she leaps onto the ascending lift as it crushes the droids. She makes it back into the lift.

Pete squirts oil at the two combat droids who've grabbed him, and sets fire to them with his rocket thrusters. This surprises the GM, since Pete didn't have these thrusters when he started. Pete admits he added them in the session Pete GMed when the normal GM was absent,, but Pete claims that's alright since he also added Flaws to compensate: Lactose Intolerance, Allergy to Bees, and Tastes Good To Dragons. The GM sarcastically replies that Pete can keep all these (implying he really can't).

The lift Ben and Annie are on finally reaches its destination, and they find a room where Palpatine is tied to a chair. He reveals to them that he agreed to meet Count Dooku in secret, but when Dooku saw he was alone, he kidnapped him. Ben begins to ponder why the Separatists seem to be fighting each other, when they are confronted by Dooku.

The GM decides it's running late and calls an end to the session. Pete volunteers to talk to Jim about coming to the next one, which Annie desperately begs him not to. Since she's gving Ben a lift home, she asks if he could share in the petrol cost. Ben is able to deduce from this that Annie lost her job as a waitress.

At the next session, Jim and Sally are still not present. Ben states that he thinks Sally has left roleplaying for good, since she just started ice skating lessons. The GM is upset by this, because he'd been planning for Yoda to come in and save the day at the end of this session. While Pete is also upset that Sally's not there, he's delighted at the thought that Sally's derailed the GM's plans just by not showing up. Pete claims he talked to Jim, but that Jim claimed he had to work on his thesis. Annie reveals she hasn't heard anything from Jim in the past two weeks.

The session begins right where they left off, with Ben and Annie having found Chancellor Palpatine tied to a chair while being confronted by Count Dooku onboard a dreadnaught. Pete is still by the terminal at the hangar. Ben comments that Dooku must be working with the General Grievous mentioned in the GM's introduction, but Dooku only expresses surprise that Grievous is supposedly here and that the dreadnaught is Dooku's ship. Dooku explains that he broke off from the Separatists after the Battle of Geonosis, and that he got Nute Gunray to give him back the Peace Moon plans, which Dooku intended to show to the Senate, but the Senate refused to see him, which is when he then kidnapped Palpatine.

Pete asks why the introduction claimed it was Grievous who kidnapped Palpatine when it was actually Dooku. The GM explains that the introduction is what the people of Coruscant thought was happening. Ben and Annie are able to figure out that it was Dooku who led the ships that raided Coruscant and kidnapped Palpatine, but that Grievous had been sent by Gunray to go after Dooku, and that Grievous and his ships arrived just as Dooku's ships were about to leave. So the people of Coruscant thought they were seeing one giant fleet of Separatists led by Grievous, when it was actually two rival factions fighting it out with each other.

Annie accuses Dooku of being a Sith lord, and rushes forward to attack. She and Ben duel with Dooku with their laser swords. Dooku breaks off the fight and tells them they can find proof of Palpatine's treachery by looking at the Peace Moon plans, which will show that Palpatine's plans will make the Peace Moon into a massive doomsday weapon. Ben orders Pete to hack into the ship's computers and see if he can find the plans. The GM hands Pete a note. After reading the note, Pete claims the plans just show an artificial moon made of rock, much to Dooku's surprise.

Ben and Annie resume their fight with Dooku. Dooku uses Force Push to ram Ben into the only known railing in the Darths&Droids universe, causing Ben to fall over and land on the lower deck two meters below. Dooku then uses the Force to causes the higher platfom to land on top of Ben. The combined injuries of Ben hitting the railing, landing on the lower deck, and having the platfrom land on top of him, causes Ben to lapse into uncounciousness.

Annie continues to duel Dooku. She uses the dexterity of her artificial hand to slice off both of Dooku's hands. She now has Dooku at her mercy, holding both her own laser sword and Dooku's laser sword up to to Dooku's neck. Dooku claims he has just realized that Gunray must have switched the Peace Moon plans, which is why Pete only saw an artificial moon made of rock. Annie whispers to Dooku to trust her, and tells him to say aloud that he is a Sith Lord and that there is another. Dooku does as she asks, and she uses this as an excuse to kill him. Dooku has time to gasp out, "Non! Wait! Anakin, Ah am your f-" before Annie decapitates him with both laser swords.

Pete's worried that Annie's getting a bit too carried away in her roleplaying, but she assures him she's okay, she's just acting out what her character would do, and that she's continuing to work with the GM on Anakin's character development.

Annie frees Palpatine, but tells him he needs to inquire about the Jedi Council, that a Sith lord working with Dooku has clearly infiltrated the Council and used it to fund the clone army from Kamino and to plot the downfall of the Republic.

Pete points out the ship's taking an awful lot of damage. Annie suggests she and Palpatine leave. Annie wants to leave Ben to die, but Palpatine won't hear of it. He tells Annie to carry Ben, and that he, Palpatine won't leave without Ben. Annie does as he says.

Annie orders Pete to hack into the gravity generators and to gently tilt the gravity 90 degrees, so that she and Palpatine with Ben can walk along the lift shaft. Pete tries to use his rocket thrusters to stay near the terminal, but at a loaded question from the GM, Pete conceedes he doesn't have rocket thrusters, and slides helplessly down the floor that's tilted 90 degrees. Annie and Palpatine, with Annie carrying Ben, are making their way along the shaft, but without Pete at the terminal, the gravity soon rights itself to normal, causing them to fall. Annie manages to grab onto a ledge while still carrying Ben, while Palpatine grabs onto her foot. The GM tells Ben to make a Recovery roll to regain counciousness. Ben makes a good roll and wakes up. Annie uses a grapling hook to swing all three of them through an open shaf doorway, landing safely, albeit a bit bruised, on the floor.

Pete has landed in a pile of rubble. He uses his persicope to see above the rubble and asks if there are any threats. The GM replies, "None...that you can see." This is the kind of talk that makes a player like Pete all the more frightened and paranoid, and he bolts from the rubble and zooms out of the hangar.

Ben, Annie, and Palpatine are trying to make their way to the hangar when they get caught in a force field trap. Pete runs into them, almost literally, as in his panic he runs straight into a wall. Some combat droids arrive and take all three players and Palpatine prisoner.

The droids take the prisoners to their droid leader, General Grievous. When Ben refers to Grievous' "droids", Grievous corrects him. Inside each of these casings is an organic brain, that the "droids" are actually Cyborgs. "Cyborgs. Under. My. COMMAND. Upon hearing this familiar phrasing, Ben realizes that Grievous is the former Chancellor Valorum. Grievous claims that old name no longer has any meaning to him. Valorum/General Grievous claims he has ways to improve Pete's robotic body. At first, Pete likes the idea until Grievous explains that his idea of improvement is a brain transplant. Grievous intends to give Pete's robotic body Ben's cerbral cortex and Annie's amygdala. Pete panics, and tries to zap at Grievous with his ineffective shock probes. This provides Ben and Annie with the distraction they need to use Force Pull to retrieve their laser swords and destroy all of Grievous' Combat Cyborgs and Magnaguards present. Cornered, Grievous begins a long, rambling, seemingly nonsensical monologue that ends with, "Air is for suckers." He then smashes a bridge window, and escapes out of it.

Pete is able to hack into the control systems and turn on the emergancy shutters, saving everyone from being sucked out into space. Grievous' remaining minions evacuate the ship. Ben thinks they should leave too, but Pete nixes that idea by jettisoning the remaining escape pods. Pete takes control of the ship, ecstatic at having a dreadnaught of his own to command. But as the dreadnaught enters Coruscant's atmosphere, it snaps in half and the half the players and Palpatine are on plummets out of control to the earth below.

Pete wishes Jim were here, pointing out that it's situations like this, where everything is hopelessly screwed, that Jim's crazy, idiotic plans have a tendancy to actually work. He urges everyone to think like Jim. After several ideas are proposed, that Pete rejects as "not crazy enough!" Annie comes up with an idea that even Pete thinks is too crazy: she'll fire all their missiles downwards at point blank range, which will cause the explosion to cushion their landing. She tries it and it works, but now their dreadnaught half is speeding down a runway and the GM tells them it won't be able to stop before going off the runway. Annie uses Force Push to cause the dreadnaught half to crash into a watchtower, bringing it to a stop.

At that moment, Pete gets a call from his office, and has to leave. The GM calls an end to the session.

As the next session starts, Sally is back, declaring that skating's "stupid" and that she really wants to be a fashion designer. Ben and Annie clarify to each other that there's no hard feelings about Anakin trying to leave Obi-Wan to die, that it's all just roleplaying as part of the game. Jim is still not there, and Pete claims it's because of his thesis. The 3 players that were there for the first 2 sessions fill Sally in on what's happened so far (Pete emphasizes that he now owns a dreadnought).

At the landing, Ben, Pete, Annie, and Chancellor Palpatine are greeted by a small crowd that includes Mace Windu and Sally as C-3PO. Mace Windu berates the players, revealing that their crash landing killed several people. Annie claims that they actually managed to save lives, and that thousands might've died if they hadn't landed the dreadnought like they did. Palpatine adds that they did manage to rescue him, and Mace Windu is willing to drop the matter. Bail Organa informs the players that the Trade Federation are about to invade Naboo again, but the players are distracted by the fact that none of them have any idea who Bail Organa is supposed to be. The GM is shocked that the players don't remember Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan from the last campaign, because he thought having Organa constantly quote Marlon Brando and James Dean made him edgy and memorable. He's wrong, of course. None of the players remember him. (In fairness to the players, Organa didn't really do much of anything in the last campaign. Certainly nothing that would be worth mentioning in, say, a detailed plot summary of each session.)

Jim unexpectedly shows up late, and talks to Annie. First he apologizes for the fight they had at the resturant the last time they met. He explains that he realizes she was upset with him and the others for killing all those monsters in the campaign she GMed, even though they deserved to die. He says he realizes that she only wants to play peaceful, good characters from now on, and that for this campaign, he promises he won't kill anyone in front of her unless he has to. He then apologizes for not calling her since then, explaining he was going to call after two days, but then worried that that might be too long, and as he dithered about it, those two days stretched into three weeks until he was convinced that she was going to break up with him. Annie's still at least a little angry with him, but they reconcile and kiss.

Sally has drawn up and now proudly displays a nightgown for Padme Amidala. The GM guesses that means it's now nighttime. Jim wants to keep talking about what Annie's been up to, but she wants to get back into roleplaying the game. She tells him she rescued Palpatine and uncovered a Sith conspiracy, and asks what he's been doing. Jim starts to say he's been working on his thesis, then corrects himself, and trying to stay in-character, fumbles around saying he's been working on this thing that he's worried about and feeling a bit sick. Annie asks, "You're not...? Are you...?" Jim confusedly says no, then yes. Annie comes to the conclusion that Jim's having a baby. The other players quickly react and accept the news that Jim's having a baby, so Jim just rolls with it (figuratively, not literally). He asks what's been gong on in the campaign. Annie mentions the Trade Federation are about to invade Naboo again, and Jim's eager to go stop them, but Annie points out, that since he's now pregnant, he should stay here on Coruscant. Besisdes, she thinks it's much more important to find the Sith lord traitor in the Jedi Council. Annie declares that she and Jim go to bed, but that she is woken by a nightmare of Jim dying in childbirth.

The next morning, Sally switches to playing Yoda as Annie comes to see her. Annie tells her to be suspicious of Ben as the possible Sith lord traitor. She also lies to Sally, telling her that it was Ben who used Force Push to crash into that watchtower, where so many people got killed.

Annie then goes to Ben, who's studying the Peace Moon plans copied by Pete. Ben reminds her of how she caused that crash into the watchtower. Annie tells him that he's misremembering because of the head concussion he was suffering at the time, that she was actually trying to steer the ship away from the watchtower (another lie). She then tells Ben to be suspicious of Yoda.

The GM tells Jim that several Senators are meeting with him in his office to discuss the Federation's invasion of Naboo. Jim asks what he can do about it, now that he's pregnant. They suggest he lead the debate in the Senate. Jim wants to know what's being done about stopping the invasion. He's told that the Senate has tried to send Ben and Annie after the invasion fleet, but Jim interrupts that that's unfair because he wishes he could take on the invasion fleet too. Finally he decides that he and the other Senators should start a rebellion in the Senate about...something.

Annie goes to see Palpatine. He describes to her how he has recently contacted General Grievous and tried to negotiate with him, but with Valorum being Grievous, the converstaion went nowhere. Annie tells him he should give her supreme authority over the Jedi Council. Palpatine tells her that the Council is independant of the Senate, so he can't do that. She tells him that as Chancellor, he can appoint one Jedi to the Council, and he should appoint her. Palpatine tries to claim that no Chancellor has used that authority in hundreds of years. Annie tells him she needs to spy on the Council to find the Sith lord traitor in their midst. Palpatine finally, reluctantly agrees to appoint her to the Council, but refuses to give her any special authority.

Annie reports to the Council as a new member, but is surprised to find that Ben's already a member along with Sally. Ben tells her that he applied for membership since the battle of Geonosis. It turns out that his application had been sitting in Mace Windu's in-tray for who knows how long, and that Ben just gained membership the day before. Annie tells the Council that they should be suspicious of Palpatine, that he appointed her to the Council so that she could spy on them.

Annie talks with Ben in private. She tells him about Palpatine's conversation with Grievous, and tells Ben that Grievous is on the planet Utapau. Ben decides to go there and arrest Grievous. Annie chooses to stay on Coruscant and keep an eye on Palpatine and the Council. The GM calls an end to the session because he now has a whole new planet to map out.

At the start of the next session, The GM proudly declares he's developed the planet Utapau. Sally also proudly declares that she's developed her own planet, Kashyyyk. She reveals that she decided that fashion design is stupid, and she really wants to be a fantasy writer. She gives a detailed description of a complex planet with many varied terrains, that the other players are impressed with. The GM is forced to admit that Utapau is just a planet of sinkholes.

Ben announces to Sally and Mace Windu that he's going to Utapau to track down General Grievous. The GM claims that Grievous' unit is only a part of the Trade Federation army and that a greater force of droids is invading Naboo. Sally declares that an even greater force is attacking her planet, Kashyyyk, and that she's going to go aid the Wookies. Jim and Pete both volunteer their own description of what a Wookie is, and their combined description matches the Wookies of the Star Wars films we all know and love. Sally likes these desriptions. Ben asks Mace Windu if this planet is really that strategically important. Windu calls it an ancient renowned planet but is otherwise completely clueless about it. He tells Sally to go check it out.

Annie tells Jim she's worried about the Senate's attitude to the Jedi Council. Jim tells her not to worry about it because he's forming a protest group within the Senate.

Annie goes to talk to Chancellor Palpatine, who's attending a Gungan ballet charity performance to aid the refugees from the Trade Federation's current invasion of Naboo. Annie tells him that in order to find the Sith traitor in the Jedi Council, she needs access to the Jedi Archives. Palpatine tells her that access to those archives belongs to Mace Windu. Annie points out that Windu's been acting like a total idiot. Palpatine concedes she has a point. Annie tells him that Ben's still suspicious about the Peace Moon, that she told him Grievous was on Utapau so that he'd go there, keeping Ben out of the way for awhile. She also tells Palpatine that Ben's convinced the Jedi Council that Palpatine's hiding something, and asks Palpatine to imagine what the Council might be hiding. Palpatine agrees to give her access to the Jedi Archives.

Sally switches to playing C-3PO as she and Pete attend a meeting Jim's having with his fellow Senators. Jim suggests they overthrow the Senate, but his fellow Senators are all weak-willed and timid except for Bail Organa.

Sally switches back to playing Yoda as she plans her Wookies and Clone Troopers' defense against the invading droid armies attacking Kashyyyk.

Annie stages a meeting with the rest of the Council, telling them that while they've been working to defend the Republic, Palpatine was wasting time last night at that ballet performance, and that when she tried to point out more urgent concerns to him, he was dismissive.

Sally has fortified her forces on Kashyyyk for what she feels is a perfect, impregnable defense. Pete than yells, "Chaaaaaaarge! The GM obliges Pete (even though R2-D2 isn't on Kashyyyyk) by having the Wookies charge. Pete insists this is a brilliant, winning strategy.

Ben and Annie make their goodbyes and Ben boards a transport full of Clone Troopers led by Commander Cody. He records his thoughts, voicing suspicions about all his fellow PCs, and realizes that he's the only one who can do what must be done. The GM expresses the hope that this means he'll be going to Naboo. Ben replies he's the only one with a sensible reason not to go there, and heads for Utapau.

Annie tells Jim that she's had that nightmare again about him dying in childbirth. She tells him that she's had nightmares every night since she met them, and how many of them were things that came true, like the death of Qui-Gon, the bomb that went off on the docking ramp of Jim'ship when he came to Coruscant to vote on a Republic army, and of her own mother dying in her arms. Jim suggests she's been having too much stress and needs to take time off. Annie insists her work is too important. Jim offers to help. Annie tells him he's already helping be forming his protest group within the Senate. Jim admits he was thinking more along the lines of a shoulder rub.

Ben arrives at Utapau and flies down there in a personal shuttle. He's greeted by Tion Medon, who privately tells him that the Trade Federation is already here on Utapau, besieging the planet, but that Medon and his people are determined to fight them off by themselves and don't want any help from outsiders. Medon suggests that Ben has other more important things to attend to in the Galaxy, and leaves. Ben decides to send his shuttle back to his transport on autopilot to make everyone think he's leaving, while he stays on Utapau to spy on the Federation, much to the GM's disgust.

Ben decides he'll need to find some transport to ride. Sally suggests a riding lizard, one with claws that can climb up and down the sinkholes. Ben and the GM go along with this, and Sally names the creature a varactyl. Ben on the varactyl reaches a meeting Grievous is having with Nute Gunray and the other Separatist leaders, and Ben quietly eavesdrops. Gunray reveals that they've been strip mining Geonosis and Naboo, that Gunray has sleeper agents, and plans to use the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria to conquer the Galaxy. Gunray tells Grievous to head to Naboo to oversee the conversion process. Ben decides he'd better arrest Grievous before he leaves, or he'll have to go to Naboo, again much to the GM's disgust.

Ben waits for the others to leave, then confronts Grievous. Grievous is unsurprised to see Ben, and reveals he has 4 arms, each holding a laser sword. They duel, Grievous' four laser swords against Ben's one. Ben manages to slice off one of Grievous' arms.

Jim and a group of Senators confront Palpatine and Annie. Jim tells Palpatine that he and his Senators are going to overthrow the Senate, much to the other Senators' surprise. Palpatine suggests that would be unwise. Sally switches to playing Senator Jar Jar Binks and says she agrees with Palpatine. This upsets Jim, and he starts to complain about how he doesn't know what to do anymore. He goes on to say, "And Anakin's keeping secrets from me! How am I supposed to know what to do if she..." Jim stops and tries to correct himself by saying he meant, "he", but the cat's out of the bag. Jim isn't upset with Anakin but with Annie. Annie asks if he really thinks she keeps secrets from him. Jim retorts that she always keeps secrets from him, and cites the campaign she GMed, where she never told Jim and the other players they were doing the wrong thing. Jim points out the time in that campaign where he and Sally tried to cure Pete, but Annie just said that his mind was affected, which caused him to kill Sally. Pete protests he didn't like that moment either. Sally switches back to playing Yoda to tell Pete that it's okay, she knew Pete wasn't himself. Annie claims Jim and the others ruined the whole premise of her campaign. Jim argues that she never told them what that premise was. The GM sarcastically replies about how rough it must be to have one's campaign completely derailed. Pete, realizing that Annie's really upset, decides to make things worse by asking Jim if he wants to know the real reason she was so upset at that restaurant. This makes Annie so angry she storms out of the game-playing room, slamming the door behind her, before the GM can call an end to the session.

Everyone's present for the next session, even Jim and Annie, but they're not speaking to each other. The GM starts up with where they left off, with Jim and his delegation confronting Annie and Chancellor Palpatine, but Jim declares that they're done talking and that he and his delegation have stormed out of the room. Annie tries to convince Palpatine that either Sally (as Yoda) or Mace Windu is the Sith lord in the Jedi Council, but Palpatine refuses to listen to any more of her paranoia, and orders her out of his office.

Ben resumes his laser sword duel on Utapau against Valorum/General Grievous. He tires to move closer to strike. The GM informs him he'll need to roll 4 dice, 3 to dodge Grievous' remaining 3 arms holding laser swords, and a fourth to strike. Pete offers Ben his 4 "special" dice. Ben rolls them and they all roll high numbers (to Pete's disappointment since this is the first time this set of 4 "special" dice haven't rolled a 1; he was hoping to sabotage Ben) and Ben's able to Dodge the 3 arms and slice off one of them. Sally reports this as if Yoda were a news reporter. She reveals she's no longer interested in being a fantasy writer, and now wants to be a reporter. As Clone Troopers arrive on the scene, Ben uses Force Push on Grievous, sending him flying. Grievous tries to escape in a vehicle and Sally reports that the vehicle is a giant metal fun ball. Ben tries to dodge it by riding his varactyl, and the varactyl jumps down onto the wall of a cliff. Sally reports that Ben drops his laser sword. The GM conceedes that Sally has a point, that the impact of the varactyl landing on the wall could cause Ben to drop the laser sword, and tells Ben to make a dexterity roll. Ben makes a low roll, and so really does drop his laser sword. Sally reports that it lands near a Clone Trooper who picks it up.

At the Jedi Council chamber, Annie and Mace Windu contact Sally on Kashyyyk and Commander Cody on Utapau. Sally reports (literally) that the Wookies won the battle. Cody reports on what Ben has found out, including that Nute Gunray claimed he had sleeper agents in the Republic. Annie tries to hint to Windu that Palpatine could be a Sith lord, but Windu's too dim to get it. Annie leaves the Jedi Council chamber.

Annie creeps up on Palpatine in his Chancellor chamber while the latter is looking at some Peace Moon plans. When Annie reveals her presence, Palpatine hastily shuts down the plans. Annie tells him that those plans Palpatine was looking at just now didn't look like the plans Pete recovered. She realizes that Count Dooku had only stolen a copy of the Peace Moon plans, that Palpatine had backups, and the real reason Palpatine had wanted the players to recover the plans Dooku stole was to keep Dooku from exposing them to the public. Palpatine points out that Pete had said the plans to the Peace Moon had shown it to be harmless. Annie replies that was after Nute Gunray had erased the superweapon shown in the plans (Pete's feeling especially vindicated that Annie realizes he didn't mess up the plans himself). Palpatine tries to deny that there's such a superweapon. Annie calls his bluff, telling him to then go ahead and show the plans he just shut down. Busted, Palpatine admits to the superweapon, capable of destroying an entire planet, but insists it's only meant as a deterrent, never to actually be used. Annie asks why he's kept this weapon a secret, and he says the Senate would never approve of it. Annie points out that she's married to a Senator, and tries to use that fact to blackmail Palpatine into giving her control over the military to hunt down the Sith, but Palpatine refuses. She tries to threaten him with her laser sword, but Palpatine stands by his principles. Annie backs down, admitting she respects the Chancellor's integrity, and leaves. Palpatine comments to himself that it's no wonder the previous Chancellor went nuts.

Ben on his varactyl catches up to Grievous on his unicycle and leaps onto it, knocking the unicycle over, and spilling Grivous and an electro-quarterstaff out of it. Ben grabs the staff, as Grievous draws a blaster and fires at Ben. Ben Force Dodges the fire, and uses the staff to knock the blaster out of Grievous' hand. He attacks Grievous with the staff, but Grievous kicks him, causing Ben to drop the staff. Ben punches Grievous, and while the impact hurts his hand, it knocks Grievous' breastplate loose. Ben tears it open, revealing a heart beating inside. Grievous grabs Ben and tosses him over the edge of a cliff. Ben is only barely able to hang onto the ledge. Grievous declares he will remove Ben's hands because they're "wasted" on him. Ben realizes that Grievous has been grafting other people's body parts on himself. Grievous boasts that he has Dooku's heart, Qui-Gon's tongue, which he hired Zam Wessel to remove from Qui-Gon's corpse, and that he now also has Zam's eyes. Ben uses Force Pull to get the blaster he'd knocked out of Grievous' hand earlier and uses it to shoot Grievous repeatedly. Grievous gasps out one final, rambling monologue, and dies. Ben climbs up from the ledge and decides he'll now go to Naboo, but the GM can take no joy in a player finally doing what he'd wanted the players to do all along, since the GM is now grieving the loss of one of his favorite NPCs. The GM makes his own little funeral pyre of Grievous' character sheet. Pete notes that it's an awful lot of paper the GM's setting fire to. The GM explains that it includes Grievous' plot development notes.

Annie approaches Mace Windu. She asks him if he ever dreams of death. Windu replies that he never remembers his dreams. She tells him how she dreams of Jim dying, and claims that she sess a Sith lord killing him. She hints that the Sith lord is Palpatine, but Windu fails to get the hints and decides that means the entire Jedi Council are Sith lords. Then Sally reports what Annie has been (obviously) hinting at: "Palpatine to kill Padme!" Now Windu finally gets it, and after a long pause, decides to arrest Palpatine. He asks Annie to come along, but after a long pause, she claims that she has to wash her hair. Windu decides that's a perfectly acceptable and legitimate reason not to come, and goes off to confront Palpatine.

Annie starts to look up the Jedi Archives, but Jim calls for a time out to ask if this means that "Puppeteen" is the bad guy. He doesn't want to get this messed up, like he and the other players apparently did with that campaign Annie GMed. Annie gets into a brief argument with the others about that campaign. Finally, Jim asks her why she never tells him anything. So Annie decides to confide her plan to Jim: Palpatine is a good man, but she believes he needs persuasion. She's told Mace Windu that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, and he's just gone to try to arrest him. She's been sowing the seeds of this for a while. In a few minutes she'll show up and convince Palpatine that Windu is a traitor. Palpatine will have him arrested and the Jedi declared outlaws. Then she'll be second only to Palpatine. The power behind the throne. Jim decides that's an awesome plan.

Jim asks how he can help. Annie explains she looking up the Jedi Archives to see if she can figure out who the sleeper agents are that Nute Gunray mentioned. Jim casually asks if she means besides Mace Windu. This confuses Annie, so Jim casually points out how Windu's in charge of the Jedi Treasury which secretly funded the clone army, and is also in charge of the Jedi Archives which got corrupted by dogs. Annie, shocked, realizes that this would explain why Windu's so vague all the time. Pete, just as shocked as Annie, realizes this would also explain why he never remembers his dreams. Annie, stunned to realize that one of the people she's been accusing during this entire campaign might actually be guilty of something, runs off. Sally switches to playing C-3PO to interview Jim for the Droid Daily.

Annie rushes to Palpatine's office, where she finds Mace Windu standing over Palpatine with a laser sword. Both men accuse each other of being a Sith lord, and enlist Annie's help against the other. Annie sides against Windu. Palpatine tries to attack Windu with Force Drain, but only gets himself hideously scarred before he realizes that he's been using it in reverse. Windu points out that it wouldn't work anyway since Force Drain only works on someone who's angry. Annie accuses Windu of being Nute Gunray's sleeper agent. Windu replies that that's not true, that's impossible. Annie tells him to search his feelings, he knows it to be true. Windu cries out a loud, "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Annie slices off his hand with her laser sword. Palpatine figures that should probably make Windu angry, and attacks Windu with Force Drain successfully. As Windu writhes in agony under the Force Drain, he suddenly remembers that he has been brainwashed by Nute Gunray into being his sleeper agent, that Gunray's behind everything, the clone army, the Jedi Archives, Windu's apartment block. Windu asks them to tell the Jedi Council he's sorry for his failure, and then he falls through a window to the streets below. Palpatine begins to worry that he made a terrible mistake. Annie claims this means the entire Jedi Council is in on it. Palpatine points out that Windu just apologized. Annie claims it was for failing to kill Palpatine.

Annie's now able to use the past events of the previous two campaigns to convince Palpatine that the entire Jedi, except herself, have been plotting his overthrow. She tells him they'll need to use the Force to take control of the clone army to defeat the Jedi and the Trade Federation. Palpatine tells her to take a legion of clone troopers to the Jedi Temple and arrest the Jedi there. Annie wants to kill them, but Palpatine insists there might be innocents among the Jedi and that they each need to be tried. Annie concedes on this, but tells him the Jedi out in the field cannot be simply arrested by the clone troopers because the troopers' minds are too malleable. Palpatine reluctantly agrees to order the clones to kill the Jedi out in the field. The GM says it's running late, so they should end the session. A grumpy Sally switches back to playing Yoda to announce her final news report: "Scoop! Gamers finally notice child prodigy packed, ready to go!"

At the start of the next session Sally reveals that she no longer wants to be a reporter, but now wants to be a politician. Ben explains that she's running for Class Captain at her school. The GM announces that Annie is leading a legion of Clone Troopers to the Jedi Temple.

On Utapau, the Clone Troopers there are mopping up the Federation forces. Commander Cody hands Ben back his laser sword while Ben is riding his varactyl. Ben rides his varactyl up a cliff wall to cut off the Federation forces' escape route. At that moment, Chancellor Palpatine contacts Cody. Palpatine hems and haws a bit before telling Cody that the Jedi have become a threat. Cody instantly believes him, and eagerly offers to kill the Jedi. When Palpatine reluctantly admits that's what he wants the clones to do, Cody enthusiastically agrees to do it. He calls up to Ben on the rockface to tell him it's been an honor serving under him, then he blasts the rockface, causing Ben and the varactyly to fall a great distance into a pool of water. Cody's confident that no one could survive that, as Ben quietly climbs out of the pool.

All across the Galaxy, Clone Troopers approach their Jedi, politely offer their apologies, then unhesitatingly slaughter their Jedi. The GM tells Sally that she feels a great disturbance in the Force as the Jedi die. Pete asks how that's possible. The GM explains that Sally is Force Sensitve. Pete's incredulous that this disturbance could be felt across the speed of light. Ben explains that the GM has to get the players back together somehow.

Two Clone Troopers approach Sally to offer their apologies. Sally leaps over them and decapitates both of them with her laser sword. She wants to stay on Kashyyyk to help the Wookies, much to the GM's frustration, but Ben uses reverse psychology, telling her they can save the Republic without her. That's all it takes to get Sally to decide to go back to Coruscant after all.

At the Jedi Temple, a Jedi Youngling asks Annie what they should do. Annie responds by turning on her laser sword. Jim frantically calls a time out, realizing that Annie's about to slaughter a bunch of innocent children, and that can only mean that Annie is evil! Jim argues that PCs can't be evil. Annie insists it's perfectly in character for her PC to do. Jim complains that this is just like the monster campaign Annie GMed only in reverse. Jim rants about how Annie had wanted the vampires in that campaign to be sympathetic, but that vanpires are evil, and they can't be good, and vampires do not sparkle in the daylight! Annie complains that this is the second time he's yelled that. This reminds Jim of the first time he yelled that, and he complains that he still doesn't understand what he did that was so wrong in that restaurant. Annie points out that he got up and yelled in the middle of dinner and (she adds in a soft voice because she didn't want to reveal the following) she worked at that restaurant as a waitress. Jim asks if she really worked there. Annie angrily retorts that she lost her job. Jim is mortified. Pete asks if they'd really fire her over that. Annie angrily replies yes, but then adds she might have been a late a couple of times. She then corrects herself that it was actually most times. And there was the time she "borrowed" cash from the register, and she didn't come in the following night because of an audition...As Annie says aloud all these other reasons, it dawns on her for the first time that every one of these other reasosn were much better and far more serious reasons for getting fired than anything Jim had done. As the reality sinks in, Annie tells Jim she's sorry.

Jim and Annie leave the RPG room to talk in the kitchen. The GM decides that now they should catch up on Sally as Yoda on Kashyyyk. Sally tries to urge the Wookies to change sides and join the Federation droids to fight the clones, but the GM tells her there's no way the Wookies would do that. Sally names one Wookie Chewbacca and insists that he's still her friend and will continue to help her. The GM tells Sally that this would make Chewbacca an outcast among the Wookies. Sally just tells Chewbacca to run away and never look back, as she leaves Kashyyyk on her spaceship.

Ben sneaks aboard a clone trooper ship and takes off, departing from Utapau. He decides the only character of any importance he can still trust is Bail Organa. He contacts Organa, who informs him that clones have been slaughtering the Jedi at the Temple. Ben asks where Organa is now, and learns that Organa is on his ship leaving Coruscant. Ben agrees to meet him there on board.

Jim and Annie have reentered the room and (judging by the screencaps) are hugging and kissing each other. Pete asks if he's okay with Annie playing an evil character. Jim explains that they decided it's only lawful evil, and not chaotic. Pete's thrilled, since now they're all evil, they can do whatever they want. Sally switches to playing C-3PO to insist that she's not evil, and she's all gold and shiny. Jim insists he's not evil either. Ben tries to ask if that wouldn't be a problem, but Jim explains that good people have been married to evil people before, and if they really love each other, they can work it out. "Like Hitler and Eva Gabor." Jim and Annie try to discuss how they should play the way their characters interact from here on. Jim gradually gets the concept that their characters can argue and fight, but it won't affect his real life relationship with Annie. So Jim starts off his character's fight with Anakin by uttering a lot of quaint, old-fashioned insults at Annie. He demands to know why she killed the children. Annie tries to justify it, but when Pete interjects that the children were worth 2500 XP each, that's all it takes for Jim to be okay with it. Annie brings up the Sith, but Jim gets her to admit that she made up the Sith to turn Palpatine against the Jedi and make herself all-powerful. Jim states for the record, that being good, his character could sort of see Annie's point about killing kids or whatever, but being good, Padme Amidala would still be shocked by it, but she would still love Anakin, and that's what counts. Annie tells Jim that with his rebellion, he could destroy the Chancellor and together they could rule the Galaxy as husband and wife. Jim thinks that's cool, and decides they only need to tie up some loose ends. Jim points out that Mace Windu knew the Jedi weren't in rebellion, and that Nute Gunray would know everything he knew, so they should go deal with him. Jim corrects himself, Annie should go dead with him. Since Jim is good, this conversation didn't happen.

Annie decides to go to Naboo to track Gunray there, and on that note, she announces that she's going to have to leave the session now to go apologize to her former boss. Jim volunteers to go with her, and she accepts. With them gone, Pete demands they focus on the most important character, himself, and wants to know what's happening with his dreadnought. The GM informs him that he now has the full rights and title deed to the dreadnought. He then informs Pete that he also has messages from sixteen different creditors, and a summons to appear in court on seven counts of malicious property damage, occasioning death. Upon hearing this, Pete decides he'd definitely help Annie navigate her ship to the Naboo war zone. Besides, maybe he can sell his ship to Gunray since Gunray's into trade.

Sally switches back to playing Yoda as she and Ben meet Organa on his ship. Ben suggests they should investigate the Jedi Temple. Sally doesn't want to because it'd be full of yucky dead bodies and would obviously be a trap. Ben points out to her that political leaders always appear at the site of tragedies as soon as possible because it's great publicity. Sally eagerly decides that she can kiss the surviving babies. As Organa's ship heads back to Coruscant, they pick up a transmission of a public announcement urging people to turn in any Jedi they encounter to the authorities.

When Pete arrives at the next session, everybody's present except Annie. Pete gives Sally a book, The Prince by Machiavelli to help her in her career choice as a politician. Sally tells him she doesn't want be a politician anymore because they're all self-serving and evil, and she now wants to be a vet. Ben explains that she just lost the vote for Class Captain. Annie arrives and apologizes for the campaign she ran, and for not explaining what her concept of the campaign was.

The GM tells Annie and Pete that they've arrived at where Naboo is supposed to be, only to find it's not there. Pete scans for it, and the GM tells them its now orbiting a gas giant, that the tides are causing increased volcanic activity because the Trade Federation conquered the planet and moved it, smeltering the entire planet. Pete concludes with delight that this is being done to build the Peace Moon. The GM points out that many on the planet have perished, but Pete thinks that the creation of a new superweapon is a distinct upside.

Annie and Pete land near the Trade Federation hq on the planet. Annie is determined to avenge Naboo and fight the Feds. Pete realizes he doesn't have very effective weapons, so volunteers to stay and guard the ship.

Ben and Sally arrive at the Jedi Temple where they're attacked by Clone Troopers. Ben and Sally make short work of them with their laser swords.

Chancellor Palpatine addresses the Senate, with Jim among those in attendance. Palpatine relates in flashback how Mace Windu and the Jedi he was with tried to arrest Palpatine, and how Palpatine was forced to resist with his laser sword.

Ben and Sally make their way inside the Temple, where bodies are strewn everywhere. Sally says that if only they were animals, she could cure them. Ben tells her this is serious and that she should take it seriously. Sally retorts, "Just because you do everything Dad tells you to!" Ben denies it. Sally fires back, "Why are you studying medicine then?!" The reality of this accusation leaves Ben at a loss for words. The GM decides to cut back to Palpatine.

Palpatine relates how he killed the Jedi with Windu, but Windu gained the upper hand on him, when Annie came to the rescue. He declares to the Senate that the Trade Federation organized a deep conspiracy within the Jedi Council to take over the Galaxy, and the Rebellion is just a smokescreen. (Sally switches to playing Senator Jar Jar Binks just to say, "Oh, muy-muy...") Palpatine reveals that he contacted Nute Gunray, demanding his surrender, but Gunray was smugly defiant, revealing how he was using Naboo to create his own Peace Moon. Palpatine pledges to the Senate that they will defeat the Trade Federation and retake Naboo, restoring peace to the Galaxy. Jim heartily approves.

Annie enters the Trade Federation hq and confronts Gunray. She tries to engage Gunray in subtle mind games, and when that just gets bogged down in confusing wordplay, she just draws her laser sword and slaughters all the other Federation leaders there until Gunray is the only one still alive. Calmly defiant to the end, Gunray tells her that he knows that there is no Sith, that she just made it up.He also tells her that if she will "stlike" him down, he will become more powerful than she can "possibry" imagine. (With his thick Space Japanese accent, Gunray has a tendency to invert his ls and rs, as he's done through all three campaigns.) He tells her he knows she's been having dreams of Jim's death, and that Gunray's death here will seal Jim's fate. Annie just kills him.

Sally switches back to playing Yoda as she continues arguing with Ben about their career choices. The GM asks them to get back into the story. Ben searches the Temple and concludes there are no survivors, but he does find a hidden panel containing memory marbles. Sally expresses suspicion of Ben, telling him that Annie warned her about him. One memory marble shows Annie slaughtering Jedi, and Sally thinks Ben corrupted her. Another memory marble shows Palpatine ordering Annie to slaughter the Jedi. Sally concedes that lets Ben off the hook for now. Ben wants to arrest Annie, but Sally wants to go after Palpatine. They argue back and forth on it until they just go their seperate ways. Pete asks Sally if she remembers what he told her about splitting the party. Sally recalls that GMs hate it. Pete congratulates her. The GM sighs. Sally cheers.

Ben approaches Jim and tells him of Annie's massacre of Jedi. Jim replies that he was completely and totally unaware of that. And that it's terrible. Ben would like Jim to reach out to her. Jim tells him that he will help since Ben is all that stands between Annie and her complete domination of the Galaxy, obviously without Jim standing faithfully by her side, since Jim is Good. Jim leaves, claiming he'll go talk to Annie in advance to make sure she's not ready for Ben. Ben is rightly alarmed.

Alone on the volcanic wasteland that was once Naboo, Annie gives a chilling monologue on Naboo's "rebirth" and her plans to rule with her Queen.

Jim takes C-3PO with him on a spaceship, planning to go warn Annie about Ben. Ben sneaks aboard the ship. Jim declares he's making a Spot check. The GM asks him what exactly "Padme" would be looking for. Jim can't give a convincing answer to that, so Ben stays hidden.

Palpatine contacts Annie on Naboo. She informs him of the deaths of all the Separatist leaders, and tells him that she now has control of Grievous' cyborgs, and she's going to let them continue building the Peace Moon. She suggests Palpatine take charge of the diplomacy while she crushes the last of the resistance. Or he could place her in charge of the diplomacy. Palpatine reluctantly chooses the first option.

Jim and C-3PO, with Ben as a stowaway, reach Naboo on their ship. Sally switches to playing C-3PO to express concern for the dinosaur ponies, and the third degree burns they must have suffered from the smeltering.

Jim leaves his ship and confronts Annie. He tells her that before she can rule the Galaxy, she needs to confront the Dark Side of the Force within her. He points out that when Qui-Gon injected her with midi-chlorians, it clouded her mind, leading her to kill Greedo. When she tries to justify it, Jim tells her that she needs to see in herself the true Balance of the Force, the Balance of Love and Death. He points out how she wanted her mother Shmi to love her, but instead Shmi was scared of her. And that when Shmi couldn't bring herself to say that she still loved Annie, Annie used the Force to kill her. Annie is so furious upon hearing this, she uses the Force to strangle Jim. Ben emerges from the ship and demands that Annie release Jim. Annie snarls, "She's a liar! I would never harm anyone I love!" Ben roars back, "You're killing your own wife!" Shocked by this realization, Annie releases Jim, who collapses to the ground. Annie has to break character for a moment to tell Jim that his roleplaying here is the most beautiful thing he's ever done for her, and that she loves him for it.

Jim's ecstatic, calling this his best death ever. Annie is also happy, reveling in being able to fully explore the darkness of her character. Pete is disgusted, and wants to get back to the game. Ben agrees, and starts by expressing outrage at what Annie has done. This only disgusts Pete more, since what he wants to do is go take charge of the Peace Moon. He goes off to do so. Ben tries to arrest Annie, but she resists, and they begin a fierce laser sword duel. In frustration, Pete points out how the rest of them are fine with ruling the Galaxy with Annie, so why can't he? Ben retorts that he wrote "Good" on his character sheet and he jolly well meant it.

Sally switches back to playing Yoda and confronts Palpatine in the Senate chamber. They mutually accuse each other, then Palpatine attacks her with Force Drain.

Annie and Ben continue to duel each other. Annie stammers an offer for Ben to surrender. Ben replies that he senses much fear in her, and how fear leads to anger. They continue dueling.

Sally calms herself, negating the Force Drain. She and Palpatine begin their own laser sword duel.

As Annie and Ben duel, she manages to grab him by the throat with one hand. She justifies her anger by claiming that her mother taught her to live life to the fullest. She asks Ben if he even remembers his mother. Since this is going further back into Obi-Wan's background than Ben ever bothered to create, he's left speechless.

Sally and Palpatine continue their duel, but are too evenly matched. Sally suggests they settle things in a civilised way, with EXTREME Force Arm Wrestling.

Ben kicks Annie, causing her to release her stranglehold on him, and they resume dueling. Ben rolls a 1 during the fight, which the GM informs him causes him to accidentally slice the magmashield regulator, which was the only thing preventing the entire facility they were in from falling into the lava below.

Sally explains to Palpatine that EXTREME Force Arm Wrestling is just like normal Force Arm Wrestling, only they drop the things on each other. Palpatine drops a Senate pod onto Sally. Sally drops a Senate pod onto Palpatine.

As Ben and Annie duel, they fight and move outside on to gantries over the lava. Annie defends her passions, declaring her love for Jim. Ben sarcastically point out how well that turned out.

Sally drops another Senate pod at Palpatine and declares herself the winner. But Palpatine jumps out of the way of the pod, and refuses to go by the game any longer. He uses Force Drain to attack Sally's laser sword. The GM tells Sally to make a Dex roll. She rolls a 1, and drops her sword.

Ben and Annie continue to duel as the structure they're standing on starts to fall into the lava.

Palpatine attacks Sally with Force Drain, and points out how Annie had warned him about the Jedi. Sally retorts that Annie had warned them about Palpatine. She repels the Force Drain, causing an explosive effect, pushing them apart, causing her to fall and grab onto the edge of a Senate pod. As Palpatine starts to lecture her on the evils of the Jedi, Sally realizes that Annie had also warned her about Ben, and that that means Annie is the real enemy. She deliberately lets go of the Senate pod and plummets far below.

Ben and Annie continue to duel as the structure they're on heads towards a lava fall. They each jump onto a seperate piece of debris that remains afloat above the lava.

Sally lands on the Senate floor and manages to sneak out. She contacts Bail Organa, who picks her up on his hovercar.

As Ben and Annie continue to duel, Ben points out how each of the emotions she's expressed in these campaigns has led her along the path of the Dark Side of the Force as was defined by her and Yoda in the first campaign, pointing out that her journey to the Dark Side is now complete. Annie thanks him for this insight, for it means she no longer has to conceal the truth from herself any longer. She declares that she is the Sith. When Ben points out that the Sith are legend, she declares that she is the legend.

Ben leaps backward onto solid ground that's sloping above the lava flow, and points out that now he has the advantage. Jim advises Annie that the only way she can strike first is by doing double forward Force Somersault with Force Jump and Vorpal Slice. The GM tells her she'll need to be lucky, but if she succeeds, she'll slice Ben in half. Ben points out that if she fails, he'll automatically disarm her. Annie decides to do it. With the fate of the Galaxy and the entire campaign dependent on a single die roll, Pete proudly declares he has the perfect die for the occasion.

Pete brings out this die, whose very sight is so frightening that the GM refuses to have it rolled inside, so they take it outdoors. As Annie starts to hold it, the die says, "DIE ARMED". Pete urges her to roll it. She does, as the GM tells her that she'll need at least a 13 to succeed. The die says, "TWO" and the GM informs them that when Annie leaps off the floating debris she was on, Ben is able to to slice off her one remaining good arm and both of her legs. The players are a bit distracted by the fact that Pete's die has self-destructed by setting itself on fire.

Back inside the house, Annie requests Ben that he leave her to die on this reborn planet. Annie catches fire, and Ben leaves her, taking her laser sword. The GM calls an end to the session.

At the start of the next session, Sally gives Pete a book, The Little Prince, for him to read while she's reading The Prince. Annie compliments Ben on figuring out the full path to the Dark Side of the Force. Ben compliments her on setting it up so well, and asks if she and Jim had collaborated on the choking of Padme Amidala. Annie reveals that they didn't, Jim really surprised her. Pete compliments Jim on how much he paid attention to the campaign. The GM reveals he's awarded Jim 3000 XP for it, and also reveals that Padme is still alive, but barely. The GM explains that C-3PO had brought Jim back to the ship. Sally switches to playing C-3PO to explain that seeing him lying on the ground like that made her shudder. Jim thanks the GM for the XP, but claims he doesn't really need it to roleplay. All the players except Annie depart Naboo on the ship.

Pete helps to stabilize Jim with his shock probe. Ben asks if Pete's character hadn't gone off to take over the Peace Moon. Pete explains that he lost interest when he discovered that it would take 20 years to build the thing.

Sally switches back to playing Yoda as she and Bail Organa await the others on a hospital stationed on an asteroid. As their ship arrives, and Ben carries Jim out, Jim goes into labor.

As Jim's being operated on, a GH-7 Medical Analysis Unit informs the others that while Jim is dying beyond any hope of recovery, there's still a chance the hospital might be able to save...the twins.

Ben is with Jim as he's giving birth, assissted by a rather inept EW-3 Midwife Droid. Jim first gives birth to a boy, whom he names Luke. He then gives birth to a girl, whom he names Leia. Jim dies.

Bail Organa informs Ben and Sally that Naboo's been liberated. He reveals that General Jar-Jar Binks led the assault, nixed the Feds, and moved the planet back to its original orbit; that Sio Bibble saved most of the people by schmoozing with the Feds; that the capital Theed was protected by a force field; but the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria was once again lost. They ponder what to do with the babies. Sally declares they should never be allowed to learn the Force and that it's too dangerous to keep them together. Organa volunteers that he has a "chick" on Alderaan who's into kids, who'd raise the girl. Jim tells them to give Leia his blaster. As Organa leaves, Ben and Sally argue about what to do next. Sally wants to go meditate on the Jedi's failures, while Ben wants to rebuild the Jedi and Republic. Their argument gets personal, until Ben declares that he'll take the boy as far away from Alderaan as possible. Sally's fine with that because it means this brother and sister will never have to meet each other. Jim wants them to give Luke his underwater oxygen extraction aparatus and grappling hook.

Ben decides he'll take the boy to Tatooine, where Luke has family that's more remote than Padme's family on Naboo. The GM informs Ben he has no way of getting there because Clone Troopers have just destroyed his ship while looking for Jedi. Pete offers his space dreadnought for Ben to borrow, although he warns that it's weapons aren't online yet and it has no guidance system.

Organa orders a subordinate, Captain Antilles, to look after R2-D2 and C-3PO until Ben gets back. He informs Antilles that their Rebellion now has a cause: to take down the Man.

On Theed, a public funeral is held for Padme. Bibble starts to eulogize her. Jim calls him a traitorous wretch, selling out to the Federation to save his own butt. Bibble starts to defend himself from the accusation, but then stops himself, explaining he thought he heard someone say something.

The GM asks most of the players, with Annie as an exception, to leave the room. The GM reveals to Annie that several days have passed, and Naboo is starting to cool down, but Anakin is still alive. Annie uses the Force to call out to Chancellor Palpatine to save her. Palpatine rescues her and takes her to a hospital on Coruscant. She panics when she realizes that Palpatine is turning her into a cyborg, and begs him not to do that. Palpatine sternly informs her that after all the suffering she's caused, she deserves some suffering of her own.

Palpatine stands beside Annie as she's encased in full body black armor and helmet. As the platform she's lying on levels her to an upright position, Palpatine says, " Rise..." Annie asks, "What... What have you done to me?" Palpatine replies, "I need a strong figurehead to control the military; you shall have the power you crave. Do not deny it; I have sensed it building in you. The midi-chlorians have supported your shattered body; they will help you grow strong again. But the military chain of command is very... traditional. You are now effectively a retired Jedi; you should adopt the "Darth" honorific." Annie says, "I shall be known as... Darth Vader." Palpatine says, "I regret to say, your life support systems contain... measures to ensure your loyalty." Annie asks, "What do you mean?" Palpatine answers, "You are too dangerous, too... reckless; you must learn control. Until you do, I shall be your master. Now, get me some tea." Annie yells, "Noooooo!!!"

Palpatine introduces Annie to Tarkin, who's supervising the construction of the Peace Moon. Tarkin complains that the droids and cyborgs are useless for this task, and requests the use of Annie's army. Annie grants the request, and Tarkin leaves. Palpatine compliments Annie. Annie replies she'll kill Tarkin tomorrow.

The GM invites the rest of the players back in the room to wrap up the campaign. He informs them that Organa has returned to Alderaan to give Leia to his girlfriend, Breha Moon-Flower. She calls the baby a beautiful princess.

Sally declares she's going to her own planet with nobody else to muck it up, and she'll be King. She also declares that it's one big swamp filled with creepy crawlies that will make sure no one annoys her. She very quickly gets bored.

Ben arrives on Tatooine (and comments on what a landing it was). He takes Luke to Luke's Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Lars to raise him. Beru promises to keep him safe, since they have a very large stockpile of weapons and food, and that Luke will be able to bullseye wamp rats by the time he's five. Ben wanders off into the desert. The GM calls an end to the session. Ben states he has a good feeling about this.

Darths and Droids Campaigns
Preceded by
The Silence of the Clones
Revelation of the Sith Succeeded by
A New Generation

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