Rebel Troopers are NPCs, the Rebel infantry who fought at the battle of Hoth.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

Princess reached the command centre as Rebel Troopers prepared to defend the base (some of them reluctantly went to defend the Claburn Range because Derlin ordered them to). R2 announced he'd spreadsheeted an evacuation schedule and told Rieekan that as the ranking officer, he needed to be on the first transport and he'd better hurry as it was ready to leave. Rieekan arrogantly declared that droids didn't give orders, he, Rieekan, gave orders and he was staying! 3PO said, "Well played, Artoo." R2 replied, "Shhh!"

At the perimeter, a Rebel Trooper announced the last transport was leaving in eleven minutes and they should pull out. Major Derlin, 2nd Lord Claburn tried to give a rousing speech to the others to stand their ground and defend the Claburn Range that he just won in a bet. The other Rebel Troopers were having none of that nonsense and retreated.

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