Rebel Pilots are NPCs, x-wing fighter pilots stationed at the Rebel base of Hoth.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

On a star destroyer, Lieutenant Cabbel reported to Captain Lennox that Rebel ships were coming into their sector. Lennox was pleased with this at first until he realized the Rebel ships were too close to accurately fire on. He frantically ordered Cabbel to recalibrate the guns, but at that moment, the first transport and its escort made the jump to hyperspace. At the Rebel hangar, the Rebel PA System announced the successful evacuation of the first transport. The Rebel Pilots cheered on hearing the good news. Han and Chewbacca were still working on the Falcon as Han grumbled what kind of crazy plan of Princess's was this. Chewbacca replied, the kind that worked. Han responded, "Exactly!"

Luke had made his way on foot to the outer perimeter of the base where he met R2, who'd managed to fly their X-wing there to meet him, and a few stray fighter pilots getting ready to leave. Princes radioed Luke that the base was lost and he should get out of there. Wedge overheard and agreed, and told Luke to meet him at the rendezvous point. Luke told Wedge to remember that was rendezvous point, Luke paused, and then said Zeta (clearly still distrusting Wedge). Luke asked if everyone made it out of the base. He learned that General Rieekan stayed behind. R2 called that an unqualified success!

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