Ponda Baba is an NPC, an alien ruffian at the Mos Eisley cantina.

A New Generation Edit

Luke at the cantina tried to strike up a conversation with the alien sitting next to him, Ponda Baba, about moisture farming, but Baba took immediate offense at hearing such nonsense. Baba's friend, Doctor Evazan was equally offended. Luke tried to explain to them that he really was a moisture farmer, but that only made them angrier. Luke tried to change the subject by asking if they had any blue milk, which really infuriated them, Evazan telling Corey he'd be dead. Ponda drew a blaster, but Obi-Wan stepped forward and sliced off Ponda's arm with his laser sword. Ponda asked what Obi-Wan did that for, Ponda was only messing with the kid, and now it'd take hours for his arm to grow back. Ponda then admitted that he was just kidding, that his arm was actually gone forever. And it hurt a lot.

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