Pete's Die is a very special die designed by Pete himself for when the entire outcome of the campaign depends on a single dice roll. It was used at the climax of Revelation of the Sith. It has a computerized voice that announces when it's armed and the result of its die roll after it's rolled, thus (barely) qualifying as a character in Darths&Droids.

It was outlawed by the GM and the police by A New Generation.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

Ben leaps backward onto solid ground that's sloping above the lava flow, and points out that now he has the advantage. Jim advises Annie that the only way she can strike first is by doing double forward Force Somersault with Force Jump and Vorpal Slice. The GM tells her she'll need to be lucky, but if she succeeds, she'll slice Ben in half. Ben points out that if she fails, he'll automatically disarm her. Annie decides to do it. With the fate of the Galaxy and the entire campaign dependent on a single die roll, Pete proudly declares he has the perfect die for the occasion.

Pete brings out this die, whose very sight is so frightening that the GM refuses to have it rolled inside, so they take it outdoors. As Annie starts to hold it, the die says, "DIE ARMED". Pete urges her to roll it. She does, as the GM tells her that she'll need at least a 13 to succeed. The die says, "TWO" and the GM informs them that when Annie leaps off the floating debris she was on, Ben is able to slice off her one remaining good arm and both of her legs. The players are a bit distracted by the fact that Pete's die has self-destructed by setting itself on fire.

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