Nahdonnis Praji was an NPC, an Imperial officer onboard the Destroyer that captured Princess' ship at the start of A New Generation.

A New Generation Edit

Princess was captured and was taken to Vader. Vader demanded she tell Vader where the Peace Moon plans were, but Princess defiantly refused, proudly declaring herself a part of the Rebellion. Vader ordered her taken away. Daine Jir told Vader that if word of this got out, it could increase sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate. Vader told him that word of this would not get out, since Jir would have everyone involved killed. Jir asked if that included himself, and Vader said yes. Nahdonnis Praji informed Vader of the escape pod that had left Princess' ship. Vader told him to go on. Praji stammered that maybe the plans were on the pod and maybe they should go find the pod. Vader remained silent. Then Praji offered to kill himself, and Vader told him that would be perfect.

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