Lieutenant Venka is an NPC, an Imperial officer onboard Darth Vader's Star Destroyer.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

On the day Darth Vader brought several vicious bounty hunters onboard his Star Destroyer, Admiral Piett asked Lieutenant Venka if he knew that on average, eight beings were murdered on their Star Destroyer every day. Venka answered that he did know that. Piett looked at the bounty hunters and commented that today could be a bad day.

Onboard the Executer when it was at Cloud City, Admiral Piett asked Vader if he should fire on the fighters compromised by the program containing Nute Gunray's consciousness. Vader told him that if he hit the Falcon, the next missile to be launched would be Piett. Piett said he didn't know what so-called plan Vader had in that helmet of hers but the Force clearly wasn't doing much good now. He ordered Lieutenant Venka to ready the tractor beams. He said that not even the Falcon's hyperdrive could help them now. Vader told him his competence and impertinence continued to maintain an unsteady equilibrium. Piett said, "Thank you, Lord Facemask." Vader told him to carry on.

Onboard the Falcon, Gunray/R2 declared that they may have thought that Anakin killed him, but in reality his powers "brossomed", freed from the unitary existence of corporeality. Princess tried to persuade Gunray to join with the Rebellion against their common enemy, the Empire. Gunray/R2 said she didn't understand competition, and that soon his overarching ambition would win out. Gunray/R2 plugged into the auxiliary controls. Suddenly he panicked, saying he could feel his mind going. He started singing, "Daisy" then faded out. R2 sparkled. R2 regained control of himself and said, "Coooool."

The Falcon now instantly went into hyperspace.

Darth Vader watched the Falcon escape into hyperspace. She pointed out the Falcon escaped the tractor beam. Piett said that to do that, the Falcon would have to have a power source bigger than the entire Star Destroyer they were on. Vader said the Rebels had the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria. Piett recalled it was Vader who lost it. She replied, not anymore.

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