Lieutenant Shann Childsen was an NPC, an Imperial Officer onboard the Peace Moon in charge of the holding cells.

A New Generation Edit

Han, Luke, and Chewbacca boarded an elevator to the holding cells, where Chewbacca loosened his handcuffs. They reached the holding cells, where they were met by Lieutenant Shann Childsen, who referred to Chewbacca as a Wookie-gram. Chewbacca was so enraged by this, he punched Childsen, knocking him down. Han started to shoot the other guards there, but Chewbacca, still enraged, shot most of them. Han discovered which cell Princess was being held in and told Luke to go there while he tried to bluff an Intercom Voice. Han accidentally turned on the PA and was heard all over the Peace Moon saying that everything was fine, there was just a slight weapons malfunction. The Intercom Voice said they were sending a squad up. Han told them not to saying (again heard all over the Peace Moon) that there was a major radioactive leak, making it too dangerous to come. The Intercom Voice demanded to know who this was. Han decided to just shoot the intercom. Luke opened Princess' cell door and took off his Clone Trooper helmet. He told her his name was Luke Amidala and that he was here to rescue her. Princess displayed a lot of skepticism until Luke asked her if she wanted to be rescued or not.

It's uncertain if Childsen survived Chewbacca's blow. If he did, then he would've been killed along with everyone else onboard the Peace Moon when Luke blew it up. Either way, he's dead, Jim. (In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Childsen got up from Chewbacca's blow only to be shot to death by Luke. The Darths&Droids webcomic doesn't show this, not that it makes much difference.)

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