Jeremoch Colton is an NPC, the pilot of Bail Organa's ship when they, along with Obi-Wan and Yoda traveled to Coruscant to try to find any survivors of the Jedi Massacre.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

Yoda and Obi-Wan met Organa on his ship. Obi-Wan suggested they should investigate the Jedi Temple. Yoda didn't want to because it'd be full of yucky dead bodies and would obviously be a trap. Obi-Wan pointed out to him that political leaders always appear at the site of tragedies as soon as possible because it's great publicity. Yoda (who had some political aspirations at the time) eagerly decided that he could kiss the surviving babies. As Organa's ship headed back to Coruscant, Colton picked up and played for all of them a transmission of a public announcement urging people to turn in any Jedi they encountered to the authorities.

(Note: In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Colton went back to live on his native planet, Alderaan, and was killed along with everyone else on Alderaan when it was blown up by the Death Star. Since in Darths & Droids, it was Naboo, not Alderaan, that was blown up by the Death Star/"Peace Moon", that is no longer Colton's fate, and it's even possible he's still alive in the Da&Dr universe.)

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