Jawas are NPCs, an alien race of nomads and traders on the planet, Tatooine. They tend to speak in a thick Space Cockney accent.

Silence of the Clones Edit

When Anakin went looking for his mother after she'd been kidnapped by a tribe of Sand People, he came across a Jawa who told him where a tribe of Sand People were encamped.

A New Generation Edit

22 years later R2-D2 was on Tatooine trying to track his dreadnought, when he was suddenly ambushed by Jawas, who shot him, short circuiting him, and took him to their sandcrawler. He reunited with 3PO, who was there along with a lot of other droids. But 3PO was still angry with R2 and refused to talk with him. The Jawas had placed a restraining bolt on R2's chassis, so he wouldn't even want to escape. Since he couldn't escape, R2 decided to continue tracking his dreadnought. His sensors told him it was nine meters away and getting closer. R2 realized to his fury that that could only mean the dreadnought's homer was inside the sandcrawler, which at that moment came to a stop and opened up. The Jawas approached all the droids. R2 demanded to know what they'd done to his dreadnought. The Jawas just told him to line up outside with the other droids.

Adam Lars had lived on the desert world of Tatooine all his life, (19 years) and he was helping his father, Owen Lars, purchase some droids from the Jawas. C-3PO and R2-D2 were among the droids being lined up for sale. 3PO greeted Owen and asked if he remembered her, but Owen whispered to her not to let the others hear her. He decided to purchase 3PO and another droid, Red, and put Adam in charge of them. He ordered Adam to have them both secured in the garage right away before dinner. They were about to head to their home when Red short-circuited. 3PO suggested they purchase R2 instead and they agreed.

The next day, Adam, R2, and 3PO met Obi-Wan, who revealed to Adam that his real name was Luke Amidala. Later that day, Luke (as he'll be called from now on), Obi-Wan, R2, and 3PO came across the Jawas who had sold R2 and 3PO to the Lars family, only to find that all of them had been slaughtered. Obi-Wan determined that the laser blasts that killed them were far too precise for Sand People, and it couldn't have been clone troopers because they were rubbish at shooting. Obi-Wan decided it must have been Owen and Beru, that they must have gone on a murderous rampage looking for Luke.

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