Jar Jar, You're A Genius!
Jar Jar, You're A Genius! Droidikar
Mana Cost 5G
Type Sorcery

Jar Jar, You're A Genius is based on Episode 122: Taken to the Edge where Qui-Gon says this sentence.


Exchange any number of permanents you control with permanent cards of the same type and converted mana cost in your library. Shuffle your library afterwards.


  • The title of this card, at the time Episode 122 was uploaded, had exactly 0 hits if searched on Google. This immediately changed after this comic was published and said fact was written in the annotations.
  • This card and Air is for Suckers are based on quotes characters have spoken, memorable mostly due to being completely unexpected.
  • It is unclear what the connection between the title and the ability is.
    • One possibility could be, that the effect of the card allows the player to get a better suited selection of permanents on the field, which could be called a genius move.
    • Another possibility would be alluding to the unexpectedness of the sentence, just like changing all permanents on the own field with different, equally strong, permanents is unexpected.
  • The illustration pictures the victory celebration at the end of the first movie.

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