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First Appearance

Page 764, A New Generation

Jabba is a Hutt smuggler chieftain whom Han Solo owed a huge 32 year debt to due to telling him to bet on Sebulba after he sabotaged Anakin's pod racer. When the man known as Greedo murdered the real Han Solo and stole his identity, Jabba believed he was the real Solo and expected the debt to be paid by him. He has a tendency to use expressions and metaphors referring to human body parts such as "I'm all ears" and then correcting himself afterwards by changing it to fit his own appearance.

A New Generation Edit

Jabba approached the Millenium Falcon, requesting to speak to Han Solo. Greedo stepped forward claiming to be Han Solo. Jabba believed him, because the real Han Solo was a shapeshifter, and Jabba assumed that Greedo was a new shape Han had turned into. Jabba reminded Greedo of a debt Han owed him. 32 years ago, Han had advised Jabba to bet heavily on Sebulba, telling Jabba that Sebulba was a sure thing because Sebulba had sabotaged the one pod faster than his own. Jabba explained that Sebulba lost, but because Han's son was murdered that same day, Jabba could forgive the delay, but not the debt. Greedo told him of his job to pilot Obi-Wan, Luke, 3PO, and R2 to Naboo, and claimed they'd pay him 5000 credits. Jabba told him that would do for a start, and asked when Han could be back. Greedo truthfully couldn't say since the job came with no questions asked. Jabba warned Greedo not to think he could hide from Jabba just because he was a shapeshifter.

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