Imperial Officers are NPCs, officers in the Imperial army who aren't given names in the Darths&Droids transcripts.

A New Generation Edit

When the Millenium Falcon flew onto the Peace Moon's hangar, everyone on the Peace Moon thought the Falcon must be full of tourists. The Imperial Officer ordered a squadron of Clone Troopers to act as a welcoming party for the tourists, ordering the squadron to give a full tour of the Peace Moon. One of the Clone Troopers thought there was something implied about the "full tour". The Imperial Officer clarified that what he meant was as full a tour of the Peace Moon as could be given, given the incomplete construction of the Peace Moon. The Imperial Officer ordered the squadron to move out.

The Imperial Officer was later killed along with everyone else onboard the Peace Moon when Luke blew it up.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

Lando examined Han's frozen body and declared he was dead. He said the chamber wasn't meant to be for freezing people and it shouldn't be done to Princess without a fair trial. Darth Vader agreed, ordering the chamber prepared for Starkiller. Boba declared he was taking Han's frozen body. An Imperial Officer arrived and started to say, "Starkiller-" but Vader finished, "has arrived." The Officer felt unwanted. Vader told him to escort Chewbacca and Princess to Vader's ship. Lando wanted to know why Chewbacca was still a prisoner. Vader told him because Chewbacca was conspiring with Han in their plan to defraud the Empire and support the Rebellion five times. Lando declared that this was his city, and he'd escort them. The Officer indignantly asked if he was chopped splanch.

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