Han Solo
Race Shapeshifter
Gender Male
Occupation Captain of the Millennium Falcon
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown (deceased), Son
First Appearance Page 758, A New Generation
Last Appearance Page 759, A New Generation
"I got news for you, kid. Nobody captains the Millennium Falcon but Han Solo."
"Thatta canna be arranged."
--Han Solo's last words before being killed by his future impersonator.

Han Solo was a non-player character and was the original captain of the Millennium Falcon. A shapeshifter, he was killed by a man under the alias of "Greedo", who assumed his identity after killing him.

A New Generation Edit

In the cantina, Greedo was approached by an alien pointing a blaster at him. The alien introduced himself as Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon. Solo explained the blaster was just a precaution, and offered to pilot the Falcon for Greedo and his passengers. Greedo asked if Han Solo could pretend to be the cabin boy while Greedo pretended to be the captain. Solo refused, telling him no one captained the Millennium Falcon but Han Solo. Greedo told him that could be arranged, then suddenly drew his own blaster and shot Han Solo in cold blood. Greedo dropped his Space Italian accent almost immediately after the kill.

Jabba approached the Millennium Falcon, requesting to speak to Han Solo. Greedo stepped forward claiming to be Han Solo. Jabba believed him, because apparently the real Han Solo was a shapeshifter, and Jabba assumed that Greedo was a new shape Han had turned into. Jabba reminded Greedo of a debt Han owed him. 32 years ago, Han had advised Jabba to bet heavily on Sebulba, telling Jabba that Sebulba was a sure thing because Sebulba had sabotaged the one pod faster than his own. Jabba explained that Sebulba lost, but because Han's son was murdered that same day, Jabba could forgive the delay, but not the debt. Greedo told him of his job to pilot Obi-Wan, Luke, 3PO, and R2 to Naboo, and claimed they'd pay him 5000 credits. Jabba told him that would do for a start, and asked when Han could be back. Greedo truthfully couldn't say since the job came with no questions asked. Jabba warned Greedo not to think he could hide from Jabba just because he was a shapeshifter.

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