Race Rodian[1]
Gender Male
Status Deceased
First Appearance Episode 112: That Settles That Problem
Last Appearance Episode 112: That Settles That Problem

Greedo is a young Rodian boy who lived on Tatooine.

The Phantasmal MalevolenceEdit

When Anakin won the Boonta Eve Classic despite all the odds that were stacked up against him, Greedo accused him of cheating. That angered Anakin and he lost control of himself. They started fighting, which ended with Anakin throwing him aside and killing him in the process.


  • Despite existing in only a single strip and having no lines at all, Greedo had a very deep impact on the whole story by being the catalyst of Anakins descent to the Dark Side.
  • Pete suggests the name "Greedo" to Jim when he asked for a name that "evokes longevity and fortune", probably referencing this character, as a Joke/Prank. [2]

Speculation Edit

  • Greedo looks like the form Han Solo took when he is first seen in A New Generation and it is said by Jabba, that Han Solo's son was murdered the day of Boonta Eve[3]. While this might be purely coincidence, it is possible that are father and son.



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