Geonosis Droidikar
Type Land - Volcano Planet

Geonosis is a card based on the Planet of the same name


Geonosis enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Geonosian

(T)[1]: add (R)[2] or (B)[3] to your mana pool

Geonosian Creatures you control have +1/+0


  • Geonosis, like all the other planets
    • is a Land
    • Enters the field tapped unless you control the creature type associated with it.
      • In this case Geonosians.
    • Exhibits an additional effect which is associated with the Planet it is based on.
      • It gives all Geonosians a +1/+0


  1. Tap card
  2. Red Mana
  3. Black Mana

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