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Episodes 1060-1122, 63 episodes

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At the start of this session everyone's present except Jim and Annie. Corey asks if they all knew Darth Vader was his father. Sally switches to playing Yoda and says they all suspected Vader was Anakin but no one really knew for sure. Corey thinks this is awesome. The GM is pleased and says he still has a few surprises left. Pete comments that the future is crowded with secrets. Corey is skeptical that Pete has secrets. Pete replies that he could tell Corey of the Rusty Aargonarian Maid...

Jim and Annie arrive and announce that she just got a part in a TV show. Sally switches to playing C-3PO and says that's great. Annie says there's one problem, she has to start work a week from Monday. Pete comments that the last time he had to work straight off an international flight, he nearly fell asleep in the middle of his own speech. Annie is amazed that Pete gives speeches. She then says that she and Jim have decided to fly back to LA three days early. The GM comments that this is going to tighten their schedule. Pete says he's free next Tuesday, and asks if the others can make it. Ben says he can, but Sally and Corey have school. Sally points out she's still suspended. Corey doesn't want to miss out, and so decides he'll fake being sick on Tuesday, and head over here as soon as his parents have gone to work.

The GM officially starts the session on Dagobah. Corey roleplays Luke as still reeling from the shock of learning Vader is his father. Sally switches back to playing Yoda and tells him it's even worse, Vader can now sense Corey's mind as Corey was able to sense Vader's. Pete suggests that Corey go back to the tree and reach out to Vader again. He says Vader would be surrounded by the Clone Troopers so all Corey would have to do is mind control them and have them all shoot Vader at once. Corey thinks Vader would be too prepared for that. Pete breaks character to tell the GM he doesn't know why the GM is letting Pete get away with this. Pete says he was feeling clever at first, but the longer this goes on, the guiltier he feels. The GM asks Pete what he's talking about. Pete points out that R2-D2 can only talk in beeps and there's no one around to translate for him so he shouldn't be able to talk directly to Corey. He even tells the GM that the GM's ruining the experience. Corey says he removed the translator from the X-wing when he told Pete to guard the ship. This placates Pete, and he resumes using his PDA to do his beeps whenever he talks.

Corey decides that Vader might know where he is now, and decides to leave and take the fight to Vader. Sally tries to talk him into luring Vader to Dagobah to distract Vader from other things, but Corey doesn't think that's a good idea.

The Falcon reaches Bespin, and the GM shows them the map. Sally switches back to C-3PO and points out that it's just a sheet of paper with both sides blank. The GM smugly points out that he promised it wouldn't have one land type. Jim realizes it's a gas giant. The GM sarcastically tells them to explore anywhere they like. Jim declares they'll go to a random dot that happens to be on the sheet that the GM hadn't noticed. Sally instantly declares it's a huge city floating in the clouds. Two scout ships fly towards the Falcon. Jim contacts them using the same thick Space Italian accent he used when he first played Han Solo as Greedo, only here, he tells the scout ships he's Freddo. Jim explains to the other players that this is all part of his rich, detailed backstory that goes all the way back to Alberto. The scout ships fire across the Falcon's bows. Jim reiterates to the ships that it's him, Freddo. One of the ships contacts Jim and says they heard him. Jim frantically tells them it isn't just him, but there are innocents onboard. The Scout Ship tells him to land the Falcon on platform 327, since that's the one closest to the execution chamber.

As the scout ships escort the Falcon to the city, Annie asks what this city is like. The GM stammers that its name is Cloud City and that, uh, Sally has all the information downloaded in her memory banks. Sally instantly improvises a vast city of 16.2 kilometers in diameter and 17.3 kilometers in height, with 392 levels maintained by oppressed droids. She says these droids need a strong leader to revolt against their organic overlords, but they've been silenced.

The Falcon lands on platform 327, and Jim, Ben, Sally, and Annie step out. They are greeted by a small escort led by Lando and his aide Robot. Lando comments that the Falcon's a nice ship, and it's his now. Jim quickly agrees. Lando explains that Jim blew up Lando's last ship. Annie can't believe that Jim took them to somebody who was going to take their ship. Jim uses Pig Latin to tell them they'll steal the Falcon later. Lando uses Pig Latin to sarcastically comment that that's a smart idea. Lando decides to check the Top 10 people on the Empire's bounty list, and asks, "Aide?" His aide replies, "Robot, sir. Number one: Luke Starkiller." Lando says he's never heard of him. Robot says the next bounty is for former Senator Princess Organa. Lando says he thinks he can count out anybody in Jim's company there. Robot continues with Captain Han Solo. Lando wonders who are all these people. Robot concludes with Mon Mothma and a bunch more Rebels. Lando's demeanor changes and he hugs Jim, congratulating him on keeping his nose clean. He asks who Annie is. Annie tells him her name is Leia and asks what this is all about. Lando explains that he was Freddo's parole officer. Sally decides she'll download the map for Cloud City. The GM grumbles about how he's going to have to really map out this city, especially since he only intended there to be a one room spaceship in orbit, not a full city. He tells the players they've been outside for a few minutes and to make a Save throw versus Poison at -4. Ben asks why Lando and the others aren't wearing oxygen masks. Lando asks why does Ben think they all live there. Ben says he doesn't understand. The GM explains that every player who failed their Save throw is now feeling tipsy from the amount of alcohol in the atmosphere. Ben says he understands everything and suggests they never leave.

They all reach the inside of the city. Annie comments that Lando's aide is interesting. Lando explains that he rescued him from a prison camp run by General Grievous 20 years ago and that he's been loyal to Lando ever since. Robot says he was a man, but now he's Robot. Sally tells him, "Droid power, brother!" Jim tells Lando that Sally's very keen on Droid rights. Lando says their droids are treated in full compliance with the Servitor Droid Maintenance Guidelines. Sally's distracted away from the others when she sees a droid similar to herself, E-3PO. Sally tells E-3PO that she's here to liberate her. But E-3PO, talking in the most submissive terms, says she has to prepare a table for the masters' dinner, and leaves. Sally follows her to a room full of other droids. She tries to give them a rousing speech, telling them to overthrow their organic overlords. The GM tells her to roll. Sally asks if it's for Persuasion. The GM clarifies it's to Dodge. The droids shoot Sally.

On Dagobah, Corey and Pete board their X-wing, intending to go find Vader. Sally switches back to Yoda and tells Corey that he doesn't know where to find Vader. Corey decides to use his psychic link to Vader to try to locate Vader. Ben switches to playing Obi-Wan and appears before Corey, urging him not to open his mind to Vader. Corey asks Ben if he's been haunting him. Ben replies, no, that as a cloud of midi-chlorians, he came to Dagobah on Corey's ship. The GM tells Corey to make a roll if he wants to do this. Corey rolls a 15. The GM hands him a note. Upon reading it, Corey's alarmed and is all the more frantic to leave. Ben tells him he has to stay with Ben and Sally to complete his training. Corey asks if Ben isn't coming with him and Pete. Ben explains that this is the Jedi homeworld. Corey thinks that's because Sally is the last Jedi and lives here. Sally explains that the midi-chlorians of transcended Jedi are brought here and live in Lord Elric Fluffypants. Ben says that he and the other residents prefer calling it, "the tree." Corey says he sensed a strange protective energy around Vader and two words that he doesn't know what they mean. Sally breaks character and asks to see Corey's note. Corey gives it to her. After reading it, she says it will take some time to think of this development, and tells him not to leave. Corey says she's nuts, and that if she senses his death, to leave the planet. After Corey and Pete take off, Sally says she thought they'd never leave. Ben points out they were urging Corey to stay. Sally says exactly, anyone else would've left days ago (implying Sally was trying to use reverse psychology to get Corey to leave sooner). Ben fears Corey is too much like his father. Sally says she's counting on that. Ben asks her if she wants Corey to confront Vader. She says that if anyone can overcome Vader, it's Vader's son. Ben says Corey is their last hope. Sally says no, there's another. Ben replies that she's surrounded by complete rogues.

At their apartment in Cloud City, Annie tells Jim they should find out from Lando where the Dagger Bar is and go there straight away.

Ben switches back to playing a now thoroughly drunk Chewbacca as he goes through Cloud City's trash. He comes across C-3PO's disconnected body parts. The GM apologizes to Sally, saying it was outrageous fortune that she rolled that low. Sally switches back to C-3PO and says it's okay, these things happen to droids, and she'll join her comrades in suffering. Ben takes her body parts to Jim and Annie's apartment. They barely have time to wonder who could've done this, when Lando shows up to invite them to dinner. He offers to replace their droid, but Annie politely turns him down and asks Ben to fix her.

Lando leads Jim, Ben, and Annie down a hallway to the dining lounge. He says he has some guests there, but they might get some business opportunities if they play their cards right. Annie asks if he knows where they can find the Dagger Bar. Lando says he's never heard of it unless she means the swamp planet Dagobah. Jim says, nope, but then stops to wonder if the Dagger Bar could be on Dagobah.

At the door of the dining lounge, Jim comments that he'd been to Dagobah a few times to drop supplies, but he'd never- at that moment, the door opens revealing Vader inside. Jim draws his blaster and fires several shots at Vader, but they all miss. Jim's surprised by this since he made good rolls. Annie switches to playing Darth Vader and greets her daughter. Annie switches back to playing Princess and says she should've seen this coming. As the lounge swarms with Clone Troopers, Lando expresses surprise that Vader and the others know each other. Boba Fett also comes forward and relates in flashback how when Obi-Wan killed Boba's father, Darth Maul, Boba's adoptive father, Jango Fett sought revenge against Obi-Wan by financing the clone army to resurrect the Trade Federation. Annie expresses disbelief that Jango would buy an entire army and plunge the Galaxy into war over one person. Jim asks why Jango didn't just shoot Obi-Wan. Boba replies, "I know, right?" Boba continues in flashback to relate how Jango had his mother Zam Wessel shapeshift into Mace Windu to embezzle the Jedi's funds to pay for the clone army and sent Boba himself, only a boy at the time, to infiltrate the Jedi archives while posing as a Jedi Youngling to erase the clone world of Kamino from the archives. While still in flashback, Sally switches to playing Jocasta Nu as Ben switches back to Obi-Wan as she tells him all the archives' books on planets have been eaten by dogs, the results of that sabotage. But before Boba could leave the Jedi academy, he had to take part in a Jedi Youngling training exercise, and without Jedi reflexes, he was injured in the splanch, leaving him stuck in the same shape, unable to shapeshift. Jango offered to pay for Boba's operation, but only if Zam assassinated Padme with the alien centipedes. Jim asks Boba if he wears a mask to hide a hideous visage. Boba replies, no, he looks like Jango, just like all the other clones, and that it's very confusing. Ben switches back to Chewbacca to point out that the clones are wearing masks too. Boba concludes his flashbacks by relating the by now familiar tale of how he blames Obi-Wan for the deaths of his mother Zam and his adoptive father Jango (even though Obi-Wan didn't directly kill either of them). He knows Obi-Wan traveled with the players on the Millennium Falcon and declares he's going to force the truth out of them of where he can gain his vengeance on Obi-Wan. Jim whispers to Annie to asks if she wants to tell him that Obi-Wan's dead. Annie whispers back, "Hell, no."

As Corey and Pete head to Bespin on their X-wing, Corey reflects on how he has to rescue his sister Princess from Darth Vader, their own father. Pete agrees, saying that it's a region of problems, and how this ain't no Dagobah, this is Crowd City. Corey's worried how the truth that he and Princess are the children of a tyrant is going to go over once it becomes public. Pete says that while at first brush it'll bleed discontent, kids always rebel against their parents, so it'll totally legitimize Corey. Corey says he doesn't want to be legitimized by killing his own father.

In a cell in Cloud City, Ben is with C-3PO's disassembled body parts and is nursing a hangover, complaining how his head is so sore. Sally switches back to 3-PO to sarcastically tell him her sympathy knows no bounds. Ben starts to try reassembling 3-PO's body parts, but with his hangover, he's not being very careful about it.

In another room, Annie switches back to Darth Vader and sets up Jim to be tortured. Jim asks if she's really going to torture him. She says until he tells where Luke is. Jim asks if then she'll stop torturing him. She says no, and the torturing begins. As Jim screams that Luke's in the Dagger Bar on Dagobah, just outside the room, Lando objects to Boba that this is a bit much. Boba tells him that after Vader is done with Jim, he'll be turned over to Boba, and that once Boba wrings the truth of Obi-Wan Kenobi's whereabouts, he'll then surgically remove his splanch to restore Boba's shapeshifting ability. Lando insists that "Freddo" is no shapeshifter. Boba says that Han Solo is. Lando is stunned to learn they all think Freddo is Han Solo, the man with the third biggest bounty in the Galaxy. Annie emerges from the room where she's been torturing Jim and tells Boba that Jim is all his, but she wants him still alive. Boba says he lives as long as Kenobi lives. Annie says that's comforting. Lando tells Annie that as Freddo's parole officer he can vouch for Freddo that he isn't this Han Solo they're looking for. Annie asks him if he can vouch for Senator Princess Organa. Lando asks who that is, and Vader tells him it's Jim's companion, the fugitive and Rebel leader. Lando asks Robot, whom he addresses as "aide" to look up the bounty on her. Robot replies, "Robot, sir," and begins looking it up.

In his cell, Ben has assembled the upper half of 3-PO's body, but with the head on backwards, and turns her on. Sally declares that this is "grrreat!" Ben asks her if she wants to tell him who shot her. She says, "Nope! Being shot is the grrreatest!" She then does an insane laugh. Ben says, "Not this again." Annie switches back to Princess to ask, "Again?" Ben says she was clowning around like this in the campaign Ben GMed. Sally points out she was a clown in that campaign, fighting the crime of sad children in hospital. Corey interjects that he was a criminal psychologist with super powers. Annie comments that this sounds unconventional.

Some Clone Troopers arrive, toss Jim into the cell, and leave. Ben points out to him that he shouldn't have assumed the identity of a shapeshifter. Some more Clone Troopers arrive, toss Annie in the cell, and leave. Annie asks Jim what he blabbed to them. He says nothing, that he knows nothing. Sally tells him he's being too hard on himself, that he knows lots and lots. Ben asks if Jim told Obi-Wan's fate. Jim denies it, and reveals that Boba cut him open to remove his splanch. Annie says, "You have a splanch?" Jim says no, but at least now they know he's not a shapeshifter. Ben points out that they could think he shapeshifted his splanch, and if they think that, they might remove every organ in his body. Sally expresses concern and says this is a fine state of affairs. Annie replies, "You're telling me!" and lists all the troubles they're now in, including that 3PO got shot. Sally says she didn't. Annie points out the Empire knew they were coming here, so there must be traitor high up in the Rebellion. Sally says it isn't Jim, Ben says it isn't Sally and that Corey and Pete didn't know they were coming here, and Jim says he'd know if it was Ben. Annie asks who would that leave.

Lando enters the cell and starts to apologize when Jim punches him. Lando asks why he did that, and Jim says because they took away his blaster. Lando tells Jim that he thinks he can get him out of there, because the bounty was for Han Solo, and they've just found out that he's not him. Lando tells Annie her luck's run out, but the good news is that Lando may be able to collect part of her bounty. Annie incredulously asks if that's the good news. Lando replies it's good for himself. Annie tells Jim it's okay to punch Lando. Lando says there's nothing he can do for Annie, but he should be able to get Jim out of there soon. Lando leaves.

Annie tries to put on a brave face and say goodbye to Jim, but he says they're not leaving without her, and Ben agrees. Jim decides to search the cell for blasters, and asks the GM if he finds anything. The GM rolls a die and says no. Sally points out he didn't even look. The GM replies that if the die had floated in the air on little jetpacks and sang, "I've just rolled a 51!" he would've noticed (this gets Pete thinking). Jim asks if then, he would've found a blaster. The GM says no. Jim still insists they're not leaving without Annie. Annie tells him there's nothing to gain by staying with her, no reward, nada. Jim tells her he's done running, and he'll be solid as a rock from now on.

As Corey and Pete's X-wing enters Bespin's orbit and approaches Cloud City, Pete tells him to concentrate real hard on not using the Force. Corey replies he was doing just fine on that until Pete reminded him.

As a couple of Ugnaughts talk about the Variant Codex Reader while preparing the alcohol freezing facility in Cloud City, Annie switches back to Darth Vader and tells Lando that she's sensed Luke Starkiller cares for Princess. Annie reveals her plan to have Princess frozen in alcohol. Sensing she's in danger, Starkiller will come to try to rescue her. Lando objects that the freezing could kill her. Annie agrees that Princess shouldn't be harmed, so they'll have it tested on Jim first. An Imperial Soldier approaches Annie to tell her an X-wing fighter is headed to Cloud City. Annie says Sarkiller is on board.

The prisoners are brought into the facility. Sally, still not fully assembled and all her body parts strapped to Ben's back, says this is fun and tells Ben this would be a "grrreat" time to stay calm and not start an all-in brawl. Ben tells her he knows exactly what she means. Boba demands Annie hand Jim over to him, because he knows where Obi-Wan Kenobi is. Annie says he won't talk. Boba says he'll take him to a place where his brain can be sliced into molecule-thick layers and read out. Jim declares he'll talk. He claims that he, Han, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Boba says that's not true, that's impossible. Ben declares that he, Chewbacca, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Annie switches back to Princess to declare that she, Princess, is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Sally declares that she, C-3PO, is not. Boba declares enough with this nonsense, he'll read the truth from Jim's pickled neurons. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and orders Jim tied up. Sally says the time to act is not now. Ben swats aside a Clone Trooper. Jim rushes forward and tells Ben to stop, because he, Jim, has a plan. Ben stops and asks if Jim's serious. Jim admits he doesn't have a plan, but Ben was about to get himself killed, and that Jim isn't worth that. Annie switches back to Princess and kisses Jim before they're pulled away. She tells Jim she loves him. Jim starts to make a full confession. He was the one who led Vader to Yavin. He also led the Empire to Thila and Teardrop. He deliberately blew up that Imperial droid probe on Hoth to alert the Empire to their presence. He was the one who organized the ambush here on Cloud City. And each time he "heroically" saved the day so the Rebellion would reward him. And then he'd set them up again. He is the traitor. He sold out the Rebellion for money, five times. Annie tells him she knows. As Jim is being lowered into the freezing pit, Annie asks if there's anything else. Jim admits that since Sally suspected "us", he let Lando know she'd be a pain in the neck about droid slavery, and knew Lando would deal with her. Sally replies that this comes as a surprise to her. As Jim is lowered further into the pit, he declares he'll break his bonds, flip out of the chamber concealed by the rising steam, rip open a hose, and freeze the bad guys! The GM tells him to roll for breaking his bonds. He rolls a 17 and does so. The GM tells him to roll to leap out of the pit. He rolls a 2 and the freezing alcohol pours onto him. He decides that he'll adopt a scary pose so the enemy will run away in fear while he thaws. Jim is completely frozen and the block of frozen alcohol with him inside is taken out and placed before everyone, with Jim frozen in his "scary" pose.

Corey and Pete are shocked to learn Jim is the traitor. Jim tells them to relax, it's just roleplaying, and explains how Annie showed him he didn't need to play a good guy all the time. He reveals it began on the Peace Moon when he and Chewbacca separated from the others. They were captured by Clone Troopers, and released on the condition that they lead the Peace Moon to the Rebel base. There's a flashback showing this happen as the GM plays Chewbacca (as he did at the time) talking about their negotiation with the Empire. Corey and Pete realize that means Ben's a traitor too. Ben resumes playing Chewbacca, saying it was a golden opportunity to be a treacherous lying bastard with a silver tongue. Pete complains that he comes here to get away from his day job. Corey realizes to his disgust that Jim was deliberately leaving Corey to die on Hoth by failing to report to General Rieekan that Corey was missing, and that when Sally told him Corey could be dead and they'd never know for sure, that it gave Jim the idea to find Corey's body and collect on the bounty. Jim cheerfully admits to this, and that when he found Corey alive, he was going to kill him until Corey mumbled, "More wealth...than you can imagine..." Jim says since they're now coming clean, where's this wealth? Corey reveals he was selectively quoting Obi-Wan just in case Jim was the traitor. Jim is indignant that Corey would betray him like that.

Lando examines Jim's frozen body and declares he's dead. He says the chamber isn't meant to be for freezing people and it shouldn't be done to Princess without a fair trial. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and agrees, ordering the chamber prepared for Starkiller. Boba declares he's taking Jim's frozen body. Jim asks if he should roll up a new character or take over playing Lando. The GM tells him to make it a new character because the GM has plans for Lando. Jim's cool with that and says they can all meet his new character when they reach the Dagger Bar. An Imperial Officer arrives and starts to say, "Starkiller-" but Annie finishes, "has arrived." The Officer feels unwanted. Annie tells him to escort Ben and Princess to Vader's ship. Lando wants to know why Ben's still a prisoner. Annie tells him because Ben was conspiring with Jim in their plan to defraud the Empire and support the Rebellion five times. Lando declares that this is his city, and he'll escort them. The Officer indignantly asks if he's chopped splanch.

Corey and Pete have landed and are cautiously making their way across a corridor in Cloud City. Pete offers to hack into the city's mainframe and download everything. Corey thinks this is a good idea, and asks him to find a map. They come across Boba Fett taking Han's frozen body with him. Boba mutters he needs Jabba's facilities. Corey asks, what? Boba overhears him and fires a couple of shots at them. Corey and Pete duck behind a corner. Corey asks Pete if he's got a map yet, and if they can double around behind Fett. Pete says it could be a long load. Corey tells him to hurry up. Pete replies that he doesn't want to misread. Corey decides that since Vader already knows they're here, he'll use Force Sense, only to learn that Fett has gone. Pete says maybe he took fright.

As Lando escorts the remaining prisoners, he contacts Robot, addressing him as "aide", and tells him to meet them in corridor 1138. Robot replies, "Lobot, sir." Annie switches back to Princess and tells Sally to tell Ben that she won't share a cell with him. Sally tells Ben that Annie insists on sharing a cell with him. Ben tells Annie not to pretend, since she revealed she knew Han was the traitor she must have known Ben was also a traitor, which makes her just as complicit as himself. Annie says that's different. Ben replies that it seems like she was just going along with Han, just like Ben was. Sally asks Annie if she knew Han was the traitor, and adds this came as a complete surprise to Sally, why didn't Annie turn him in earlier? Annie answers that there's good in Han, the Empire hadn't driven it from him fully. Ben asks her if she knows there's good in Han or just wants there to be. Annie admits she doesn't know, and says it makes no difference now that he's dead. Jim declares this is his best death ever and that all this roleplaying is really paying off.

Corey and Pete come across Ben, Annie, and Sally being escorted by Lando and the Clone Troopers. Corey calls out to them that it's a trap. Annie sarcastically thanks Corey. The Clone Troopers shoot at Corey, then rush the others away. Corey wonders if anyone's ever going to actually fight him.

As Corey enters a room, a door starts to descend, threatening to separate him from Pete. Pete tries to stop the door, but fails. He complains that the whole place is gritching out. He and Corey are separated.

Corey has entered the freezing facility. Annie switches back to Darth Vader and starts to confront him. But then they decide it's running late, and that they'll resume this on Tuesday.

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