Droidikar is a special page/game/activity found in the annotations of Episode 1138: You Dirty Fink. In essence, you unlock Darths and Droids themed Magic: The Gathering cards, designed by Andrew Shellshear. The name is based on Zendikar, an expansion for Magic.


Droidikar starts only with one card unlocked: The Lost Orb of Phanastacoria and only covers the first 3 Movies (as of the point of this writing).

If you click the lost orb, you are taken to a Page showing the Lost orb card, but where its name should be displayed you find a text field. You can unlock new cards by entering strings in the text field, if the string you enter matches an existing card you unlock it. If you enter only a single word and it is part of the Tiile of other cards, you get told how many cards include that word in their title.

You also unlock Achievements after unlocking a certain number of cards.


Droidikar is played like magic the gathering, but has some additional features and abilities.

Here is the transcript of the rules unlocked with the first Achievement:

Living CreatureEdit

All living Creatures in Droidikar have a Force (the number in the green circle) of 0 or more.

Creature Lacking a Force (such as Droids) are not living.

Use the ForceEdit

For cards that Use the Force, Choose (but don't tap) an untapped, living creature you control.

The variable F equals its Force.

Blast CountersEdit

Any artifact that has Blast counters greater than or equal to its converted mana cost, is destroyed as a state-based effect.

Blast XEdit

Choose one - Deal X damage to target creature or player; or put X Blast counters on target artifact.

Deflect XEdit

If a non-combat source would deal damage to <this>, prevent X of that damage. If a number of Blast counters would be placed on <this>, place X fewer instead.


Some equipment has an unequip Cost. This, uh, unequips the equipment from the creature. Use this ability as a sorcery.

List of CardsEdit

Card name Card type Cost
Acklay Creature - Beast 5B
Air is for Suckers Sorcery 3RR
Aiwha Equipment Creature - Dragon Whale 4U
Anakin Legendary Creature - Human Jedi 3BR
Attack Fighter Artifact - Vehicle Equipment 4
Backup Squad Instant X2WW
Bail Organa Legendary Creature - Human Rebel 5R
Bantha Creature - Beast 4G
Bar Patron Creature - Stereotype Thingy 1B
Bigger Fish Creature - Fish 3UU
Blaster Artifact - Weapon Equipment 2
Body Swap Instant 2U
Bongo Artifact - Vehicle Equipment 2U
Boss Nass Legendary Creature - Gungan Leader 2G
C-3PO Legendary Artifact Creature - Droid 2
Chancellor Valorum Legendary Creature - Human 2BBB
Charity Opera Sorcery 2WW
Cleaner Droids Artifact Creature - Droid 3
Cliffside Freedom Fighter Creature - Utapaun Rebel X3R
Clone Drop Ship Artifact creature - Vehicle 4W
Clone Medic Creature - Clone Soldier WW
Clone Sniper Creature - Clone Soldier 1WW
Clone Trooper Creature - Clone Soldier 1W
Clone Youngling Creature - Clone W
Clonifier Artifact 5U
Clouded Mind Enchantment - Aura 3B
Combat Cyborg Artifact Creature - Cyborg Soldier 3R
Combat Droid Artifact Creature - Droid 3
Coruscant Land - City Planet
Cyborg Guard Artifact Creature - Cyborg 1R
Cyborg Thug Artifact Creature - Cyborg 4R
Cyborgify Enchantment - Aura 1R
Dan And Olaf Legendary Creature - Stereotype Thingy 2GG
Darth Maul Legendary Creature - Shapeshifter Detective 3UU
Death Stick Dealer Creature - Human Stereotype 2B
Desert Storm Sorcery 2R
Dib Foundway Legendary Creature - Human Farmer W
Dinersaur Creature - Dinosaur 2GG
Dinosaur Pony Equipment Creature - Dinosaur 3G
Droid Mechanics Artifact Creature - Droid 1
Droid Squad Commander Artifact Creature - Droid 4
Droid Tank Artifact Creature - Droid 5
Droideka Artifact Creature - Droid 6
Eager Padawan Creature - Jedi 2W
Eaten By Dogs Sorcery XBB
Electric Mosquito Launcher Tribal Artifact - Gungan Weapon 4G
Electric Mosquito Soap Bubble Creature - Bubble 1G
Electric Ten Foot Pole Artifact - Weapon Equipment 1
EMP Torpedo Sorcery 3G
Energy Shield Enchantment - Aura 2W
Exotic Journey Sorcery 1G
Exploding Ship Trap Instant - Trap 3RR
Extreme Force Arm-Wrestle Sorcery - Midi-chlorian 2BB
Factory Trap Artifact - Factory Trap 3R
Fambaa Creature - Dinosaur 5G
Fate Manipulation Instant - Midi-chlorian U
First Blood Sorcery R
Force Arm-Wrestle Instant - Midi-chlorian 1G
Force Choke Sorcery - Midi-chlorian B
Force Dominate Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 2UU
Force Guidance Instant - Midi-chlorian 2W
Force Jump Instant - Midi-chlorian G
Force Levitation Instant - Midi-chlorian U
Force Lightning Instant - Midi-chlorian W
Force Pike Instant - Midi-chlorian 2U
Force Push Instant - Midi-chlorian R
Force Reflect Instant - Midi-chlorian W
Force Resurrect Sorcery - Midi-chlorian 1B
Force Subjugate Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura B
Forcefield Trap Enchantment - Aura Trap 3W
General Grievous Legendary Artifact Creature - Cyborg 4RR
Geonosian Factory Foreman Creature - Geonosian 3B
Genosian Judge Creature - Geonosian 1B
Geonosis Land - Volcano Planet
Geyser Trap Sorcery - Trap X2G
Giant Wheel Thing Artifact Creature - Juggernaut 5R
Give In to Your Feelings Sorcery - Midi-chlorian 1R
Guardian Master Creature - Jedi 5W
Gungan Captain Creature - Gungan Warrior 4G
Gungan Chef Creature - Gungan 2B
Gungan Force Field Generator Tribal Artifact - Gungan 3G
Gungan Grand Army Tribal Sorcery - Gungan 5GG
Gungan Herald Creature - Gungan 1G
Gungan Scout Creature - Gungan 2G
Handmaiden Substitution Sorcery 1G
Hidden Sniper Sorcery 1R
Hive Denizen Creature - Geonosian Warrior 2B
Hospital Droid Artifact Creature - Droid 3
Human Pilot Who Repeats Things Creature - Human Pilot 1R
Hutt Patriarch Creature - Hutt 1R
Inevitable Waterfall Instant - Trap 4UU
Inscrutable Master Creature - Jedi 4U
Intellectual Master Creature - Kaminoan Jedi 1U
Intricate Attack Plan Sorcery 4U
Invisible Hand Legendary Artifact Creature - Vehicle 5B
Jango Fett Legendary Creature - Human Detective 3B
Jar Jar Binks Legendary Creature - Gungan General 1GG
Jar Jar, You're A Genius! Sorcery 5G
Jawa Scavengers Creature - Jawa B
Jedi Council Summons Instant U
Jedi Librarian Creature - Jedi Librarian 2U
Jedi Training Enchantment - Aura 1U
Junkyard Overseer Creature - Racist Stereotype 3B
Kamino Land - Water Planet
Kaminoan Administrator Creature - Kaminoan U
Kaminoan Overseer Creature - Kaminoan 3U
Kashyyyk Land - Jungle Planet
Kouhun Trap Sorcery - Trap 3BB
Laser Sword Artifact - Weapon Equipment 2
Lavafy Enchantment - Aura 1R
Le Comte Dooku Legendary Creature - Human Jedi 4RR
Leap of Faith Instant W
Lift Operator Artifact Creature - Droid 2
Mace Windu Legendary Creature - Human Jedi 3WW
Malastare Racer Creature - Villainous Stereotype 3B
Marketplace Water Seller Creature - Human G
Midi-chlorian Infusion Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 1R
Militiagung Creature - Gungan Warrior XG
Moisture Farmer Creature - Human Farmer 2W
Moment of Awesome Instant 3W
Naboo Land - Sponge Planet
Naboo Guardsmen Creature - Human Soldier 2W
Nexu Creature - Beast 1GG
Nute Gunray Legendary Creature - Racist Stereotype 2B
Obi-Wan Kenobi Legendary Creature - Human Jedi 4U
Padme Legendary Creature - Human Queen 2WW
Patient Master Creature - Jedi 3W
Peace Moon Artifact - Moon Vehicle 8
Pod Racer Artifact - Vehicle Equipment 2R
Prophetic Dream Sorcery 1U
Protocol Hack Enchantment - Aura 1UU
Qui-Gon Jinn Legendary Creature - Human Jedi 3RR
R2-D2 Legendary Artifact Creature - Droid 4
Reek Equipment Creature - Beast 3R
Repair Artifact Sorcery U
Saberdart Instant - Weapon 2B
Senator Palpatine Legendary Creature - Human 2U
Shaak Equipment Creature - Beast 1W
Shmi, Mob Boss Legendary Creature - Human Slave 1BB
Sio Bibble Legendary Creature - Human Advisor 2W
Sith Hunt Sorcery 3BB
Space Dreadnought Artifact Creature - Vehicle 8
Spy Drone Artifact Creature - Droid 1U
Tatooine Land - Desert Planet
The Lost Orb of Phanastacoria Legendary Artifact 6
The Path of Fear to Anger Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura [B/R]
The Path of Heroism to Pride Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 3WR
The Path of Humility to Injustice Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 2WB
The Path of Nurturing to Weakness Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 1GB
The Path of Passion to Jealousy Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura RU
The Path of Patriotism to Totalitarianism Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 4GW
The Path of Power to Suffering Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura 5UB
Trade Federation Battleship Artifact - Vehicle 6
Trade Federation Flunky Creature - Racist Stereotype 2B
Trade Federation Sphere Artifact Creature 6
Trooper Cannon Artifact - Equipment 4W
Trooper Reinforcements Enchantment 2WW
Tusken Raider Creature - Tusken 1R
Tusken Sniper Creature - Tusken 1RR
Underwater Oxygen Extraction Apparatus Artifact - Equipment 2U
Varactyl Equipment Creature - Beast 4R
Wilderness Master Creature - Jedi 3GG
Wookiee Cameo Appearance Creature - Wookiee 3G
Yoda Legendary Creature - Little Green Thingy 4GG
You Will Let Me Through Enchantment - Midi-chlorian Aura B
Youngling Prodigy Creature - Human Jedi W
Zam Wessel Legendary Creature - Shapeshifter Mercenary 3U
Secret Orders Enchantment - Aura 2B

NOTE: This list is incomplete, the Starred Entries are Cards that are not yet unlocked.

Words that haven't appeared yet Edit

Some words we know appear a certain number of times, yet we haven't seen it yet.

Word Number of appearces Number we know of Unknown cards with this word
Droid 5 4 1
Factory 2 1 1
Federation 3 2 1
Force 14 12 2
Geonosian 2 1 1
Gungan 6 5 1
Hive 1 0 1
Hutt 1 0 1
Jawa 1 0 1
Kaminoan 2 0 2
Trade 3 2 1
Things 1 0 1 Water 1 0 1

Special ReactionEdit

Some strings result not in a card but instead give a, sometimes humorous, response or a hint on how to get hard to guess cards.

String Entered Response
Alliance Yes, but what *kind* of alliance?
Banding Banned, indeed.
Beast Favourite Beast: Greater Gargadon
Blast Clones are pretty decent at this.
Chewbacca It's only a cameo appearance.
Chewie Chewbacca, please, old chap.
Clones Just the one. Per card, I mean, obviously there are lots of clones, that's the whole point.
Creature feature!
Deathtouch Not appearing in this set.
Defender Like that funny cow beast Anakin rode?
Dragon Favourite Dragon: Still gotta be Dragon Whelp.
Droidikar Why... that's the name of the set!
Eldrazi My favourite draft format ever.
Elf Favourite Elf: Rofellos.
Empire What came before the empire?
Enchant This is not the phrase you're looking for.
Enchantment Dominating mosquitos clouded through the path to the secret lava forcefield, subjugating the cyborg reinforcements training on shield protocol infusion.
Equip Lots of that going on in this set.
Exile Exiling artifacts and creatures in your graveyard is a cyborg subtheme.
Fight While there are a couple of fighters in Droidikar, none of them fight. Bit of a flavour fail. Still, there is one Ramboesque fight card.
Flash Look out! It's a trap!
Flying What, like the Geonosians?
Forestwalk If a foot falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Make a stealth check.
Greedo Greedo v 1.0 lasts exactly one strip, and doesn't get a card. It's very sad.
Han Do you mean Greedo?
Haste Let's not get hasty, now. Unless you're a racer, of course.
Hexproof Not here, it ain't.
Hope Despair, ye mighty, for this is not on a card.
Indestructible Just the card above me.
Innistrad Terrific format, my second favourite ever
Instant Inevitably, levitating backup pikes dart, jump, push and leap as they summon awesome exploding lightning, and guide or manipulate swapped arms.
Intimidate It used to be 'fear', but the flavour fail angered people.
Islandwalk You'd want a Gungan (or a Gungan artifact vehicle) to help with that.
Land The Savage Wastelands are not to be travelled lightly.
Leia Droidikar covers only Episodes I-III, and Leia is just a cameo.
Lifelink Like in Moment of HEROISM, or Ajani's PRIDEmate?
Lucas Awesome dude, but not appearing in this set.
Luke Droidikar covers only Episodes I-III, and Luke is just a cameo.
Magic It's why we're here.
Malevolence *shakes fist* Get off my space lawn!
Menace Grr!
New But wait... there's more! Order now and get TWICE THE HOPE.
Mountainwalk You'd think creatures with mountainwalk would also have reach. FLAVOUR FAIL.
Olie Try describing him.
Phantasmal You'd think so, as some kind of Illusion creature which dies if you target it, but nooooooope. Not in Droidikar.
Plainswalk The most hilarious of all walks.
Planet It was fun working out what colours to match with the planets.
Protection It doesn't take a leap of faith to realise that this is good.
Queen She issa very old and smart.
Ravnica One of the best sets ever.
Reach We're not talking about reaching for the lift button, here.
Rebel If Star Wars rebels worked like Magic rebels, the Empire would have been toast long ago.
Rebellion What are they rebelling against?
Regenerate Best done in a hospital.
Republic Perhaps alliance might get somewhere more productive
Ric He is a person who is a human and describes things.
Sacrifice Mob bosses are most likely to ask for sacrifice.
Shroud None in this set. I actually prefer hexproof, myself, although they can both be miserable to play against.
Silence SILENCE WILL FALL. Wait, what's that? Wrong franchise? Oh, that's rather embarrassing.
Skywalker ...walking skies!
Slave Not referring to droids, of course.
Soldier Favourite Soldier: Ajani's Pridemate. Many DotP games won with that card.
Sorcery Substitute sniper dogs feel geysers of air, and dream of hunting repaired torpedoes in grand intricate operas.
Star See also 'Lucas'
Steven a.k.a. Irgy
Swampwalk Yo!
Tap Blue is good at tapping things. Water comes out of taps. CO-INCIDENCE? Yes.
Tarkir Enjoying it so far! Just saw the spoiler for Ugin, very cool.
Theros Lovely flavour. I could never resist Minotaur tribal.
Trample Lots of things (or Jedi) in the wilderness get this skill.
Tribal I'm sympathetic to Maro's position that the tribal type was a mistake, but Droidikar doesn't have to introduce new players to the game, nor support the health of the game in the long term. So hooray, there are a few Gungan tribal cards!
Untap I'd like to offer you some guidance on a card that does this...
Utapaun a.k.a. Bruce Spence on a bad shaving day, described rather than named.
Vampire Favourite Vampire: Can't go past Sengir.
Vigilance Requires patience to master.
Volcano Pointy and dangerous, containing enough hotness to burn the average man to death. This man!
Warrior Favourite Warrior: Boldwyr Intimidator. Not good, but so cool.
Weapon Droidikar has a subtheme of weapons, overseen by a weapon fetching creature.
Whale And a flying one, yet!
Zendikar Never really got the hang of this one - always tried big slow decks and got slaughtered by vampires.

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