Darth Maul
Darh Maul Droidikar
Mana Cost 3UU
Type Legendary Creature - Shapeshifer Detective
Power 3
Toughness 4
Force 4

Darth Maul is a legendary creature, based on the private detective in The Phantasmal Malevolence.


  • Uncloak 2(U)[1] (2(U), exchange this card in your hand with target creature you control on the battlefield. Attacking and blocking assignments stay the same.)
  • if you would untap Darth Maul, you may instead return him to your hand.


  • His ability uncloak alludes to the fact that he is a shapeshifter.
  • Despite baring the title Darth, his type doesn't list him as a Jedi.
    • Furthermore, he is the only character with a Force higher than 3 that doesn't possess Deflect.


  1. Blue Mana

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