Corde was an NPC, a loyal decoy for Senator Padme Amidala when she flew to Coruscant to vote on a bill for creating a Grand Army of the Republic.

Silence of the Clones Edit

After the ship landed on Coruscant, a Guard warned Padme that there were rumors of an attempt on her life. Padme ordered R2 to search for traps. R2 replied in the affirmative. Padme's current loyal decoy, Corde confidently walked down the boarding ramp, when suddenly it exploded, right under her. R2 claimed that he thought Padme told him to look for Schnappes. Corde was now lying on the dock, dying. Padme rudely interrogated her, demanding that she admit that "Bubble" planted that bomb. Corde just stammered confusedly and died.