Cloud City is a city located in the skies of the gas planet Bespin. It is described by C-3PO as being "kind of mushroom shaped, with a big round living area and a long stalk below". Floating 60,000 kilometres above the planet's core, the city has 392 levels, including an execution chamber located near a landing platform designated platform 327, and an alcohol freezing chamber. It has a population of five million organics and ten million droid workers, which are treated in full compliance with the Servitor Droid Maintenance Guidelines mentioned by Lando.

Most of the city's economy rests on the exportation of exotic booze they presumably create with the high concentration of alcohol in the planet's atmosphere.

Control of the city was usurped by the Trade Federation after they hacked the droids and systems in a grand droid revolution spearheaded by Nute Gunray, long believed deceased.

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