Clone Troopers are NPCs, cloned from Jango Fett. Fett used the Force to make them obey him, but when he died, it left them extremely suggestible, not to mention stupid. They are loyal to the current Empire running the Galaxy.

The Silence of the Clones Edit

Obi-Wan, Padme Amidala, and the Jedi were caught in a standoff with Battle Droids in an arena on Geonosis. Finally Yoda had arrived on his ship, and he brought all the Clone Troopers from Kamino with him. The Troopers were all loyal to Jango Fett and with his death, they lost their connection to the Force. Yoda used Force Suggestion to get them all to obey him.

Yoda's ship was an open troop carrier where the clones fired on the droids and were able to swarm out into the arena. Yoda urged the Jedi and the other players to come onboard. Everybody except R2 made it onto the carrier, and it took off, leaving R2 behind. He decided to head back to the ship he, Padme, and Anakin came in on by making his way back through the droid factory.

On the troop carrier, Obi-Wan explained to Yoda why the Kaminoans were led to believe that the Jedi Council had ordered them to create the clones. Yoda reinstated Obi-Wan as Jedi. Anakin asked if he could be reinstated too. Yoda wanted to know what Anakin had done to deserve reinstatement. Anakin claimed that he'd deduced that Dooku was a Sith lord, out to use the Force for Evil. Yoda reinstated Anakin and told Mace Windu that he'd still be needed.

Outside the arena, Yoda led the Jedi and clones on an attack of Trade Federation droids and troop ships, leaving Padme, Obi-Wan, and Anakin the only ones on the troop carrier with only a small handful of clones. They spotted Dooku escaping on his hoverbike into the desert. Anakin decided to protect Padme by keeping her out of harm's way, and pushed her off the carrier into the desert.

Padme was stranded in the desert, when she met a Clone Trooper whom Anakin had also pushed out of the carrier to protect Padme. She decided they should run to the cave fight.

In the desert, Padme was picked up by another troop carrier and reaches the cave just as Dooku had left it. He fired at Dooku's ship but missed.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

Separatist forces, apparently led by General Grievous, raided the planet Coruscant and captured Chancellor Palpatine. The Seperatist forces were orbiting the planet, getting ready to leave with their captive, when Obi-Wan and Anakin led a small rescue force to attack them. Obi-Wan and Anakin were each piloting their own fighter ship, R2-D2 was co-piloting Anakin's ship as his astromech droid (which every Republic fighter ship had). They were accompanied by two other fighter ships, and these ships were both piloted by Clone Troopers.

Anakin used the Force to detect Palpatine and was able to locate which dreadnought ship he was on. The 4 Republic fighter ships headed towards that ship, fighting thousands of Separatist ships. R2 ordered the clones to flank the fighters piloted by Obi-Wan and Anakin, but since there were only 2 clones, they both quickly got dispatched by the enemy.

After Obi-Wan and Anakin had rescued Palpatine, and learned that Grievous had fled to the planet Utapau, they made their goodbyes to each other and Obi-Wan boarded a transport full of Clone Troopers led by Commander Cody. He recorded his thoughts, voicing suspicions about Anakin, Padme, R2, and Yoda, and realized that he was the only one who could do what must be done. Obi-Wan headed for Utapau.

When Obi-Wan arrived on Utapau, he attempted to arrest Grievous. He had to fight him in a laser sword duel, where he managed to slice off one of Grievous' four arms. He tried to move closer to strike. Obi-Wan was able to Dodge the 3 arms and slice off one of them. As Clone Troopers arrived on the scene, Obi-Wan used Force Push on Grievous, sending him flying. Grievous tried to escape in a vehicle, a giant metal fun ball. Obi-Wan tried to dodge it by riding his varactyl, and the varactyl jumped down onto the wall of a cliff. The impact caused Obi-Wan to drop his laser sword. It landed near a Clone Trooper who picked it up.

After persuading Chancellor Palpatine to turn on all the Jedi,Anakin began leading a legion of Clone Troopers to the Jedi Temple.

On Utapau, the Clone Troopers there were mopping up the Federation forces. Commander Cody handed Obi-Wan back his laser sword while Obi-Wan was riding his varactyl. Obi-Wan rode his varactyl up a cliff wall to cut off the Federation forces' escape route. At that moment, Chancellor Palpatine contacted Cody. Palpatine hemmed and hawed a bit before telling Cody that the Jedi had become a threat. Cody instantly believed him, and eagerly offered to kill the Jedi. When Palpatine reluctantly admitted that was what he wanted the clones to do, Cody enthusiastically agreed to do it. He called up to Obi-Wan on the rock face to tell him it had been an honor serving under him, then he blasted the rock face, causing Obi-Wan and the varactyly to fall a great distance into a pool of water. Cody was confident that no one could survive that, as Obi-Wan quietly climbed out of the pool.

All across the Galaxy, Clone Troopers approached their Jedi, politely offered their apologies, then unhesitatingly slaughtered their Jedi. Yoda felt a great disturbance in the Force as the Jedi died.

Two Clone Troopers approached Yoda to offer their apologies. Yoda leaped over them and decapitated both of them with his laser sword. Yoda decided to go back to Coruscant.

At the Jedi Temple, a Jedi Youngling asked Anakin what they should do. Anakin responded by turning on his laser sword. Anakin killed the boy and he and the Clone Troopers with him slaughtered all the Jedi and their Younglings in the temple.

Yoda tried to urge the Wookies to change sides and join the Federation droids to fight the clones, but the Wookies refused. All but one Wookie, Chewbacca who was still Yoda's friend and would continue to help him. This made Chewbacca an outcast among the Wookies. Yoda told Chewbacca to run away and never look back, as he left Kashyyyk on his spaceship.

A New Generation Edit

19 years later, Captain Antilles, Princess, R2-D2, and C-3PO were all part of the Rebellion against the Empire and its corrupt Senate and were aboard a starship that had acquired the secret plans of the Peace Moon. They were trying to head back to Alderaan with the plans, but R2 had hacked into the starship's main computer and taken the ship off course to Tattooine, because he'd become obsessed with getting back his dreadnought that Obi-Wan borrowed to go to Tattooine and never gave back. They'd run into an Imperial Star Destroyer that R2 had opened fire on. The Destroyer caught the ship in a tractor beam and pulled it into a docking bay. Antilles led the ship's Rebel Soldiers, preparing to ambush the Clone Troopers when they came aboard and loot their Destroyer. When the Troopers boarded the ship, they traded fire with Antilles' soldiers. Antilles and his men fell back.

R2 led a reluctant 3PO trying to get to an airlock that would lead to the Destroyer. They ran into Antilles and his men retreating from the Clone Troopers. The Troopers had been firing at the Rebel Soldiers, but hadn't hit anything. 3PO didn't think they could get in between the crossfire without getting hit, but the Troopers recognized R2 and 3PO as civilians, and deliberately fired around them to avoid hitting them. R2 and 3PO passed safely through the hallway the fight was taking place in. Antilles was made confident by the Troopers' poor marksmanship and ordered his men to fire back at them. Suddenly, there was a pause among the Troopers, and then they fired back as one with chilling efficiency, slaughtering all of the Rebel Soldiers. Antilles, the only survivor, retreated. Into the hallway strode a figure in black armor and a black helmet that completely covered his body, and a black cape. This was Darth Vader.

Antilles was captured and was taken before Vader. Vader had Antilles in a chokehold as the Clone Trooper Commander informed Vader that the Peace Moon plans weren't in the main computer. Vader demanded that Antilles tell him these plans or Vader would kill him, but Antilles refused. He then went into a long, rambling, confusing monologue that tried to praise the "heroic sacrifices" of Kyle Katarn, Bria Tharen, and Bail Organa while at the same time trying to deny any knowledge or involvement in their actions. Finally, Vader told Antilles to shut up or he'd kill him. Antilles tried to claim Diplomatic Immunity. Vader told him it had been revoked, and tightened his chokehold, killing Antilles.

Four Clone Troopers were approaching Princess' hiding place. She stepped forward and fired at them. She was able to hit the first one, but it left her open to the others firing back at her. She attempted to dodge, but failed, and was shot in the back.

Princess recovered and was taken to Vader. Vader demanded she tell him where the Peace Moon plans were, but Princess defiantly refused, proudly declaring herself a part of the Rebellion. Vader ordered her taken away.

On the Peace Moon, Vader confronted Princess, who was being held prisoner there. He told her that they were on the trail of those Peace Moon plans, that they'd already managed to trace those plans as far as to a "desert Rebel hideout" who's defensive arsenal impressed even Vader. But the lubrication oil was contaminated with dust, causing the hideout's weapons to jam, so Vader's troops overran the place (indicating it was Clone Troopers who killed Owen Lars and Beru Lars). Vader had a sadistic droid, IT-0, interrogate Princess.

As Obi-Wan, Luke, 3PO, and R2 entered the city of Mos Eisley on Luke's hovercar, R2 was outraged when he saw that Mos Eisley was made up from pieces of his beloved dreadnought because he knew what that meant: the natives had torn apart his dreadnought and used it to build Mos Eisley. They were stopped by a squad of Clone Troopers, who informed them the Troopers were looking for a dangerous lunatic and two droids, and that the lunatic was a home-schooled survivalist from an off-grid compound. The Troopers asked them if they'd seen anything unusual lately. Luke claimed he hadn't. Obi-Wan asked what this lunatic looked like. The Troopers replied that he looked just like Luke, then asked Luke and Obi-Wan if they'd seen anyone of that description. Obi-Wan said he hadn't aside from Luke and asked Luke if he had a twin. Luke replied no, not that he was aware of. Obi-Wan apologized for not being more help. The Troopers let them go, but suggested to Luke that he could come patrol with them when he was not too busy to give people a better idea of what this lunatic looked like, no offense.

When Obi-Wan, Luke, 3PO, and R2 entered a cantina, R2 was forced to leave because of his bad reputation, while 3PO volunteered to wait outside with him. Outside the cantina, R2 and 3PO noticed that Troopers had spotted Luke's hovercar, noticed that it matched the description they'd been given, and actually seemed to realize that it must be the hovercar they were looking for. R2 tried to hack into the dreadnought's weapons systems. He hacked into something, and turned it on before finding out what it was. It turned out that what he hacked into was something that turned on some really loud music, music so loud that the Troopers left just to get away from it. R2 considered that a victory.

In the cantina, Obi-Wan and Luke met Chewbacca who introduced them to Greedo. Greedo spoke with a thick, Space Italian accent. Obi-Wan repeated his request of a fast ship to Naboo and no questions asked, but Greedo, with his stereotypical Italian, phrased nearly everything he said in the form of a question. Obi-Wan played this to his advantage, offering Greedo and Chewbacca payment in two thousand credits now, plus fifteen thousand more when they reach Naboo, minus one thousand for each additional question. Greedo, still phrasing nearly everything he said as a question, inadvertently reduced the price from seventeen thousand total to thirteen thousand. Some Troopers entered the cantina, and Obi-Wan and Luke sneaked out the back door. It turned out that these Troopers had spotted Luke's hovercar, but the only reason they were interested was to inform the owner that one of the taillights was broken. Greedo and Chewbacca realized they needed to get themselves a ship.

At Mos Eisley, Clone Troopers knocked on the door of a house, asking if there were any droids there. 3PO emerged and told them there weren't. The Troopers believed her (even though C-3PO was quite obviously a droid) and left. 3PO asked R2 why he cared so much about the dreadnought. R2 explained that it was his, and that if he gave up now, it won. 3PO told him he couldn't control the things he loved, that the bulkheads of the dreadnought were being used to house people now, and it was time to let go. R2 resignedly agreed, consoling himself that Mos Eisley was now a bustling hive of scum and villainy, a thriving market town, all thanks to his dreadnought.

Luke and Obi-Wan reunited with 3PO and R2 as they went off to the spaceport to meet Greedo and Chewbacca. Luke wanted to know why all the Clone Troopers they'd met were such total idiots. Obi-Wan explained that their clone father had installed a failsafe in them in the event of his death. Jango Fett thought it would kill them, but all it really killed was their connection to the Force, which had left them extremely suggestible unless they were controlled by a strong Force user. The way Obi-Wan said this, indicated that he realized there was a sinister implication in this.

Obi-Wan, Luke, R2, and 3PO met Greedo and Chewbacca at the Millenium Falcon. Greedo announced that he just found out he was adopted and that his real name was Han Solo. When Luke asked him what happened to his accent, Han (as Greedo will be called from now on) only replied, "What accent?" Everyone except Han had gone onboard, when suddenly Garindan led a squad of Troopers into the spaceport, ordering the Troopers to stop them. Han fired on them and rushed onboard. He asked which way to the bridge. Obi-Wan pointed out the trail of duct tape labeled, "This way to the bridge". Han and Chewbacca desperately tried to get the Falcon started, which neither of them had ever been on board before, while trying to pretend to the others that they know all about flying it. Somehow they managed to get the Falcon in orbit, but they were approached by two Imperial Star Destroyers who began firing on them. Through trial and error (including Han frantically mashing on every control he could get his hands on) they were finally able to get the Falcon safely into hyperspace.

The Millenium Falcon later flew onto the Peace Moon's hangar. Onboard the Peace Moon, the Imperials assumed the Falcon must be full of tourists, and prepared a welcome for them. Tarkin placed Vader in charge of the welcome, and advised him not to kill any of the tourists. When Vader arrived at the docking bay where the Falcon had landed, Captain Khurgee told him that nobody came out. Vader ordered him to tear the ship apart, and if they found nothing, to eject it out into space to be used as target practice, and not to bother getting out of the ship before they ejected it. After Vader left, Khurgee ordered the Clone Troopers with him to tear apart the Falcon while he stayed outside to, uh, supervise.

The Troopers had no idea how they were supposed to tear apart the Falcon, but they noticed all the duct tape inside the ship and removed it. Assuming this would cause the Falcon to fall apart in a matter of time, they left. After they left, Han, Obi-Wan, 3PO, R2, Luke and Chewbacca emerged from their hiding places in secret compartments. Han declared that he had a plan.

Outside the Falcon, two Troopers were left standing guard of it, when the two-member Welcoming Crew arrived with a package of leis, champagne, and space-pineapple juice for the non-drinkers. They came onboard and were promptly dispatched by Han and Luke. Han called out to the two Troopers to come onboard and enjoy the champagne. They came onboard and were also dispatched.

Clone Troopers started to enter the holding cells area. Han and Chewbacca started shooting them and retreated further into the cells, where they met up with Luke and Princess. Luke contacted C-3PO and asked if there was another way out of here besides from where they came. 3PO told him they were near a chute. Luke asked if it was safe. 3PO started to say that R2-D2 said it was safe, then Princess grabbed a blaster and shot the chute open, jumping right through it. 3PO finished by saying that R2 meant it was safe for droids. Han ordered Chewbacca to jump in, and he reluctantly did so. Luke decided to trick the Troopers by yelling for R2 to teleport them out of there, then jumped through the chute. Han followed, but wondered what happened to the teleport.

3PO and R2 were still at the station overlooking the hangar when they heard a "knock knock" sound on the station door. 3PO asked, who's there? A voice answered, Clones. 3PO asked, Clones of Who? The voice admitted, clones of someone terrible at knock knock jokes.

At the station overlooking the hangar, a Clone Trooper finally came up with the punchline, "Clone with the wind". 3PO opened the door and congratulated him on doing a knock knock joke. She told the Clone Troopers that now it was their turn to go inside the station, close the door and wait for her and R2 to come up with a good knock knock joke. The Clone Troopers completely believed her and went in the station while she and R2 left.

Obi-Wan discovered that the Orb housing at the top of that tower was empty. Two Clone Troopers entered the catwalk while Obi-Wan was concealed on the other side of the tower top. The Troopers were gossiping about all the accidents and malfunctions that had happened today (actually the actions of the Falcon's passengers and crew), speculating on rumors that there was some kind of Moon Ghost, a malevolent phantasm haunting the Peace Moon, and that next thing they knew, they'd be hearing spooky noises in the corridors. Obi-Wan used the Force to make a spooky noise in the corridor behind them. This distracted the Troopers long enough for Obi-Wan to slip out unnoticed.

Han, Princess, Luke, and Chewbacca had reached a corridor with a window overlooking the hangar where the Falcon was landed. Han pointed out the Falcon to Princess. She was able to point out all sorts of dangerous design flaws on it, especially the lightspeed generator. She explained that her late father, Bail Organa, used to teach her about "hot rods" before his death. Han (and R2) thought the fact that the Falcon was dangerous to fly only made it more awesome. They ran into a small squad of Clone Troopers. Han shot one. Luke told him to shoot again, but Han was out of ammo. Han charged the squad and they retreated. Han ordered Chewbacca to follow him, and he reluctantly did so.

Han and Chewbacca chased the small squad into a room where the squad was joined by a much bigger squad of Clone Troopers. Han retreated, but not before grabbing a new blaster, which he fired back at the Clone Troopers as he and Chewbacca retreated.

Princess and Luke ran into another group of Clone Troopers and retreated. Luke contacted R2 for directions. R2 led them to the "Gungan Divorium", actually a large ravine where they couldn't see the bottom, onto one edge of an unfinished bridge. Some Clone Troopers on a higher platform across the other side started firing at them. Luke fired back and decided to use his grappling hook. He tossed the hook and it wrapped around an exposed pole. Princess kissed Luke. Luke asked why she did that. She explained that she wanted to kiss somebody before she died. Princess held on to Luke as he managed to swing them safely to the other side.

Han and Chewbacca were still retreating from the Clone Troopers. A type of sliding door started closing ahead of them. They were able to leap through the closing gap before it closed up completely, safely sealing them off from the Troopers.

Princess and Luke reunited with Han and Chewbacca, just outside the hangar. R2 and 3PO were on the opposite side of the hangar. Everyone agreed they should try to make their way to the Falcon and escape except R2, who wanted to get the Orb. When 3PO started to head for the Falcon, R2 reluctantly went with her.

Vader and Obi-Wan continued to duel. Obi-Wan told Vader that Obi-Wan knew Vader was using the Force to control the Clone Troopers, and without Vader's malevolent influence, they'd be harmless. Their duel had led them to an open corridor next to the Falcon, which distracted the Troopers guarding the Falcon, who rushed over to get a better look at the fight.

Princess, Luke, Han, Chewbacca, R2, and 3PO noticed the Troopers leaving their post at the Falcon. They started to make their way to the Falcon when they saw what had distracted the Troopers. Vader continued dueling Obi-Wan. Princess told her dad to stop embarrassing her. Han thought this must mean Obi-Wan was her dad. Vader ordered his clones to shoot Obi-Wan's friends. Obi-Wan used Force Persuade to tell the clones not to. The clones obeyed him. Vader attacked with Force Disintegrate. Knowing there was no way he could beat that after being distracted from taking over the clones, Obi-Wan just let Vader strike him with his laser sword, killing Obi-Wan and disintegrating his body. Luke was horrified. Vader ordered his clones to attack them, and left. Luke shot the Troopers in a blind rage. Princess urged Luke to get on the Falcon. They along with Han, R2, 3PO, and Chewbacca made it back into the Falcon. Chewbacca informed Han that since the Falcon was facing the hangar, Han would need to get it into reverse. Han pulled a random switch that luckily happened to be reverse, and the Falcon escaped the Peace Moon.

Any remaining Clone Troopers onboard the Peace Moon were killed along with everyone else onboard when Luke blew it up.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

At the door of a dining lounge in Cloud City, "Freddo" (actually Han Solo using an old identity of his, Freddo) commented that he'd been to Dagobah a few times to drop supplies, but he'd never- at that moment, the door opened revealing Vader inside. "Freddo" drew his blaster and fired several shots at Vader, but they all missed. Darth Vader greeted Vader's daughter. "Leia" (actually Princess) said she should've seen this coming. As the lounge swarmed with Clone Troopers, Lando expressed surprise that Vader and the others knew each other. Boba Fett also came forward and related in flashback how when Obi-Wan killed Boba's father, Darth Maul, Boba's adoptive father, Jango Fett sought revenge against Obi-Wan by financing the clone army to resurrect the Trade Federation. "Leia" expressed disbelief that Jango would buy an entire army and plunge the Galaxy into war over one person. "Freddo" asked why Jango didn't just shoot Obi-Wan. Boba replied, "I know, right?" Boba continued in flashback to relate how Jango had his mother Zam Wessel shapeshift into Mace Windu to embezzle the Jedi's funds to pay for the clone army and sent Boba himself, only a boy at the time, to infiltrate the Jedi archives while posing as a Jedi Youngling to erase the clone world of Kamino from the archives. When Jocasta Nu had told Obi-Wan all the archives' books on planets had been eaten by dogs, this was the result of that sabotage. But before Boba could leave the Jedi academy, he had to take part in a Jedi Youngling training exercise, and without Jedi reflexes, he was injured in the splanch, leaving him stuck in the same shape, unable to shapeshift. Jango offered to pay for Boba's operation, but only if Zam assassinated Padme with the alien centipedes. "Freddo" asked Boba if he wore a mask to hide a hideous visage. Boba replied, no, he looked like Jango, just like all the other clones, and that it was very confusing. Chewbacca pointed out that the clones were wearing masks too. Boba concluded his flashbacks by relating the by now familiar tale of how he blamed Obi-Wan for the deaths of his mother Zam and his adoptive father Jango (even though Obi-Wan didn't directly kill either of them). He knew Obi-Wan traveled with the others on the Millennium Falcon and declared he was going to force the truth out of them of where he could gain his vengeance on Obi-Wan. "Freddo" whispered to "Leia" to ask if she wanted to tell him that Obi-Wan was dead. "Leia" whispered back, "Hell, no."

In another room, Darth Vader set up Han to be tortured. Han asked if Vader was really going to torture him. Vader said until he told where Luke was. Han asked if then Vader would stop torturing him. Vader said no, and the torturing began. As Han screamed that Luke was in the Dagger Bar on Dagobah, just outside the room, Lando objected to Boba that this was a bit much. Boba told him that after Vader was done with the prisoner, he'd be turned over to Boba, and that once Boba wrung the truth of Obi-Wan Kenobi's whereabouts, he'd then surgically remove the prisoner's splanch to restore Boba's shapeshifting ability. Lando insisted that "Freddo" was no shapeshifter. Boba said that Han Solo was. Lando was stunned to learn they all thought Freddo was Han Solo, the man with the third biggest bounty in the Galaxy. Vader emerged from the room where Vader had been torturing Han and told Boba that Han was all his, but Vader wanted him still alive. Boba said Han would live as long as Kenobi was alive. Vader said that was comforting. Lando told Vader that as Freddo's parole officer he could vouch for Freddo that he wasn't this Han Solo they were looking for. Vader asked him if he could vouch for Senator Princess Organa. Lando asked who that was, and Vader told him it was Han's companion, the fugitive and Rebel leader. Lando asked Robot, whom he addressed as "aide" to look up the bounty on her. Robot replied, "Robot, sir," and began looking it up.

Some Clone Troopers arrived at the cell Chewbacca was being kept (where Chewbacca was reassembling a blown apart C-3PO and had turned her back on, but screwed her head on backwards), tossed Han into the cell, and left. Chewbacca pointed out to him that he shouldn't have assumed the identity of a shapeshifter. Some more Clone Troopers arrived, tossed Princess in the cell, and left. Princess asked Han what he blabbed to them. He said nothing, that he knew nothing. 3PO told him he was being too hard on himself, that he knew lots and lots. Chewbacca asked if Han told Obi-Wan's fate. Han denied it, and revealed that Boba cut him open to remove his splanch. Princess said, "You have a splanch?" Han said no, but at least now they knew he was not a shapeshifter. Chewbacca pointed out that they could think he shapeshifted his splanch, and if they thought that, they might remove every organ in his body. 3PO expressed concern and said this was a fine state of affairs. Princess replied, "You're telling me!" and listed all the troubles they were now in, including that 3PO got shot. 3PO said she didn't. Princess pointed out the Empire knew they were coming here, so there must be traitor high up in the Rebellion. 3PO said it wasn't Han, Chewbacca said it wasn't 3PO and that Luke and R2 didn't know they were coming here, and Han said he'd know if it was Chewbacca. Princess asked who would that leave.

The prisoners were brought into an alcohol freezing facility. 3PO, still not fully assembled and all her body parts strapped to Chewbacca's back, said this was fun and told Chewbacca this would be a "grrreat" time to stay calm and not start an all-in brawl. Chewbacca told her he knew exactly what she meant. Boba demanded Vader hand Han over to him, because he knew where Obi-Wan Kenobi was. Vader said he won't talk. Boba said he'll take him to a place where his brain could be sliced into molecule-thick layers and read out. Han declared he'd talk. He claimed that he, Han, was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Boba said that was not true, that was impossible. Chewbacca declared that he, Chewbacca, was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Princess declared that she, Princess, was Obi-Wan Kenobi. 3PO declared that she, C-3PO, was not. Boba declared enough with this nonsense, he would read the truth from Han's pickled neurons. Darth Vader ordered Han tied up. 3PO said the time to act was not now. Chewbacca swatted aside a Clone Trooper. Han rushed forward and told Chewbacca to stop, because he, Han, had a plan. Chewbacca stopped and asked if Han was serious. Han admitted he didn't have a plan, but Chewbacca was about to get himself killed, and that Han wasn't worth that. Princess kissed Han before they were pulled away. She told Han she loved him. Han started to make a full confession. He was the one who led Vader to Yavin. He also led the Empire to Thila and Teardrop. He deliberately blew up that Imperial droid probe on Hoth to alert the Empire to their presence. He was the one who organized the ambush here on Cloud City. And each time he "heroically" saved the day so the Rebellion would reward him. And then he'd set them up again. He was the traitor. He sold out the Rebellion for money, five times. Princess told him she knew. As Han was being lowered into the freezing pit, Princess asked if there was anything else. Han admitted that since 3PO suspected "us", he let Lando know she'd be a pain in the neck about droid slavery, and knew Lando would deal with her. 3PO replied that this came as a surprise to her. As Han was lowered further into the pit, he tired break his bond. He did so, but then the freezing alcohol poured onto him. He decided that he'd adopt a scary pose so the enemy would run away in fear while he thawed. Han was completely frozen and the block of frozen alcohol with him inside was taken out and placed before everyone, with Han frozen in his "scary" pose.

Chewbacca admitted that he was also in league with Han as a traitor. He revealed it began on the Peace Moon when he and Han separated from the others. They were captured by Clone Troopers, and released on the condition that they lead the Peace Moon to the Rebel base.

Lando examined Han's frozen body and declared he was dead. He said the chamber wasn't meant to be for freezing people and it shouldn't be done to Princess without a fair trial. Darth Vader agreed, ordering the chamber prepared for Starkiller. Boba declared he was taking Han's frozen body. An Imperial Officer arrived and started to say, "Starkiller-" but Vader finished, "has arrived." The Officer felt unwanted. Vader told him to escort Chewbacca and Princess to Vader's ship. Lando wanted to know why Chewbacca was still a prisoner. Vader told him because Chewbacca was conspiring with Han in their plan to defraud the Empire and support the Rebellion five times. Lando declared that this was his city, and he'd escort them. The Officer indignantly asked if he was chopped splanch.

As Lando escorted the remaining prisoners, he contacted Robot, addressing him as "aide", and told him to meet them in corridor 1138. Robot replied, "Lobot, sir." Princess told 3PO to tell Chewbacca that she wouldn't share a cell with him. 3PO told Chewbacca that Princess insisted on sharing a cell with him. Chewbacca told Princess not to pretend, since she revealed she knew Han was the traitor she must have known Chewbacca was also a traitor, which made her just as complicit as himself. Princess said that was different. Chewbacca replied that it seemed like she was just going along with Han, just like Chewbacca was. 3PO asked Princess if she knew Han was the traitor, and added this came as a complete surprise to 3PO, why didn't Princess turn him in earlier. Princess answered that there was good in Han, the Empire hadn't driven it from him fully. Chewbacca asked her if she knew there was good in Han or just wanted there to be. Princess admitted she didn't know, and said it made no difference now that he was dead.

Luke and R2 came across Chewbacca, Princess, and 3PO being escorted by Lando and the Clone Troopers. Luke called out to them that it was a trap. Princess sarcastically thanked Luke. The Clone Troopers shot at Luke, then rushed the others away. Luke wondered if anyone was ever going to actually fight him.

As Lando and the Clone Troopers were escorting the prisoners, Lando complimented the Troopers on their help, saying they must have a thankless job. The Troopers agreed they did, but that their lives had been improved by the Gland Collection Society. They told Lando he could read all about it in the book, the Var- At this point, the troopers were interrupted and ambushed by Lando's soldiers led by Robot, who held the Troopers at gunpoint, forcing them to surrender. Lando told Robot to take the Troopers away, addressing him as "Aide". Robot replied, "Lobot, sir," and took the Troopers away. The Troopers admitted this was still better treatment than what they'd get from Vader. Lando told the prisoners that what was being done to them wasn't right, and that there was no way Chewbacca was going to get a fair trial. Chewbacca asked if his handcuffs were really necessary. Lando agreed they weren't, and removed them. Chewbacca promptly started throttling Lando, roaring, "You killed Han, you bastard!" Princess told Chewbacca to let him go. Chewbacca did so and Lando gasped that Han was still alive.

Princess, Chewbacca, 3PO, R2, and Lando fled along a Cloud City corridor in a running firefight with Clone Troopers. Princess sad they needed a fast ship. Lando suggested the Falcon. Chewbacca replied that they needed a fast functioning ship, pointing out that the Falcon still needed an hour for the hyperdrive to warm up. They reached a locked door. R2 said he'd open this rocked door. He plugged into an open socket, but said something was long here. 3PO asked R2 what the heaven was right with him. R2 replied nothing was long. 3PO said R2's Rs and Ls were the right way around. Princess asked Lando if that droid replacement offer of his was still open. Lando tried to get on the PA System to warn all Cloud City residents to evacuate, but his voice didn't come over the PA System. Instead a new voice comes over the system telling everyone this was their Variant Reader speaking. The voice declared that the Droid "Levolution" had begun. 3PO said this was not excellent news. R2 frantically told the others he'd regained control for just a few seconds. He started to say, "Nute Gunray is-" only to be zapped midsentence by the wall socket he'd plugged into. The voice declared that "Crowd" City was now under the ownership of the Trade Federation. Princess recalled reading about Nute Gunray in her history class and asked if he wasn't dead. As the voice on the PA made several announcements and advertisements, the others fled. 3PO declared she didn't regret this at all.

Princess, Chewbacca, 3PO, R2, and Lando continued to run along corridors in that running firefight with Clone Troopers while Gunray's voice started speaking political campaign slogans over the PA. Chewbacca told the others they had to get to the Falcon. Gunray started possessing R2-D2 declaring "We" shall "destloy" them. Gunray made another slogan on the PA as R2 regains control of himself and told the others to wait for him. Princess pointed out to Chewbacca that he had said any ship but the Falcon. Gunray possessed R2 again and tried to use "Locket thlusters" only to discover R2's body had a circuit, but no thrusters. Gunray gave another slogan over the PA as R2 regained control of himself and called out to the others. Chewbacca said there was no time to explain and told the others to run. Gunray resumed possessing R2 and declared "We" shall shoot the others, only to realize R2 had no "brasters". As Gunray gave another slogan on the PA, R2 regained control of himself and asked the others for a little help. Gunray resumed possessing R2 and declared "We" shall "crub" the others to death with "our" bare hands. When Gunray realized R2 didn't have hands either, he declared he'd use the shock "plobe". As Gunray gave another slogan on the PA, R2 regained control of himself and insisted he was okay, begging the others not to leave him behind. Gunray resumed possessing R2 and lamented if only there were a "rarge" power source inside R2's body. 3PO told R2 to pull himself apart. R2 regained control of himself and told Gunray to leave now and never come back. He repeated more forcefully, "Leave! Now! And never come back!" R2 sparkled a bit, and declared with relief that Gunray was now gone from his body. Princess told him to prove it. R2 said, "Clawed crows crave crusty clams cleverly crammed in clean cream... receptacles." Chewbacca asked if that was actually right.

They reached the door to the landing bay the Falcon was at, only to discover that door was locked too. R2 plugged into an open wall socket, and this time was able to get the door open. 3PO said, "Badly done, Artoo!" R2 declared he could feel Gunray trying to possess him again, and tried to reroute him. As they raced outside to the Falcon, everyone with lungs had to brace themselves for the alcohol in the atmosphere. Chewbacca managed to stay sober this time. Princess got instantly intoxicated and promptly, drunkenly declared she'd drive because she was "ferpectly shober!"

They all got inside the Falcon. Chewbacca warned there were Imperial ships all over the planet, and they wouldn't last five minutes while the hyperdrive still needed an hour to power up. Lando asked why Chewbacca insisted on taking the Falcon when there were plenty of better ships they could've taken. Princess slurred, " It's the party ship! Paaarty!" Chewbacca replied it was for good and sufficient reasons. The Falcon took off as Princess yelled, " Wooooooo! "

Nute Gunray declared Darth Vader was now his prisoner. She told him his electronic trickery was insignificant compared to the power of the Force. Vader and her Clone Troopers attempted to leave Cloud City on her personal shuttle. As the ship took off, Vader's Pilot told her the shuttle was turning by itself. Vader told him to turn off the computer, she'd guide the shuttle with the Force.

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