Clone Trooper Commander was an NPC, the leader of the Clone Troopers who captured Princess' ship at the start of A New Generation.

A New Generation Edit

Antilles was captured and was taken before Vader. Vader had Antilles in a chokehold as the Clone Trooper Commander informed Vader that the Peace Moon plans weren't in the main computer. Vader demanded that Antilles tell Vader these plans or Vader would kill him, but Antilles refused. He then went into a long, rambling, confusing monologue that tried to praise the "heroic sacrifices" of Kyle Katarn, Bria Tharen, and Bail Organa while at the same time trying to deny any knowledge or involvement in their actions. Finally, Vader told Antilles to shut up or Vader'd kill him. Antilles tried to claim Diplomatic Immunity. Vader told him it had been revoked, and tightened his chokehold, killing Antilles.

Darth Vader soon after ordered the deaths of everyone involved on this mission.

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