Clone Commander was an NPC, stationed onboard the Peace Moon. He led the squadron that was to welcome the "tourists" onboard the Millenium Falcon when it landed in the Peace Moon's hangar.

A New Generation Edit

As his squadron reached the Millenium Falcon, the Clone Commander told his Clone Troopers not to mention Naboo. One of the Troopers asked, what about Naboo? The Clone Commander clarified that he meant they shouldn't mention the fact they blew it up. The Trooper expressed shock upon hearing that. The Clone Commander shushed him.

Later, after the squadron had searched the Falcon and thought it was empty, Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member and his partner approached the Clone Commander, proclaiming they brought champagne, leis, and space-pineapple juice for the non-drinkers. The Clone Commander suggested they take it onboard the Falcon. The Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member declared this would be a blast. The Clone Commander wished him good luck, but pointed out that they didn't find any crew. The Welcoming Crew BT-445 Member confidently declared they'd get the crew out and dancing in no time. As the Welcoming Crew boarded the Falcon, the Clone Commander and most of his squadron left the Falcon, leaving behind only two Clone Troopers to guard it.

The Clone Commander was later killed along with everyone else onboard the Peace Moon when Luke blew it up.

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