Captain Khurgee was an NPC, an Imperial officer onboard the Peace Moon.

A New Generation Edit

When the Millenium Falcon flew into the hangar of the Peace Moon, the Imperials assumed the Falcon must be full of tourists, and prepared a welcome for them. Tarkin placed Darth Vader in charge of the welcome, and advised Vader not to kill any of the tourists. When Vader arrived at the docking bay where the Falcon had landed, Captain Khurgee reported that nobody came out. Vader ordered him to tear the ship apart, and if they found nothing, to eject it out into space to be used as target practice, and not to bother getting out of the ship before they ejected it. After Vader left, Khurgee ordered the Clone Troopers with him to tear apart the Falcon while he stayed outside to, uh, supervise.

Captain Khurgee was later killed along with everyone else onboard the Peace Moon when Luke blew it up.

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