Buzz Droids were NPCs, window washing droids who spoke with a thick Space Cockney accent.

Revelation of the Sith Edit

Obi-Wan's ship was unscathed from an encounter with smart Missiles, but was now beset by several Buzz Droids who started washing his ship's windows against his wishes. One of the droids demanded money, and when he refused to give it any, the droids destroyed his astromech droid. Anakin fired at all the buzz droids on one of Obi-Wan's wings. He destroyed the droids, but also the wing. He flew his ship against Obi-Wan's other wing to take out the droids on that wing. He then rammed his ship into Obi-Wan's canopy to crush the remaining droids. One droid survived and hopped onto Anakin's ship. R2 zapped it with his shock probe.

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