Bigger Fish
Bigger Fish Droidikar
Mana Cost 3UU
Type Creature - Fish
Power 1
Toughness 1
Force 1

This card is based on Episode 33: An Even Bigger Fish and the resulting running gag.


  • When Bigger Fish enters the battlefield, add +1/+1 counter to it equal to the greatest power among other creatures in play.


  • While Bigger fish has only 1/1 as his base stat, his ability makes him the strongest Creature on the field when he enters, which mirrors the "There's always a bigger fish" gag: Bigger Fish is the biggest (strongest) creature on the field when he is played, but any subsequent Bigger Fish will be bigger (stronger).
  • The effect of this card is literally Summon Bigger Fish, the name of the force power Jim tries to use to solve all big problems.

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