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Ben is a thoughtful roleplayer who tries to think through the best course of action within his character concept and the setting. He enjoys coming up with clever ways to justify the success of his plans within the premises of the setting.

Ben is a more serious roleplayer than Jim and sees the overall story of the game as important. He's a lot less proactive than the other players generally following Jim's lead, but he's keen to see the game progress, and so will readily accept the missions, pay attention to plot dumps and work on creative solutions.

When the plot doesn't make sense, or Ben feels that a story point is unfair he will bring this up, and bludgeon the GM into submission with his logic.

Ben will play by the rules and will separate what he, as a player, knows from what his chartacter knows, and will generally not reveal any knowledge he has to other players unless his character also has that knowledge.

Game HistoryEdit

Ben was one of the two original players in the campaign, and was responsible for both Sally and Annie joining - Sally being brought along against his wishes because his parents wanted him to babysit[1], and Annie after he met her in drama class[2]

The Phanstasmal MalevolenceEdit

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The Silence of the ClonesEdit

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Revelation of the SithEdit

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A New GenerationEdit

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Other CampaignsEdit

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Fantasy CampaignEdit

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Annie's CampaignEdit

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Jim's CampaignEdit

Ben had no involvement in Jim's game, as he was away for two years.

Personal LifeEdit

Ben went to a drama class in order to improve his roleplaying[3], where he met Annie, who he introduced to the game.