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The Attack Droid was an NPC, part of several attack droids on Nute Gunray's ship.

Attack Droids in General Edit

Attack droids were stationed on Nute Gunray's ship in The Phantasmal Malevolence. A squad of them were ordered by Gunray to collect the bodies of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan after their room had been filled with poison gas. But the Jedi had survived by holding their breath and attacked the squad. By using their laser swords to deflect the droids' blaster rays back at them, the Jedi were able to wipe out the entire squad. Another more advanced squad of attack droids arrived with special shielding and the Jedi retreated. All the remaing attack droids on board would eventually be destroyed along with the destruction of Gunray's ship.

The Attack Droid played by the GM as an NPC Edit

This attack droid was part of the squad that first came to collect the Jedi's bodies. It answered, "Roger Roger," to Gunray's orders. Hearing the voice, and thinking it was the protocol droid they'd been with earliear, the Jedi rushed forward to attack. This droid would've been destroyed along with the rest of the squad.

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