Annie's Campaign was the campaign GMed by Annie that the players played in between The Silence of the Clones and Revelation of the Sith. As plotted by Annie, the story would've been the plot of the Twilight series, but the players derailed the campaign so it ended up being the plot of Van Helsing. Since none of the players seem to be aware of this, that means that in the universe the roleplayers live in, not only do Star Wars and The Princess Bride not exist, but neither do Twilight or Van Helsing.

Cast of Characters and Players Edit

  • Jim as Carl
  • Ben as ?
  • Sally as Anna Valerious
  • Pete as Van Helsing
  • Annie as:
    • The campaign's GM
    • Everyone Else

Notes Edit

  • The main reason this campaign got derailed is that Annie intended her vampires and werewolves to be sympathetic, but the players' first response on seeing the vampires and werewolves was to try to kill them all.
  • Annie threw in Frankenstein's Monster when it became obvious the players would rather attack than talk. Annie intended the Monster to be an obvious symbol of literary tragedy and pathos.
  • By the time Annie revealed that Pete's character was the Archangel Gabriel, by her own admission, she was just making up the stupidest things she could think of.
  • There was a lot of bad blood aroused from this campaign. Annie was upset with the players for just killing the vampires and werewolves. Jim was upset that Annie was trying to make the vampires and werewolves anything other than evil monsters to be killed, and was especially upset that Annie had the vampires sparkle in the daylight. Pete insists he didn't like the part where Annie had his character's mind affected and had him kill Sally's character. But when Annie later tried to apologize for not explaining her concept to the players, Pete insisted the campaign was awesome since he'd never played a more powerful character. Ben felt that was part of the problem.
  • In Episode # 522, Ben is among the three players to correct Jim's hazy memory of this campaign. This is the only indication that Ben was among the players in this campaign. But while it's possible to infer the roles the others played- that Jim was Carl, Sally was Anna, and Pete was Van Helsing- there's no such inference for whom Ben could've played. Nor is there a prominent enough character among the "good" guys who'd make a likely candidate.
  • There's nothing at all to indicate that The GM of the Darths & Droids campaigns took part in this one.
In-between Campaigns
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Fantasy Campaign
Annie's Campaign Succeeded by
Jim's Campaign

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