Aiwha Droidikar
Mana Cost 4U
Type Equipment Creature - Dragon whale
Power 4
Toughness 3
Force 2

Aiwha is based on a creature first (and only) seen in Episode 263: A Tall Order.


  • Defender, flying
  • Equip (T)[1]
  • Unequip (U)[2] (Use this anility only as a sorcery)
  • Equipped creature has +2/+2 and flying.
  • Aiwha doesn't untap as long as it is equipping a creature.

Flavour TextEdit

Also it can fly really fast and Taun We has one as a pet, except that it eats clones sometimes.


  • Just like Kouhon Trap the name of the creature stems from Star Wars canon while it is never referred to by name within the strip.
  • The Flavour text is never said in the comic onscreen.
    • If we assume that it was said offscreen, it was most likely by Sally.


  1. Tap
  2. Blue Mana

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