Admiral Ozzel
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Admiral
Status Deceased
First Appearance Page 957, The Enemy Let Slip
Last Appearance Page 961, The Enemy Let Slip

Admiral Ozzel was an NPC, an Imperial admiral in charge of the logistics of the attack on the Rebel base on Hoth. He was choked from a distance by Darth Vader after failing him for the last time by providing prototype armoured tanks instead of the planned bombers, although the tanks under the command of General Veers led a successful assault on the Rebel base before they were single-handedly destroyed by Luke Amidala.

The Enemy Let Slip Edit

Onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, Captain Piett noted to Admiral Ozzel that the Imperial droid they sent to Hoth just failed to report after finding a life signal, and that the odds were that that meant the Rebels were on Hoth. Ozzel (with a thick Space Australain accent) dismissed it as nothing. Darth Vader approached them, asking what they'd found. Piett started to reply, only to be interrupted by Vader declaring the Rebels were there and to have the fleet set course to Hoth. When Ozzel started to object, Vader began Force Choking Ozzel, warning him he'd failed Vader for the second last time.

On the main Star Destroyer, Piett reported to Vader that they'd found the Rebel base on Hoth. Vader ordered Piett to have the hoverbombers prepare an aerial assault. Piett stammered that Vader might want to ask Ozzel about that. Vader asked Ozzel if the hoverbombers were ready. Ozzel told Vader bombers would be "rathouse" against shields and that Ozzel was using instead some prototype tanks he found in the demo vids because they could punch straight through shields. Piett pointed out the Rebel base didn't seem to have a shield. Vader Force Choked Ozzel to death.

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