A New Generation is the fourth campaign in Darths and Droids. It lasted from episode 672 to episode 916, for a total of 245 episodes.

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It's been two years since the end of the last campaign. Shortly after that last campaign ended, Ben ran away from home, and Sally and their parents have heard nothing from him since then except for one brief, unrevealing e-mail. Even worse, he stopped showing up for roleplaying sessions. In this time, Jim GMed a campaign with the others (including the Darths&Droids GM as a roleplayer) that, surprisingly, everybody enjoyed. The GM has started a fourth campaign set in the Darths&Droids universe, and as the webcomic opens on the start of Episode IV of the Star Wars films, this campaign is in its fourth session. Sally is playing C-3PO, Pete is as always R2-D2, Annie is Princess the now 19 year old adopted daughter of the Breha Moon-Flower and the late Bail Organa, and is the current Senator of the Planet Alderaan. Jim has managed to get his characters killed in every one of the three previous sessions, with the result that he's now played four characters in four sessions. In the first session, he played Kyle Katarn (and apparently the results were so disastrous, the GM has forbidden him to ever again play a character armed with a laser sword), in the second, he played Bria Tharen, in the third, he played Bail Organa. For this fourth session, he's playing Captain Antilles.

The players are all part of the Rebellion and are aboard a starship that has acquired the secret plans of the Peace Moon. They are trying to head back to Alderaan with the plans, but Pete has hacked into the starship's main computer and taken the ship off course to Tatooine, because he's become obsessed with getting back his dreadnought that Ben borrowed to go to Tatooine and never gave back (since in Real Life, Ben ran away from home). They've run into an Imperial Star Destroyer that Pete has opened fire on. The Destroyer catches the ship in a tractor beam and pulls it into a docking bay. Jim leads the ship's Rebel Soldiers, preparing to ambush the Clone Troopers when they come aboard and loot their Destroyer. When the Troopers board the ship, they trade fire with Jim's soldiers. Jim and his men fall back.

Pete leads a reluctant Sally trying to get to an airlock that will lead to the Destroyer. They run into Jim and his men retreating from the Clone Troopers. The Troopers have been firing at the Rebel Soldiers, but haven't hit anything. Sally doesn't think they can get in between the crossfire without getting hit, but the Troopers recognize Pete and Sally's droid characters as civilians, and deliberately fire around them to avoid hitting them. Pete and Sally pass safely through the hallway the fight's taking place in. Jim is made confident by the Troopers' poor marksmanship and orders his men to fire back at them. Suddenly, there's a pause among the Troopers, and then they fire back as one with chilling efficiency, slaughtering all of the Rebel Soldiers. Jim, the only survivor, retreats. Into the hallway strides a figure in black armor and a black helmet that completely cover the figure's body, and a black cape. This is Darth Vader, and this is the first time most of the players have seen or heard of Vader.

Pete has gotten separated from Sally and run into Annie. Annie tells him they can no longer go to Alderaan since that's now what the enemy will now expect them to do. She gives the plans to Pete and tells him that he and Sally need to get to Naboo and deliver those plans to Senator Jar Jar Binks. She tells him she'll create a diversion and that she and Jim will meet them on Naboo. She then departs.

Pete reunites with Sally and they prepare to leave the ship in an escape pod, but first Pete attempts to hack into the Destroyer's computer to disable its weapons.

The GM informs Jim that he's been captured and is taken before Vader. Vader has Jim in a chokehold as the Clone Trooper Commander informs Vader that the Peace Moon plans aren't in the main computer. Vader demands that Jim tell him these plans or Vader will kill him, but Jim refuses. The GM tries to point out this is a way for Jim to avoid being killed for once, but Jim claims he doesn't care. He then goes into a long, rambling, confusing monologue that tries to praise the "heroic sacrifices" of the three previous characters Jim's played this campaign, while at the same time trying to deny any knowledge or involvement in their actions. Finally, Vader tells Jim to shut up or Vader'll kill him. Jim tries to claim Diplomatic Immunity. Vader tells him it's been revoked, and tightens Vader's chokehold, killing Jim.

The GM informs Annie that four Clone Troopers are approaching her hiding place. She steps forward and fires at them. She's able to hit the first one, but it's left her open to the others firing back at her. She attempts to Dodge, but fails, and is shot in the back.

Pete and Sally head towards an escape pod. Sally asks Jim what his next character will be. He tells her that he's going to write up a really detailed backstory for his character because those type of characters don't get killed so quickly. Pete and Sally make their way to an escape pod and take off.

On board the Destroyer Gunnery Captain Bolvan orders Lieutenant Hija to shoot the escape pod. Hija objects because the pod has no life readings. Bolvan points out that droids can pilot ships without giving off life readings. Hija tries to fire, but his guns have short-circuited. Pete takes pride in his handiwork.

As Pete and Sally head towards Tatooine, they take time to admire the Destroyer figurine the GM built. The GM complains that it took him four weeks to build it and they're abandoning it already. Pete is eager to see what the GM has done with his dreadnought. The GM assures him he'll be surprised.

Annie's character has recovered and is taken to Vader. Vader demands she tell Vader where the Peace Moon plans are, but Annie defiantly refuses, proudly declaring herself a part of the rebellion. Vader orders her taken away. Daine Jir tells Vader that if word of this gets out, it could increase sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate. Vader tells him that word of this will not get out, since Jir will have everyone involved killed. Jir asks if that includes himself, and Vader says yes. Nahdonnis Praji informs Vader of the escape pod. Vader tells him to go on. Praji stammers that maybe the plans are on the pod and maybe they should go find the pod. Vader remains silent. Then Praji offers to kill himself, and Vader tells him that would be perfect.

Sally and Pete's escape pod has landed on Tatooine. Sally thinks she sees a settlement in one direction, but Pete's tracker indicates his dreadnought is in the opposite direction. They argue about which way to go, and Pete suggests they split up. Sally doesn't think that's a good idea. Pete comments that it's not his fault Obi-Wan was too stupid to return Pete's dreadnought. This enrages Sally who yells at Pete not to talk about her brother like that. She angrily asks him if he's glad Ben's gone. Pete tries to deny it, but Sally interrupts him, telling him to go find his stupid dreadnought while she goes the other way. The GM suggests that maybe they'd better call it a night, but Sally demands they continue because, "Ben would've wanted it that way."

As Sally wanders in the desert, the GM asks her to make a Navigation role. She rolls a 5, and he tells her she's lost, but can see a vehicle crawling along the desert. Sally names it a sandcrawler.

As Pete wanders alone in the desert, he asks Jim if maybe he'd make his next character a droid. Jim declines, and says he's working on his character right now, but he needs a name that suggests fortune and longevity. Pete suggests, "Greedo". Jim likes that name and decides to use it. The GM starts to point out that Greedo was the name of the alien boy that Anakin killed when he was a boy, but decides it's not worth the effort of pointing this out.

As Pete continues to track his dreadnought, he's suddenly ambushed by Jawas, who shoot him, short circuiting him, and take him to their sandcrawler. He reunites with Sally, who's there along with a lot of other droids. But Sally's still angry with Pete and refuses to talk with him. Pete tries to come up with an escape plan, but the GM tells him the Jawas have placed a restraining bolt on his chassis, so he won't even want to escape. Pete complains that this sucks. The GM tells him that he actually thinks its awesome. Since he can't escape, Pete decides to continue tracking his dreadnought. The GM tells him it's nine meters away and getting closer. Pete realizes to his fury that that can only mean the dreadnought's homer is inside the sandcrawler, which at that moment comes to a stop and opens up. The Jawas approach all the droids. Pete demands to know what they've done to his dreadnought. The Jawas just tell him to line up outside with the other droids. Pete suggests to Sally that they make a break for it, but Sally claims she loves it here, having a desert cruise with wonderful friends. And Pete. The GM declares that with so much love in the air, it's time to end the session to preserve the moment.

Jim is present for the next session, but hasn't finished writing his detailed character background for his new character. The GM admits he hasn't yet figured out a way to work Jim's character into the story. Pete has invited his nephew Corey, who's a year older than Sally (they apparently know each other from school), to the session. Corey is eager to "pwn" the other players, but is shocked to learn that this is an RPG that isn't being played with computers.

The GM informs Corey that his name is Adam Lars, that he's lived on the desert world of Tatooine all his life, and that he's helping his father, Owen Lars, purchase some droids from the Jawas. Sally and Pete are among the droids being lined up for sale. Sally greets Owen and asks if he remembers her, but Owen whispers to her not to let the others hear her. He decides to purchase Sally and another droid, Red, and puts Corey in charge of them. He orders Corey to have them both secured in the garage right away before dinner. They're about to head to their home when Red short-circuits. Sally suggests they purchase Pete instead. Corey likes the idea of literally owning his uncle Pete.

Corey locks in Pete and Sally into the garage. Sally notices there's enough oil for her droid character to take a bath so she does so, cleaning out the dust contamination in her body. Pete tells Corey he's going to have to clean Pete manually. Sally summarizes the story of the first three campaigns (she clearly thinks Anakin and Padme are both dead) and the first sessions of this campaign. The part that's new for readers of the webcomic is that Palpatine was so beloved, the people made him Emperor for life, but he's beholden to a corrupt Senate, that Sally and Pete are part of a Rebellion against the Senate, that they've learned that the Peace Moon is being powered by the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria to be used as a weapon by the Senate, so they've stolen some plans of the Peace Moon to find a way to retrieve the Orb from the Moon and restore it to its rightful owners, the Gungans of Naboo. Corey wants to know if he can replay this "cut scene" later. Sally tells Corey they're trying to take the plans to the only Senator they can trust, Jar Jar Binks of Naboo. Sally offers to have Corey join them and help save the Galaxy. Corey refuses, not wanting to blow his first quest by letting Pete and Sally out of the garage. Pete tries to persuade him by replaying a part of Annie's message. Corey still refuses. Pete asks Corey one favor, whatever he does, please don't remove the bolt attached to Pete's chassis. Of course, Corey can't resist (just like Pete intended) and removes the restraining bolt from Pete. The GM awards Pete 50 XP.

Corey is called in to have supper with his parents, Owen and Beru Lars. Beru tells him to drink his milk. Corey notes that the milk is blue. Beru tells him that if he doesn't drink it, he'll die, so Corey drinks it. Owen suggests that after dinner, he and Corey refuel the generators to keep the perimeter guns powered for the next month. Beru comments that she's picked up some interesting chatter on the Black Alpha channels. Owen tells Coery that all he needs to know is don't go out at night, don't talk to strangers, and don't look at the sky. Beru adds that if he does he'll die. Corey asks them why they didn't tell him anything about the Empire, the Lost Orb, and the Peace Moon. Owen asks where he heard about that. Corey tells them from the droids. Owen tells Corey to go and melt down the droids after supper to stop their lies from crazy outsider folk. Corey is quite eager to do this. Owen then tells him that afterwards he should resume moisture farming. This Corey is less eager to do, and he tells them he wants to go on quests. Beru tells him that if he does he'll die. Owen asks who would do the moisture farming. Beru adds that they'd all die.

Corey steps outside to go melt down the droids. The GM asks him if he's keeping his head down, like his parents told him to. Corey decides to defy his parents and look at the sky for a second. The GM describes the setting of the twin suns of Tatooine. The GM asks Corey if he's still looking at the sky. Corey asks him why he's rolling dice. Jim tells Corey to run.

Corey makes it to the garage only to discover that Pete's not there. Sally reveals he's escaped. Corey wants to melt down Sally right then and there. Sally's only able to talk him out of it by offering to help him find Pete. Corey steps out into the evening to try to find Pete with infrared binoculars. He's asked by the GM to make a dice roll, and he uses a dice rolling app on his phone. Pete (who in the Real World, of course, is still seated at the table with the others) is outraged by such "heresy". It's a low roll anyway, so Corey decides he'll have to wait till morning to track Pete down. Sally asks him what skills he has on his character sheet. He reads aloud a long, impressive list of skills (all of which sound like stuff Luke does in the movie trilogy) including Survival: Snow. Annie wants to know how a farmboy who's lived on a desert planet all his life gained snow skills. Corey stammers that it gets cold at night, but Annie points out that it wouldn't get that cold. Sally suggests a freezer, and Corey quickly improvises that his parents make him live in the freezer for Space Lent every year, where he makes igloos.

The next morning, Corey and Sally try to track down Pete while driving a landspeeder. Sally tells Corey about the Sand People, and offers to negotiate with them if they come across them. Corey accuses her of planning to negotiate with them to have him killed, and tells her his dad was right about her. Sally tells him that his parents are the most paranoid nutcases ever. Corey asks her what she'd know about paranoid nutcases. She replies that she was built by one.

They locate Pete. Corey orders him and Sally to line up before a rock wall so he can melt them down on the spot. Pete and Sally try to talk him out of it, to no avail. The GM tells the three players to make a Spot check. Pete and Sally roll their dice while Corey uses his dice app. The GM tells them they don't see anything. This only makes them all the more alarmed, and Corey gets out his binoculars. Corey's able to locate the banthas the Sand People rode in on, but then a Sand Person leaps up upon them. Sally tries to karate chop the Sand Person, but rolls a 1 and decides that means she falls over. Corey wants to attack the Sand Person, but the GM points out he's armed only with a pair of binoculars, so Corey tries to Dodge, but rolls a 5, so the Sand Person is able to knock him to the ground. The GM uses a couple of dice rolls to determine that the Sand Person strikes Corey again and knocks him unconscious.

All five players from the last session are present for the next, including Jim. But either because Jim hasn't finished writing his new character's background or because The GM hasn't figured out how to include this character into the story yet, or both, Jim once again doesn't play an active character this session.

The campaign resumes from last time, as the Sand People lay out Corey's unconscious body. Pete hides behind some rocks. Sally tries to play dead by pulling out one of her arms. The GM determines after a dice roll, that the Sand People don't fall for this ploy and lay her out beside Corey. The GM rolls the dice again, which determines that the Sand People see Pete's hiding place and approach him.

At that moment, a knock is heard on the GM's door. The GM opens it and let's in Ben. This is the first time any of the players have seen Ben in two years (except for Corey, who's never met him until now). Everyone's delighted to see him again, except for Sally, who's furious at him for having run off without telling anyone where he was. She demands to know where he's been, but he only vaguely explains that he was wandering around, learning more about himself. The GM fills him in on the current situation, and Ben resumes playing Obi-Wan. He approaches the Sand People. The GM determines on a dice roll that the Sand People bow respectfully at Ben and leave. Ben revives Corey. Corey doesn't want to talk to Ben at first, since his parents warned him against talking to strangers, so Ben introduces himself as Obi-Wan Kenobi, a former Jedi knight, and explains that the Jedi were a force for good once. Pete demands to know what Ben did to Pete's dreadnought. Ben just says he crashed it and left it. Corey is surprised to learn that Ben and Pete's characters already know each other. Ben explains they fought together in the Droid Wars. Sally explains that these wars led to the downfall of the Jedi and the corruption of the Senate. Pete explains that Corey intends to melt down him and Sally, but they really need to contact Senator Jar Jar Binks, and the fate of the Galaxy lies in the balance. Ben suggests they talk further at his home. Corey wants to go back to his own home and finish his quest of melting down the droids. Ben tells him he has no dispute with Corey's quest and tells Corey to follow him. Corey finds himself going along with Ben.

At Ben's home, Sally is able to talk Corey into reattaching her arm before she is to be melted down. Ben explains to Corey how Corey's father betrayed the Jedi and orchestrated their extermination, that there's now no safe haven in the Galaxy for the Jedi, and that Ben hasn't spoken to Corey's father since. Corey is shocked to hear that his dad, Owen Lars, did all that. Ben starts to explain that Corey's life is a lie. He shows Corey his father's laser sword, and explains that Corey never knew his real father. Corey's just confused by this, so Ben gives him an ultimatum: if Corey returns to his moisture farm, the story ends, he melts down the droids, and he can believe whatever he wants to; but if he takes the laser sword, Ben can show Corey who he really is. Corey thinks about it and decides: a laser sword has to be better than binoculars.

Ben tells Corey that his real name isn't "Adam Lars" but "Luke Amidala", and that Ben was there when his mother gave birth to him and named him. Sally adds that they all were. Ben tells Corey that the people he thought were his parents were actually his aunt and uncle, and that they devoted their lives to Corey's protection. He tells Corey that Corey is a Jedi. Corey asks how that can be. Ben tells him his true father was a powerful Jedi, a strong user of the Force, and explains what the Force is. Ben tells Corey that to those hunting the Jedi, Corey has always been a target, which is why he needed to be kept hidden. Ben offers to train Corey in the use of the Force. Corey asks if the fact he's gone through the first 19 years of his life without knowing anything about the Force and the Jedi will be a problem. Ben stammers, no, not at all.

Ben tells Corey that his aunt and uncle lied to him about being his parents to protect him. Corey asks about his real parents. Ben relates how Corey's father was corrupted, and killed Corey's mother, how Ben dueled with him and he fell. He also tells Corey that his mother was an angel, and he passes on what she wanted Corey to have when he was old enough: her underwater oxygen extraction apparatus and grappling hook. Jim adds that they were very special to her.

Corey realizes that this means Sally and Pete's story of a Galaxy saving quest was true. Pete replays Annie's message about going to Naboo with the Peace Moon plans (after getting a wrong message of Annie gossiping about her hair). Ben can't believe this campaign is still about the Peace Moon plans. Corey decides to go on this mission. Ben suggests they get a spaceship at Mos Eisley, but Pete wants to reclaim his dreadnought and intends to have a not-so-friendly talk with the Jawas that took its homing signal. Sally breaks character to demand Ben to explain why he hadn't told her where he went. He explains that someone dear to him made him question his life. Sally asks what stupid dorkhead was that. Ben replies that she asked him why he was studying medicine. Sally realizes the "stupid dorkhead" was her.

The GM cuts to a scene onboard the Peace Moon (Ben objects because there are no PCs to hear this scene, and warns that some of the players might make use of this out-of-character knowledge; Jim eagerly points out that he's currently out-of-character). The scene is a general staff meeting that includes Tarkin, Darth Vader, and Admiral Motti. The staff is a bit worried since the Senate has now come onboard to take charge of their "Goodwill Inspection Tour". Motti complains that the Peace Moon would've been completed a lot sooner if Vader hadn't Force-choked half the workforce to death. Vader begins Force-choking Motti, and declares that gives Vader a good idea: from now on Vader'll Force-choke all the workforce half to death.

Ben, Sally, Pete, and Corey come across the Jawas, all of them slaughtered. Ben determines that the laser blasts that killed them were far too precise for Sand People, and it couldn't have been clone troopers because they're rubbish at shooting. Ben decides it must have been Owen and Beru, that they must have gone on a murderous rampage looking for Corey. Corey speeds back home, only to discover that the farm has been destroyed and that Owen and Beru have been killed. Sally asks if that means he won't melt down her and Pete. Corey says he ought to honor their last request.

On the Peace Moon, Vader confronts Annie, who's being held prisoner there. Vader tells her they're on the trail of those Peace Moon plans, that they've already managed to trace those plans as far as to a "desert Rebel hideout" who's defensive arsenal impressed even Vader. But the lubrication oil was contaminated with dust, causing the hideout's weapons to jam, so Vader's troops overran the place. Vader has a sadistic droid, IT-0, interrogate Annie.

Back on Tatooine, Corey relates the destruction of his home and the deaths of his aunt and uncle. He says those clone troopers must be better shots than Ben thought. Ben points out that they were cloned from Jango Fett, who had a nervous twitch whenever he fired at living beings, which meant he never hit. Pete announces he's done looting the Jawas' bodies. Corey demands his share, so Pete gives him a spread-spectrum black-body alpha wave suppressor. Corey recalls how he broke all of Owen and Beru's rules, he went out at night, looked at the sky, talked to strangers, and now his aunt and uncle are dead. Sally suggests he help them save lives by joining in their quest. Corey agrees to help them until they can find a blast furnace. The GM calls an end to the session. Ben asks the GM to spend the night at his place, and asks Sally not to tell their parents he's back yet. Sally tells the GM he'd better not let Ben out of the house.

At the next session, Jim proudly announces that he's finished writing up his new character's background, and The GM is now ready to include his new character in the story.

Ben takes Corey, Sally, and Pete to Mos Eisley, warning them that they'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The others conclude that the more wretched hives of scum and villainy must be very well hidden. Ben advises against Corey using his character's real name of Luke Amidala, since that last name will ring alarm bells. Corey chooses to call himself "Luke Starkiller" from now on.

As they enter the city on Corey's hovercar, Pete is outraged when he sees that the miniature the GM has made to represent Mos Eisley is made up from the miniature used to represent Pete's beloved dreadnought because he knows what that means: the natives have torn apart his dreadnought and used it to build Mos Eisley. They come across people riding dinosaur-like creatures. Ben wants to know why the people here can't just use hovercars, or even wheeled vehicles. The GM explains that the dinosaurs and their upkeep is somehow cheaper than vehicles. Corey asks how much his hovercar is worth, and the GM tells him 4000 credits. They're stopped by a squad of Clone Troopers, who inform them the Troopers are looking for a dangerous lunatic and two droids, and that the lunatic is a home-schooled survivalist from an off-grid compound. The Troopers ask the players if they've seen anything unusual lately. Corey claims he hasn't. Ben asks what this lunatic looks like. The Troopers reply that he looks just like Corey, then asks Corey and Ben if they've seen anyone of that description. Ben says he hasn't aside from Corey and asks Corey if he has a twin. Corey replies no, not that he's aware of. Ben apologizes for not being more help. The Troopers let the players go, but suggest to Corey that he could come patrol with them when he's not too busy to give people a better idea of what this lunatic looks like, no offense.

Ben takes the players to a cantina to try to find a pilot to take them to Naboo. Ben talks to BoShek who recommends he talk to a Wookie. Pete asks Jim if the Wookie is his new character. Jim replies that the Wookie is actually his sidekick, and boasts how this is an example of how detailed his character background is. Furthermore, Jim reveals, to Sally's delight, that the Wookie is Chewbacca, that Wookie Yoda talked to in the previous campaign. But before Ben can talk to Chewbacca, Wuher, the bartender, orders Pete out of the cantina because he's on their blacklist. When Pete asks why, the GM points out that he took a -2 in Reputation in order to be equipped with a periscope. Sally volunteers to wait outside with Pete, and they leave.

Corey walks up to the bar and orders a blue milk, but Wuher has never heard of anything so ridiculous, and tells him they only serve whiskey, so Corey has that instead. Ben talks to Chewbacca, telling him they need a fast ship to Naboo. Chewbacca waxes poetic about Naboo, and Ben can tell by his eloquence that Chewbacca is a man of exquisite refinement. Jim explains that he made his sidekick high on all his dump stats.

Corey tries to strike up a conversation with the alien sitting next to him, Ponda Baba, about moisture farming, but Baba takes immediate offense at hearing such nonsense. Baba's friend, Doctor Evazan is equally offended. Corey tries to explain to them that he really is a moisture farmer, but that only makes them angrier. Corey tries to change the subject by asking if they have any blue milk, which really infuriates them, Evazan telling Corey he'll be dead. Ponda draws a blaster, but Ben steps forward and slices off Ponda's arm with his laser sword. Ponda asks what Ben did that for, Ponda was only messing with the kid, and now it'll take hours for his arm to grow back. Ponda then admits that he's just kidding, that his arm is actually gone forever. And it hurts a lot.

Outside the cantina, Pete and Sally notice that Troopers have spotted Corey's hovercar, notice that it matches the description they've been given, and actually seem to realize that it must be the hovercar they're looking for. Pete tries to hack into the dreadnought's weapons systems. He hacks into something, and turns it on before finding out what it is. It turns out that what he hacked into was something that turned on some really loud music, music so loud that the Troopers leave just to get away from it. Pete considers that a victory.

Chewbacca introduces Ben and Corey to Jim's new character, Greedo (actually, the film's Han Solo). Jim speaks with a thick, Space Italian accent that quickly annoys all the players except Annie. Ben repeats his request of a fast ship to Naboo and no questions asked, but Jim, with his stereotypical Italian, phrases nearly everything he says in the form of a question. Ben plays this to his advantage, offering Jim and Chewbacca payment in two thousand credits now, plus fifteen thousand more when they reach Naboo, minus one thousand for each additional question. Jim, still phrasing nearly everything he says as a question, inadvertently reduces the price from seventeen thousand total to thirteen thousand. Some Troopers enter the cantina, and Ben and Corey sneak out the back door. It turns out that these Troopers have spotted Corey's hovercar, but the only reason they're interested is to inform the owner that one of the taillights is broken. Jim and Chewbacca realize they need to get themselves a ship.

Outside, Corey wants to get some blue milk, but Ben tells him it's not as important as he was told. Corey also wants to know why the people in the cantina reacted the way they did when he mentioned moisture farming. Ben advises Corey not to believe everything his "parents" told him. Corey decides that they must've been farming something else, but what he can't figure out.

In the cantina, Jim is approached by an alien pointing a blaster at him. The alien introduces himself as Han Solo (actually the film's Greedo), captain of the ship the Millennium Falcon. Solo explains the blaster is just a precaution, and offers to pilot the Falcon for Jim and his passengers. Jim asks if Han Solo can pretend to be the cabin boy while Jim pretends to be the captain. Solo refuses, telling him no one captains the Millennium Falcon but Han Solo. Jim tells him that can be arranged, then suddenly draws his own blaster and shoots Han Solo in cold blood. Jim drops his Space Italian accent.

On board the Peace Moon, Darth Vader, Tarkin, and General Tagge discuss the fact that the Senate is meeting in closed session. Tagge keeps changing the opinions he's voicing about the Senate, clearly terrified of offending Vader, who keeps saying conflicting things of Vader's own about the Senate.

At Mos Eisley, Clone Troopers knock on the door of a house, asking if there are any droids there. Sally emerges and tells them there aren't. The Troopers believe her (even though C-3PO is quite obviously a droid) and leave. Sally asks Pete why he cares so much about the dreadnought. Pete explains that it's his, and that if he gives up now, it wins. Sally tells him he can't control the things he loves, that the bulkheads of the dreadnought are being used to house people now, and it's time to let go. Pete resignedly agrees, consoling himself that Mos Eisley is now a bustling hive of scum and villainy, a thriving market town, all thanks to his dreadnought.

Corey sells his hovercar to Wioslea. He tries to haggle on the price, but Wioslea won't offer anything other than 2000 credits, half its value. Ben advises Corey to take it. He asks Corey for more information on the mission, explaining that he knows they have to take the plans to Senator Jar Jar Binks on Naboo, but he doesn't know why. Corey recalls something Sally said to him about the Peace Moon being a weapon powerful enough to destroy a whole planet. Ben realizes to his horror that that must mean that the Empire has the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria, and that it's being used to power the Peace Moon. As he mentions the Orb, Corey remembers that part too.

Jabba approaches the Millennium Falcon, requesting to speak to Han Solo. Jim steps forward claiming to be Han Solo. Jabba believes him, because apparently the Real Han Solo was a shapeshifter, and Jabba assumes that Jim is a new shape Han has turned into. Jabba reminds Jim of a debt Han owes him. 32 years ago, Han had advised Jabba to bet heavily on Sebulba, telling Jabba that Sebulba was a sure thing because Sebulba had sabotaged the one pod faster than his own. Jabba explains that Sebulba lost, but because Han's son was murdered that same day, Jabba can forgive the delay, but not the debt. Jim tells him of his job to pilot the players to Naboo, and claims they'll pay him 5000 credits. Jabba tells him that will do for a start, and asks when Han can be back. Jim truthfully can't say since the job came with no questions asked. Jabba warns Jim not to think he can hide from Jabba just because he's a shapeshifter.

Corey and Ben reunite with Sally and Pete as they go off to the spaceport to meet Jim and Chewbacca. Corey wants to know why all the Clone Troopers they've met are such total idiots. Ben explains that their clone father had installed a failsafe in them in the event of his death. Jango Fett thought it would kill them, but all it really killed was their connection to the Force, which has left them extremely suggestible unless they're controlled by a strong Force user. The way Ben says this indicates that he realizes there's a sinister implication in this.

The 4 players meet Jim and Chewbacca at the Millennium Falcon. Jim announces that he just found out he was adopted and that his real name is Han Solo. When Corey asks him what happened to his accent, Jim only replies, "What accent?" Everyone except Jim has gone onboard, when suddenly Garindan leads a squad of Troopers into the spaceport, ordering the Troopers to stop them. Jim fires on them and rushes onboard. He asks which way to the bridge. Ben points out the trail of duct tape labeled, "This way to the bridge". Jim and Chewbacca desperately try to get the Falcon started, which neither of them have ever been on board before, while trying to pretend to the others that they know all about flying it. Somehow they manage to get the Falcon in orbit, but they're approached by two Imperial Star Destroyers who begin firing on them. Through trial and error (including Jim frantically mashing on every control he can get his hands on) they're finally able to get the Falcon safely into hyperspace.

On board the Peace Moon, Darth Vader has Annie brought before him and Tarkin. Vader explains that the Senate has decided that a show of force from the Peace Moon's planet-destroying weapon should be enough to crush the Rebellion. Annie replies that Senator Binks would never allow that. Vader tells her that Binks was in the minority, and has gone to the surface of Naboo, unfortunately for him, since it's Naboo that is to be the planet to be destroyed. Tarkin objects, but backs down when Vader invokes the authority of the Senate. Vader also tells Annie that Vader's had her blood tested, and has learned that her real name is Leia. Annie is shocked that Vader would know that, since only she and her adoptive parents knew. Vader explains that the Polis Massa medical staff revealed certain information after some... persuasion. Vader tells her that she's not the Organas' daughter. Annie retorts that she's known that since she was six, and that's she proud of the fact her true parents were heroes who died fighting the likes of Vader. Vader tells her that she's actually Vader's daughter. Annie protests that's not true, that's impossible. Vader tells her to search her DNA report, she knows it to be true. Her response is a one-word denial. She begs Vader, if he's really her father, not to destroy Naboo. Vader tells her she doesn't know what ills this planet has visited on their family, that it has borne its mortal wound long enough, crippled by the Trade Federation, reborn but imperfect, a world that holds great pain and an unforgivable crime, that with its destruction, their sins shall be erased. Vader orders the weapon fired, and Naboo is destroyed. The players are all shocked speechless by this atrocity. Only Pete has anything to say: "You. Utter. Frakking. Bastard."

As the next session opens, everyone's still talking about the destruction of Naboo from last session. The GM reminds the players that the PCs onboard the Millennium Falcon still don't know about it yet. The players talk a little about the campaign Jim GMed. Annie asks Ben how things are going. Sally interjects that he still hasn't talked to their parents yet. Ben declares that the next thing he's going to train Corey in the use of the Force.

Corey draws his laser sword, but is feeling a bit nervous holding such a dangerous weapon. Jim tries to reassure him by using an example of the last PC Jim played who held a laser sword, Kyle Katarn. Pete points out that as soon as Katan got hold of a laser sword, he chopped off his own hand, which of course does nothing to bolster Corey's confidence. At the same time Corey's training, Pete is playing a holographic RPG with Chewbacca. Pete's holographic PC double crosses and kills Chewbacca's holographic PC and loots its body. But Chewbacca anticipated Pete would do this, and placed in his PC's coin purse a cursed item that depletes Pete's PC's combat stats. Chewbacca smugly informs Pete he'll have to pay to get Chewbacca's PC resurrected. To train Corey, Ben has a practice drone fire lasers at Corey to deflect with his laser sword. Corey, tries, but fails, getting hit. Ben gives Corey a helmet to wear that covers his eyes, telling Corey it will protect his face from the laser sword. Ben tells Corey to trust his instincts, and use the Force to anticipate where the laser blasts will come from. Corey now successfully deflects the laser blasts...which the GM claims end up hitting Ben. Ben just shrugs it off. The GM announces that the Falcon has reached Naboo. Jim does his hilarious best to act as if he doesn't already know about Naboo's destruction.

Jim blurts out that he thinks he's figured out who Darth Vader is. Annie replies that that would be her. The GM explains that for reasons which will be apparent to some players who should keep silent, Annie's been dictating to the GM what Vader should be doing all along, but from now on, Annie will be roleplaying Vader as well as Princess/Leia Amidala so the GM will no longer have to put up with all of her notes, texts, and e-mails on what Vader should do. For her first scene roleplaying Vader in this campaign, Annie is with Tarkin, discussing how when she offered her daughter Princess a chance to join her and rule the Galaxy, Princess spat on her. Annie denies she's upset by this, since this means Princess gave in to her anger. Officer Cass arrives to clean off the phlegm on Annie.

The Falcon leaves hyperspace, but where Naboo should be, there's only an asteroid field. Ben suggests that maybe Jim didn't use the right controls, but Chewbacca verifies that this is where Naboo is supposed to be, but that some tragedy must have destroyed the whole planet. Sally and Pete recall all the good people their characters knew who would've perished in Naboo's destruction. Jim is ecstatic, it turns out he used the right controls after all. Ben declares that Naboo's destruction could only have been a deliberate act of War. Chewbacca notes there's a short range fighter ahead of them. Jim calls that fighter a mass murderer and chases the Falcon after it. Corey notes that the fighter's headed into a big space station. Ben replies that that's no space station, that's the Peace Moon. Jim flies the Falcon straight into the Peace Moon's docking bay, because he figures that's the last thing the enemy would expect.

Onboard the Peace Moon, the Imperials assume the Falcon must be full of tourists, and prepare a welcome for them. Tarkin places Annie in charge of the welcome, and advises her not to kill any of the tourists. When Annie arrives at the docking bay where the Falcon has landed, Captain Khurgee tells her that nobody's come out. Annie orders him to tear the ship apart, and if they find nothing, eject it out into space to be used as target practice, and don't bother getting out of the ship before they eject it. After Annie leaves, Khurgee orders the Clone Troopers with him to tear apart the Falcon while he stays outside to, uh, supervise.

The Troopers have no idea how they're supposed to tear apart the Falcon, but they notice all the duct tape inside the ship and remove it. Assuming this will cause the Falcon to fall apart in a matter of time, they leave. After they leave, the 5 players and Chewbacca emerge from their hiding places in secret compartments. Jim declares that he has a plan.

Outside the Falcon, two Troopers are left standing guard of it, when the two-member Welcoming Crew arrives with a package of leis, champagne, and space-pineapple juice for the non-drinkers. They come onboard and are promptly dispatched by Jim and Corey. Jim calls out to the two Troopers to come onboard and enjoy the champagne. They come onboard and are also dispatched.

In the control station overlooking the docking bay, Pol Treidum notices the Troopers are no longer guarding the Falcon, until he sees Corey disguised as a Clone Trooper emerge. Treidum's angry because he thinks they've started the Welcoming Party without him. He opens the station door, only to be confronted by Jim disguised as a Clone Trooper and Chewbacca. Treidum's delighted to see Chewbacca because he thinks it means they've sent him a Wookie-gram and says so. Chewbacca is so enraged at being called a Wookie-gram, that he punches Treidum, knocking him down.

Jim shoots the other officer in the station and lets in the other players from the Falcon. He declares it's time for the next part of his plan, where they spray pheromones on the flowers in the leis he and Corey are wearing. Corey points out that Jim had them put on the leis before putting on the Clone Trooper armor. Jim decides they'll have to spray the pheromones on their armor. The GM points out they have no pheromones. Pete declares that he installed back doors on the Peace Moon the last time he was there. The GM points out he was never there. Pete claims he was twenty years ago, for the first test firing. The GM points out there would've been no test firing since the Peace Moon was still being built. Pete declares that's when he was there. The GM tells him to go ahead and access these back doors. Pete plugs into an access port, which sets off an alarm. Pete shuts it off, but that triggers the alarm tampering alarm. As Pete tries to shut that off, the excess noise feedback level alarm kicks in. Pete tries to shut them all down, but after a low dice roll, 4 alarms are loudly sounding at once. On the bright side, Pete's able to locate the holding cell where Princess is being kept, and notes she's scheduled to be tortured. Some of the players want to rescue her, while others want to retrieve the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria. Jim declares they'll just have to split the party.

Pete's finally shut down all the alarms, and the players decide what to do. Ben decides that he'll rescue Princess by walking up to the Clone Troopers and use his Force powers to order them to hand her over to him. Sally and Pete decide they'll get the Lost Orb. Corey decides that he, Jim, and Chewbacca will stay here and man the station. Jim says these are all good suggestions, but he has a better idea. Corey decides it'd be okay to tweak the plan just a little. Jim smiles.

By the time Jim's through, Ben has reluctantly agreed to go get the Orb by himself...somehow, Sally and Pete have reluctantly agreed to guard the ship...somehow, and Corey has agreed that he, Jim, and Chewbacca will go rescue Princess. Nobody's too enthused by this plan except Jim. So he tells them what he thinks is the best part of the plan: he, Corey, and Chewbacca will be going to Princess' holding cell in handcuffs. On that inspiring note, Ben decides he should now leave the station to get the Orb. He tells Corey to be careful with his laser sword. Corey asks Ben to give him the helmet to protect himself. Ben admits that he only told Corey the helmet would protect him to build his confidence; in reality, the laser sword could cut through that helmet like warm butter. Ben leaves the station. Jim orders Ben and Chewbacca to put on their handcuffs with him. The GM tells them they have only one pair of handcuffs. Jim decides that he should be the one wearing them. Corey points out they should be put on Chewbacca, since he's the only one not disguised as a Clone Trooper. Chewbacca politely declines, but Jim points out that without the handcuffs, everyone will think Chewbacca's a Wookie-gram. Chewbacca reluctantly consents. As Jim puts the handcuffs on Chewbacca, Chewbacca asks Jim not to lose the key this time. Jim doesn't even seem to know that there was a key.

At the start of the next session, The GM awards enough XP to level up for everyone except Annie as Princess/Leia Amidala (she levels up as Darth Vader instead) and Jim. Corey decides to take skills in Acrobatics, Annie chooses to keep her new skill as Darth Vader a secret for now, Sally chooses Bluff, Pete chooses more Hacking, Ben chooses Mechanic, while Chewbacca (even an NPC levels up) chooses Escape Artist.

Jim, Corey, and Chewbacca have gone off to rescue Princess, with Jim and Corey still disguised as Clone Troopers and Chewbacca in handcuffs. They walk up to a couple of Officers who can tell they're not real Clone Troopers, and start to question them. Jim fumbles an answer, and Corey suggests adding a "Sir". Jim interprets that to mean he should try to pull rank on the Officers and does so. The GM rolls a die over this, and decides the Officers are convinced that Jim and Corey are Senior Officers dressed as Clone Troopers for a costume party. They genuflect to Jim and Corey, and let them pass.

As Ben goes off to find the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria, the GM tells him he senses the presence of a strong Force user, familiar, but confused, with a long built up wall of anger. Ben begins to ask, could it be...? But he stops himself, convinced the one he's thinking of died on Naboo. Pete's disgusted, sure that by now they all know who it is. Jim suggests Jar Jar Binks.

Jim, Corey, and Chewbacca board an elevator to the holding cells, where Chewbacca loosens his handcuffs. They reach the holding cells, where they're met by Lieutenant Shann Childsen, who refers to Chewbacca as a Wookie-gram. Chewbacca is so enraged by this, he punches Childsen, knocking him down. Jim starts to shoot the other guards there, but Chewbacca, still enraged, shoots most of them. Jim discovers which cell Princess is being held in and tells Corey to go there while he tries to bluff an Intercom Voice. Jim accidentally turns on the PA and is heard all over the Peace Moon saying that everything's fine, there was just a slight weapons malfunction. The Intercom Voice says they're sending a squad up. Jim tells them not to saying (again heard all over the Peace Moon) that there's a major radioactive leak, making it too dangerous to come. The Intercom Voice demands to know who this is. Jim decides to just shoot the intercom. Annie switches to playing Princess as Corey opens her cell door and takes off his Clone Trooper helmet. He tells her his name is Luke Amidala and that he's here to rescue her. Annie displays a lot of skepticism until Corey asks her if she wants to be rescued or not.

Annie switches back to playing Darth Vader and is alone with Tarkin when the PA System kicks in giving a confused report on whether clones or senior officers have started shooting other officers. Annie turns on the PA and instructs clones to not shoot other officers. The PA System then announces that the shooters are intruders and that clones should protect the visiting tourists from the intruders.

Clone Troopers start to enter the holding cells area. Jim and Chewbacca start shooting them and retreat further into the cells, where they meet up with Corey and Annie, who's switched back to playing Princess. Corey contacts Sally and asks if there's another way out of here besides from where they came. Sally tells him they're near a chute. Corey asks if it's safe. Sally starts to say that Pete says it is safe, then Annie grabs a blaster and shoots the chute open, jumping right through it. Sally finishes by saying that Pete meant it was safe for droids. Jim orders Chewbacca to jump in, and he reluctantly does so. Corey decides to trick the Troopers by yelling for Pete to teleport them out of there, then jumps through the chute. Jim follows, but wonders what happened to the teleport.

Sally and Pete are still at the station overlooking the hangar when they hear a "knock knock" sound on the station door. Sally asks, who's there? A voice answers, Clones. Sally asks, Clones of Who? The voice admits, clones of someone terrible at knock knock jokes.

Annie, Corey, Jim, and Chewbacca land in a horribly stinking chamber with metal shards all about them, and the floor ankle deep with water. Pete informs them that they should be in the compost bin of the memorial gardens. Jim shoots the door, but the blast ricochets all over the room. Something brushes past their legs. Sally declares it's a dianoga, a giant Naboo earthworm, with a big eye on a stalk. The dianoga grabs Corey and drags him underwater. Sally insists they can't kill it because as a Naboo native, it's now the last of its kind. She implores Pete to do something, so Pete turns on the compactor. The walls start closing in, and the dianoga releases Corey, who emerges from the water. The walls keep closing in. Pete tries several times to stop it, but the walls continue to close in even when Pete scores a high dice roll. Jim asks Corey if he's alright. Corey replies he is, because he was able to use his underwater oxygen extraction apparatus. Jim tells him to use his laser sword to cut a hole in the walls, but Corey refuses, not trusting his laser sword. Instead, he suggests they try bracing the wall. Jim thinks that's a great idea, but Annie thinks that's crazy and demands that Corey either use the laser sword or give it to her. Corey tells her that they're already facing solid steel walls and asks if she'd rather they were molten steel. Annie decides to help with the bracing.

At the station overlooking the hangar, a Clone Trooper finally comes up with the punchline, "Clone with the wind". Sally opens the door and congratulates him on doing a knock knock joke. She tells the Clone Troopers that now it's their turn to go inside the station, close the door and wait for her and Pete to come up with a good knock knock joke. She rolls for Bluff and scores a 12, which is high enough for the Clone Troopers to completely believe her and go in the station while she and Pete leave.

Sally and Pete are out in the hangar in sight of the Falcon, and reestablish contact with Jim, Annie, Corey, and Chewbacca who are still trapped in the compacter with the walls closing in. Pete begins to wonder if maybe this is because at the same time he's been trying to shut down the compacter, he's been downloading the entire data on the Peace Moon in hopes of gaining control of it. The GM announces that all Pete's efforts to shut down the compacter have failed. Jim takes charge of the bracing, and uses his real world, practical knowledge of physics to calculate where precisely to place each metal shard they've got that will brace the walls, keeping them from closing in. The compacter grinds to a halt.

Pete is trying to guide Ben to the Lost Orb, but his description of gardens and flowers doesn't match the GM's descriptions of a metal space station. Pete directs Ben to a "memorial garden" that's actually a metal catwalk over a huge gaping pit. Pete tells him the Lost Orb is in the center of a "fountain" that's actually a tall, cylindrical, electrical tower whose top is next to the catwalk overlooking the pit. Ben states he's not sure where he should be going here, which elicits a derisive chuckle from Pete. Ben resignedly tells him to go ahead and say it. Pete berates Ben for having Sally lie to their parents about him for the past three weeks, and that it's time he take some direction in his life. Ben claims he has, and Pete tells him it's led Ben to nothing except lazing around the GM's house, avoiding his responsibilities. Pete tells him Sally needs a role model, which Sally denies. Jim declares he's the best role model around, evidently thinking a role model is the same as a roleplayer.

The GM declares that Jim, Annie, Corey, and Chewbacca have made it out of the compacter. Jim decides he and Corey should take off their Clone Trooper armor so they can disguise themselves as those intruders the PA System had mentioned earlier. He fires one last blast into the compacter causing another wild ricochet. Annie tells Jim to stop shooting first all the time. She addresses Corey by the name he gave her, "Luke Amidala" and asks if he's any relation to Senator Amidala. Corey recalls that Ben told him his mother's name was Padme. Annie is able to deduce from that that Corey is the child of Anakin and Padme Amidala, making him a Force user. She warns him that if the Empire ever finds out who he is, he's toast. Corey remembers he's supposed to be using his alias, "Luke Starkiller" from now on. Pete tries to guide them with descriptions of gardens that don't match the GM's descriptions of metal corridors, while Jim argues with Annie on why, as Han, he must always shoot first.

The GM informs Ben that the Orb housing at the top of that tower is empty. Two Clone Troopers enter the catwalk while Ben's concealed on the other side of the tower top. The Troopers are gossiping about all the accidents and malfunctions that have happened today (actually the players' actions), speculating on rumors that there's some kind of Moon Ghost, a malevolent phantasm haunting the Peace Moon, and that next thing they know, they'll be hearing spooky noises in the corridors. Ben uses the Force to make a spooky noise in the corridor behind them. This distracts the Troopers long enough for Ben to slip out unnoticed.

Jim, Annie, Corey, and Chewbacca have reached a corridor with a window overlooking the hangar where the Falcon is landed. Jim points out the Falcon to Annie. She's able to point out all sorts of dangerous design flaws on it, especially the lightspeed generator. She explains that her late father, Bail Organa, used to teach her about "hot rods" before his death. Jim (and Pete) think the fact that the Falcon is dangerous to fly only makes it more awesome. They run into a small squad of Clone Troopers. Jim shoots one. Corey tells him to shoot again, but Jim's out of ammo. Jim charges the squad and they retreat. Jim orders Chewbacca to follow him, and he reluctantly does so. Annie wonders what he's doing, and Jim explains that if he can't shoot, he needs to get into melee range.

Jim and Chewbacca chase the small squad into a room where the squad is joined by a much bigger squad of Clone Troopers. Jim retreats, but not before grabbing a new blaster, which he fires back at the Clone Troopers as he and Chewbacca retreat.

Annie and Corey run into another group of Clone Troopers and retreat. Corey contacts Pete for directions. Pete leads them to the "Gungan Divorium", actually a large ravine where they can't see the bottom, onto one edge of an unfinished bridge. Some Clone Troopers on a higher platform across the other side start firing at them. Corey fires back and decides to use his grappling hook. He tosses the hook and it wraps around an exposed pole. Annie kisses Corey (not in reality). Corey is revolted and asks why she did that. She explains that she wants to kiss somebody before she dies. Annie holds on to Corey as he manages to swing them safely to the other side.

Ben once again senses the ominous Force presence. He contacts the others and tells them they need to escape the Peace Moon before they close the hangar, if they haven't already. Sally informs them the hangar's still open.

Sally tries to urge Pete to get back on the Falcon, but Pete's still determined to download all the Peace Moon data.

Jim and Chewbacca are still retreating from the Clone Troopers. A type of sliding door starts closing ahead of them. They're able to leap through the closing gap before it closes up completely, safely sealing them off from the Troopers.

Annie switches back to Darth Vader and confronts Ben. Ben addresses her as Anakin. She claims that Ben killed Anakin, and now her name is Darth Vader. They begin to duel with their laser swords. Annie boasts that she's found her daughter and now she only needs to find her son. Ben lies to her, claiming her son is dead. Annie is able to sense that Ben's concealing something from her, and is able to sense from him the name, Starkiller. Ben tells her that's the name of her son's murderer, a ruffian who betrayed and murdered her son. Jim interjects, "And took his name!" Ben confusedly repeats what Jim just said. Annie determines that the name of her son's killer must then be Luke Starkiller, and vows to avenge her son by tracking down Luke Starkiller and killing him. Ben seems to realize he's just made things more difficult for Corey.

Annie switches back to Princess as she and Corey reunite with Jim and Chewbacca, just outside the hangar. Pete and Sally are on the opposite side of the hangar. Everyone agrees they should try to make their way to the Falcon and escape except Pete, who wants to get the Orb. When Sally starts to head for the Falcon, Pete reluctantly goes with her.

Annie switches back to Vader as she and Ben continue to duel. Ben tells her that he knows she's using the Force to control the Clone Troopers, and without her malevolent influence, they'll be harmless. Their duel has led them to an open corridor next to the Falcon, which distracts the Troopers guarding the Falcon, who rush over to get a better look at the fight.

Annie switches back to Princess as she and the others notice the Troopers leaving their post at the Falcon. The players and Chewbacca start to make their way to the Falcon when they see what's distracted the Troopers. Annie switches back to Vader to continue dueling Ben. She switches back to Princess and addresses Vader as dad and tells Vader to stop embarrassing her. Jim thinks this must mean Ben's her dad. Annie switches back to Vader, and orders her clones to shoot Ben's friends. Ben uses Force Persuade to tell the clones not to. He scores a high enough roll that the clones obey him. Annie attacks with her new Force Power, Force Disintegrate. The GM informs Ben and Annie that they both need to roll for this combat round, and warns Ben that he was distracted by taking control of the clones, so his roll had better be good. Annie rolls first and rolls a 20. Knowing there's no way he can beat that, Ben doesn't even bother to roll, and just lets Annie strike him with her laser sword, killing him and disintegrating his body. Corey is horrified. Annie orders her clones to attack them, and leaves. Corey shoots the Troopers in a blind rage. Annie switches back to Princess and urges Corey to get on the Falcon. All the surviving players and Chewbacca make it back into the Falcon. Chewbacca informs Jim that since the Falcon is facing the hangar, he'll need to get into reverse. Jim pulls a random switch that luckily happens to be reverse, and the Falcon escapes the Peace Moon.

Pete shows up late for the next session, and explains he had to work late. Annie is stunned to see that he's dressed in a suit and tie, and wonders what he does for a living. The GM tells Pete that Ben will now be playing Chewbacca. Ben's going over the character sheet Jim wrote for Chewbacca, and is impressed by what he sees. Pete asks Ben if anything happened last week. Sally tells Pete Ben finally spoke to their parents. Ben explains that he told them he doesn't want to study medicine and is looking at other options. Pete's impressed that Ben finally stood up his old man. Sally assures Ben that their Dad'll get over it soon; besides, they needed a new kitchen table anyway.

Corey starts off the session by mourning the loss of Obi-Wan, and questions what he's even doing here. Annie's so disgusted by his self-pity, she insults and berates him, telling he ought to join the Rebellion because he has as much reason to hate the Empire as anyone, after all, because of the Empire, Corey's dad Anakin turned evil and murdered his mother. Corey points out that Obi-Wan killed Anakin, and Annie agrees, stating that he died on Naboo. This is the first Corey's learned that his father "died" on the same planet that just got blown up. Annie reveals that Corey's mother Padme came from Naboo and was buried there. Corey's livid to learn that his mother's resting place was "desecrated to the max." Pete tells him to let his hatred glow. Annie points out that her dad is evil, too, going out destroying innocent planets. Annie tells him the Rebellion needs him since he has Force powers. Corey asks what good is the Force since it clearly didn't help Obi-Wan. Annie calls him a sniveling nerf-herder. Corey breaks character to ask Annie if she's really angry with him. Annie insists she really isn't, that they're just establishing their characters' relationship, and asks if it's okay to resume. Corey says he guesses so. Annie continues to berate Corey. Corey angrily retorts that he just found out he'd been lied to his entire life and that every person he's known for longer than two days is now dead. Sally takes offense to that, since she says that droids are people too.

Jim interrupts to ask if anybody can man the rear gun pod, because they've got an enemy fighter situation. Corey decides he can still shoot stuff, and goes to the rear gun pod as Jim goes to the other gun pod. Annie joins Ben at the bridge, still expressing disgust that Corey's too scared to use the Force. She also laments the loss of Obi-Wan, the last Jedi, stating he was their only hope. Ben replies, no, there is another. He explains that Yoda is another Jedi who survived the clones' Jedi massacre and is still alive. He reveals how Yoda sabotaged his standing among his fellow Wookies, and then abandoned him on Kashyyyk, forcing Ben to make his own way by becoming a rogue with Jim. Annie exclaims, "Man, what a freaking muppet."

The GM announces that the Falcon is being pursued by 4 enemy TIE fighters. Jim starts firing at them. Sally asks what she can do. Jim orders her to get him hot chocolate with white marshmallows, no pink ones. Sally angrily tells him that droids aren't slaves, and since she and Pete were among those who hired him, they're his boss. Jim asks if she'd like white or pink marshmallows. Sally tells him to just shoot the fighters.

The TIE fighters start firing on the Falcon, scoring a major hit, causing a fire. Pete exclaims the ship is on the blink and tries to put out the fire with his own built in extinguisher. Pete wonders if the GM is getting back at Jim for that campaign Jim GMed where this GM was a roleplayer. The GM asks why he'd want to get back at Jim for having the GM's first 6 PCs incapacitated within the first 2 sessions in Jim's campaign. The TIE fighters score another major hit. Pete suggests ejecting Jim out the airlock.

Jim fires at a TIE fighter on full auto with maximum spread. The GM tells Jim he'll need to roll a bucket of dice for it (which Pete has handy). Jim rolls all of Pete's dice, and with penalties for inexperience and rapid fire, scores zero hits. Annie tells Pete to help the others with targeting, but Pete refuses, saying there's no way he's contaminating his circuits by plugging into this decrepit flying death trap. Corey calculates the moment a TIE fighter will line up to his line of fire, and destroys it on his first roll. The same thing happens with the next 2 TIE fighters: Jim rolls multiple dice and misses with all of them, while Corey destroys each fighter on his first roll for each. Finally, Jim just lets Corey take out the last one by himself, which Corey does, again on the first roll. Pete yells, "Flee! Flee! Suckers!" Annie yells, "We're alive! Suck it, Dad!" Jim asks if she wants to broadcast that, and she replies, "Hell, yeah!"

Annie switches to playing Darth Vader onboard the Peace Moon. Tarkin informs her they just received her daughter's message. Tarkin asks how they'll be able to track them down. Annie tells him she's planted a seed of discord within their little Rebellion, and that soon they'll know the location of their Rebel Base, implying she has a spy in their midst.

Annie switches back to playing Princess/Leia Amidala onboard the Falcon. She thinks they should go straight to the Rebel Base, and with Pete's downloaded data on the Peace Moon, they'll be able to expose the Senate. Pete's glad somebody appreciates his data leaching. Corey's worried the Peace Moon will be able to track them. She tells them the Falcon is so old-fashioned that it doesn't have a coherent ion engine signature, so there's no way the Peace Moon would be able to track them. Corey thinks they might be bugged, so Annie tells him to go ahead and scan for bugs. Both Corey and Pete scan for bugs and find nothing. Annie reveals the location of the Rebel Base and leaves Jim and Corey alone on the bridge. Corey asks Jim what he thinks of Annie. Jim tells him she's hot and he's putting the moves on her. Corey tells Jim that he doesn't trust her and thinks she's a spy. Jim decides that means it's more important than ever for him to seduce her.

The Falcon arrives at the Rebel base on the fourth moon orbiting the gas giant planet, Yavin. At the base, Annie tells General Willard that the Senate had the Peace Moon blow up Naboo and that Pete has the entire data on the Peace Moon downloaded. The GM gives Pete a note telling him what he's learned about the Peace Moon from the download. Pete addresses all the other Rebels (including all the other players) at a briefing. He tells them that the entire Moon is being powered by the Lost Orb of Phanastacoria, and that's the only way the Moon could get the energy to blow up a planet. Jim asks how it's connected. Pete explains it's all being channeled by conduits on either side of the Orb. Jim speculates that if the Orb got bumped while it was powering up to destroy a planet, the results could be catastrophic. This gives Corey an idea on how to destroy the Moon, and Jim agrees. Give the Moon a planet to destroy, then as it powers up, fire a torpedo down a thermal exhaust port, and kaboom. Sally's alarmed at the idea of giving the Moon a planet to blow up. Jim points out a heavily populated Moon would do.

Annie switches back to playing Darth Vader, as she informs Tarkin that they've reached the Rebel Base, and that the Senate has pre-approved all strikes against the Rebellion. She tells Tarkin they are waiting to get around Yavin to get a clear shot to destroy the moon the Rebel Base is on. Tarkin asks why they don't just fire around Yavin. Annie explains that the Peace Moon has very poor steering.

Annie switches back to Princess as General Dodonna takes over the briefing. Unfortunately, he's a long-winded gasbag that Ben has to translate for, to reveal that the Peace Moon has just arrived and is heading their way. Jim recommends retreat, and Ben agrees. Annie points out they don't have time to evacuate everybody, that their only real option is to stay and fight. Corey asks what firepower they have. Gold Leader answers that they have 4 squadrons of one-man fighters, a total of 32. Annie says they'll need to fire a torpedo into the thermal exhaust port. Pete tries to argue against destroying the Peace Moon, arguing that they can take it over instead. Pete claims all they have to do is kill Darth Vader, use the Force to take over the clones, have them kill their superior officers, and the Peace Moon is hi- er, theirs. He points out that Corey's the son of Anakin, so he could take over the clones. Corey points out he doesn't know how to do that. Sally adds that he probably doesn't want to. Pete points out to Annie that she wants Corey to use the Force. She replies not to give Pete a superweapon. Annie points out the flaws in Pete's plan: who's going to kill Vader, how is anybody going to even get near the Peace Moon, and Corey is too "chicken-livered" to use the Force. Pete points out her plan has the second flaw, too. Annie replies that's still two less flaws than Pete's plan. Sally asks Pete to figure out how their fighters fly to dodge the Peace Moon's guns. Pete eagerly agrees since that would help validate his plan as well. The GM informs Pete that this is the most complicated vector optimization problem he's ever had to solve, making it a tough roll. Pete chooses to shut down all of his external systems and convert to full processing power, which will keep him out of the conversation for awhile.

Annie volunteers to lead the attack fleet. Dodonna offers in his long-winded way to be liaison between the fighters and the command center. Annie vetoes that because she claims that she'll need Dodonna to do a thing. That she'll explain later. Corey decides he'll lead the attack itself. The pilot sitting next to Corey, introduces himself as Wedge, and tells Corey that even though Wedge was next in line of command, he'll support Corey all the way. This only makes Corey quite suspicious of Wedge. Annie orders all pilots to their fighters. She asks if Pete's made his calculations. The GM answers no, he's still going. Annie decides he'll have to finish the calculations on the fly, and orders Corey to take Pete to his fighter, which she calls an "X-Wing" because the GM's miniature for the fighter looks like an X made of wings. Pete's excited to finally have a giant space battle, but the GM decides to call it a night, to Pete's distress.

At the next session, The GM gets a call from Jim that he's on his way and the others should start without him. Annie switches to playing Darth Vader and talks toTarkin, telling him that her informant has alerted her that the Rebels are on their way. Annie and Tarkin agree the Rebels have no chance against the Peace Moon.

Corey asks Sally what she'll be doing during the battle. She tells him the Rebel Fighter pilots come from a dozen different planets and speak many different languages, so she'll be needed at the command centre to translate for everybody. She points out that being so useful indicates Corey shouldn't melt her down. He agrees she's useful for now, but he may melt her down next morning.

Jim arrives with an important Real World announcement. He's gotten two job offers in his chosen profession of geophysics. But since geophysics jobs are hard to come by, both jobs are overseas. Pete's worried about how this will affect the group, but Jim admits that's not the main thing he's worried about, and looks at Annie. She says without hesitation that of course she'll go with him. Jim's relieved, because he was afraid she'd be reluctant to go. Annie laughs that off, pointing out that her Dad's dead, she and her mother don't get along, and she's a struggling actress, so she just wants to know where they're going. Jim reveals that one job offer is in Iceland and the other is in LA working for NASA, but he can't decide which four-year posting would be better. As the struggling actress, Annie quickly helps him to choose LA. Jim points out that NASA will want to move next week, so they should try to wrap up the campaign tonight.

Getting back to the campaign, Jim and Ben tell Cory and Sally that they're leaving while they still can, not wanting to take part in the battle. Annie switches to playing Princess/Leia Amidala and wishes Corey luck, by kissing him on the cheek. Corey accuses her of being a traitor, but she denies it, which frustrates Corey since he knows there's a traitor around somewhere. Corey runs into two of his fellow pilots, Biggs, who's also from Tatooine near Mos Eisley and speaks with a thick Space American Southern accent, and Garven Dreis who speaks with a thick Space British accent. Sally tells him he's lucky to be working with pilots who speak Galactic Basic (or Space English). Corey and Pete board their X-Wing fighter together. Pete's still in dormant mode because he's still calculating the fighters' strategy.

Annie and Sally take up their positions in the command center as the X-Wing fighters and Y-Wing bombers head off to fight the Peace Moon. Corey orders the fighters with him to report in. In addition to Biggs and Wedge, there's Red Ten who speaks in Space French, Red Seven who speaks in Space Spanish, Porkins who speaks in Space Welsh, Red Nine who speaks Space Estonian, and Red Eleven who speaks in Space Basque. Sally translates for them all, even though all they're saying is their ship numbers and "standing by". Pete is still dormant as they begin to approach the Peace Moon. The Moon opens fire on them, which Red Four reports in Space Japanese which Sally translates. Corey dodges the blasts and shoots the stations on the Peace Moon firing at them.

Annie switches back to playing Vader as she approaches Lieutenant Tanbris and demands to know why their pilots haven't gone to their fighters to engage the Rebels. Tanbris tells her that the Peace Moon guns seem to be firing themselves and are firing so slowly the Rebels can easily dodge them, that everyone thinks this is the work of the Moon Ghost, so the pilots are too afraid to go out there. Annie orders him to get control of the guns while she'll take care of the pilots.

Pete comes to life, having finished his calculations and transmitting the vectors to the other fighters. All Rebel fighters are now flying to the formation Pete's specified. Pete apologizes to Porkins. Porkins asks what, just before getting shot down by the Peace Moon's guns.

At the command center, Del Goren, speaking in Space Kanarese that Sally translates, warns the Rebel fighters that enemy fighters are heading their way. Jim comments that these must be those "PIE" fighters they fought in the previous session. Sally interjects that PIE stands for Plasma Ion Engines. The GM tries to object, but Pete tells him it's too late, PIE fighters is now their official canon name. The GM remarks that that's a "crumby" name. Pete congratulates him on the pun, and says he'd bite but he can't think of a topper. Sally suggests ice cream. This gets all the players' minds off the campaign, as they're now all hungry for ice cream and look at the GM expectantly. He tells them he doesn't have any in the house. Jim and Ben volunteer to go get the ice cream since their characters aren't present anyway. They ask the others not to destroy the Peace Moon before they get back. Corey asks if that means they want to help after all. Ben tells him no, they just want to watch. The GM tells Jim and Ben that he knows what they want to watch, but that he's already outlawed the use of pyrotechnics in Pete's dice, as have the police. Jim expresses his disappointment as he and Ben leave.

Corey fires at a PIE fighter. He rolls a 14, but the GM tells him he misses, because his guns are firing a little to the left. Corey rants about what a piece of junk his fighter is. Annie switches back to playing Princess to tell him to quit complaining, the Rebellion's on a shoestring and he actually has the best ship in the bunch. Pete offers to compensate for Corey. Biggs tells Corey a complicated way that Corey could manually compensate. Corey chooses to beg for Pete's help. Corey fires again at the PIE fighter and destroys it.

Anne switches back to Vader and addresses Clone Pilot 1 and Clone Pilot 2, ordering them to come with her to engage the Rebel fighters. She tells them the Rebels will stand no chance against the most competent pilots in the Empire. The Pilots thank her for the compliment. She explains that she will now be Force controlling their every action. Annie now starts roleplaying Vader and both pilots, all three at once, and has the pilots say that the rebels will be cut down like stalks of wheat, ground in the mill of their might.

Corey's being fired at from behind by a PIE fighter. Wedge offers to rescue Corey, but since Corey doesn't trust Wedge, that doesn't make Corey any less worried. Wedge fires and the GM determines after a dice roll that Wedge hits, then the GM pauses before finishing, the PIE fighter.

Pete directs Corey to the "Gungaboo River Valley" because it has the lowest fixed gun density on the way to the target, the thermal exhaust port. Corey asks where that is and Pete tells him it's that squareish trench, explaining that the Peace Moon was never fully landscaped. Annie switches back to Princess and asks if Pete calculated the PIE fighters in his vector. Pete says no, the Rebel fighters are just going to have to dodge. Annie orders the X-Wings to engage the PIE fighters and the Y-bombers into the valley, pointing out that as bombers, they're the best fit for the target.

The Y-bombers consist of three one-man fighters: Gold Leader who speaks "Basic", Gold Two who speaks Space German, and Gold Five who speaks Space Finnish. Sally tries to translate between them, but it ends up making no difference, since Annie has switched back to Vader and come in behind them. First she shoots down Gold Two, then she shoots down Gold Leader, then she shoots down Gold Five. Annie contacts Tarkin to inform him that this isn't a random attack, and that he and the Senate should evacuate, but Tarkin is confident they don't need to. General Bast approaches Tarkin and tells him that the Moon Ghost has taken over all their systems and that they're all doomed. Annie interrupts him. Bast quickly changes his story, saying that everything's working perfectly.

Pete claims they can't destroy the Peace Moon now. Corey asks why they can't torpedo the exhaust port themselves. Pete explains that the port is protected by a large metal grille, and that that's what the bombers were for: to destroy the grille so the other fighters could shoot through the port. Annie switches back to Princess, saying they need a new plan, stat. Pete suggests they take over the Peace Moon. Annie says they need a realistic plan, stat. Sally suggests some of the fighters ram into the grille. Pete likes that idea, and so takes control of the fighters piloted by Garven Dreis, Red Ten, and Red Nine to ram them into the grille. Red Ten, who doesn't want to die, desperately fires into the grille. Since Pete is controlling his ship, the GM has Pete roll for the hit. Pete rolls a 15, and Red Ten claims it's a hit, which Sally translates. Pete is pleased, so cancels the ramming. But then Red Ten reports (through Sally) that his torpedo didn't destroy the grille, making only a small hole in it. Pete recommences ramming, but Annie has switched back to playing Vader and the two clone pilots. Annie as Vader rolls a 14, shooting down Red Ten. Annie as Clone Pilot 1 compliments Vader's shooting. Annie as Vader thanks Clone Pilot 1 and rolls an 8, shooting down Red Nine. Annie as Clone Pilot 2 compliments Vader's shooting. Annie as Vader tells Clone Pilot 2 that Clone Pilot 2 is too kind and rolls a 3, which is still enough to hit Dreis' engine, causing him to crash.

Annie switches back to Princess and tells everybody to get their act together. The GM informs Corey that the only fighters left are Wedge, Biggs, and himself. Corey says, "Great, the yokel and the psychopath." Wedge insists that just because he's a shapeshifter doesn't mean he's a yokel. Corey is shocked to just find out that Wedge's a shapeshifter and demands to know who he really is. Annie tells him that all he needs to know is that Wedge is a damn good pilot and will soon take over as leader of Red Squadron if Corey's not careful. Annie switches back to Vader and fires at Corey from behind. Corey rolls an 11 and manages to dodge. He decides they can still fire their torpedoes through the hole in the grille, and orders Biggs and Wedge to close in with him as they enter the trench full throttle. Upon hearing that, Biggs thinks this is the perfect time to get out a bottle of nitro moonshine. Annie switches back to Princess to tell him it's a good idea of his to nitro the engines. But Biggs is just drinking it.

Annie switches back to Vader and rolls a 7 to shoot at Wedge. The GM determines on a dice roll that Wedge is able to dodge, but is still hit in his maneuvering controls. Wedge says he can't stay with him. Corey's glad of that (because he still fears and distrusts Wedge) and orders him back to base. Corey contacts Princess to let her know that Wedge the shapeshifter, not Corey, is flying back to base. Annie switches back to Princess and asks Corey what his point is, then says, "Never mind, shut up and fly." Annie switches back to Vader and shoots down Biggs. The GM informs Corey that the only members of the attack fleet who are still alive are Wedge, who's limping back to base, and Corey.

Pete taunts Annie, daring her to take a pot shot at him. Annie takes a pot shot at Pete and hits him. Pete tells Corey that he'd flag those PIE fighters behind them, FYI. Pete tells Corey that he can still take over the Peace Moon. All he has to do is fly into a hangar, close the doors, and use the Force to take over the clones. With Vader outside, all Corey has to do is cut off Vader's radio and Vader won't be able to override Corey. Then they can take over the Peace Moon and rule the Galaxy. Corey is tempted, but isn't sure whether destroying the Peace Moon or taking it over is supposed to be the wrong option.

Jim and Ben come back with the ice cream, and the GM gives them a note. Annie switches back to Princess to announce that the Peace Moon has cleared Yavin, and is about to blow up the rebel base. Corey decides to take the shot. Pete urges him to use the Force, but Corey angrily refuses. Annie switches back to playing Vader and the two clone pilots to have them all say in unison, "We have you now..." Jim declares that suddenly the Millennium Falcon turns up right behind Vader. Ben fires the Falcon's forward cannons, shooting down Clone Pilot 1. Annie as Vader express surprise. The GM determines through a series of dice rolls that Vader's surprise has caused Annie to lose control of Clone Pilot 2, that Clone Pilot 2 (now once again played by the GM) goes on a joy ride that clips Annie's fighter, sending her spiraling out of control into space.

Corey declares he's taking the shot. Pete insists Corey must use Pete's special die. The GM points out he said no explosions. Pete says not to worry, since this die has been kept frozen in liquid nitrogen. The GM isn't exactly reassured, but Corey takes the die. Pete urges him to roll it before it thaws. Corey rolls it, which causes it to shoot up to the ceiling of the GM's room, and land on a 9.

The GM announces that the two torpedoes head towards the vent, but look like they're going to pass over it. Corey urges the torpedoes to "come on...turn, damn you! Turn into the vent!" The GM asks Corey if he's actually trying to steer the torpedoes, as if willing a bowling ball away from a gutter as it rolls down the lane. Corey says he guesses so. The GM tells him to make a roll with a normal die. Corey rolls a 16. The GM says, "The torpedoes veer downwards.." Corey says, "Come on!" The GM continues, "... heading into the vent..." Annie switches back to Princess as all six players (even Pete!) yell in unison, "Come on!" The GM finishes, "... and straight through the tiny hole in the grille!"

At first, nothing seems to happen. Ben suggests that if a major conflagration is about to occur, it may be expedient to evacuate the area with alacrity. Sally translates, "Run away!" As Corey and Pete's X-Wing and the Falcon flee, their sensors detect a major power surge building up in the Peace Moon.

Onboard the Peace Moon, the PA System announces the time for the compulsory enlisted personnel disco. Thankfully, the enlisted personnel are spared this Fate Worse Than Death when the Peace Moon explodes.

Jim explains he planned all along to come back for a last minute rescue because he figured this would throw the traitor a curve ball, whoever that traitor is. He asks Corey how he made that shot. Corey says he just willed the torpedoes into the hole. Annie tells him he used the Force. Corey denies it because he didn't know what he was doing. Annie tells him that's how to do it. Corey asks if that means it's something you can only do by not knowing anything about how to do it. Jim answers in the affirmative.

Jim, Ben, Corey, and Pete make it back to the Rebel base where they're greeted by Sally and Annie. Ben considers what the political ramifications of this event will be. Annie points out that the evil, corrupt Senate was destroyed with the Peace Moon, washing away the Old Republic. She declares the future is always in motion. Pete says he prefers to live presently. Corey replies that all his troubles are in the past. The players bask in what a great time they've all had on this campaign. Ben says it's nice that the pilot saved the day. Pete thanks him, and points out how that's just like Jim's campaign. They all (except Corey, who wasn't there) reminisce on how much they all enjoyed Jim's campaign as well. Annie tells Jim his campaign was hilarious. Jim replies that he completely intended it to be hilarious.

The GM wraps up the campaign with a medal ceremony. Anne presents medals to Corey and Jim. Ben declines a medal until he feels they've actually won. He points out that Darth Vader escaped, and they still have to deal with Emperor Palpatine. Sally insists that Palpatine was never a bad guy, just a figurehead for the Senate's depravities. Pete replies that they need a real leader, not a crown. Corey praises the game and says they should play it again, only this time he should play Vader. The GM insistently refuses. Annie tells Corey that the original version is always the best, and they shouldn't mess with it.

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